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Although my days of living in a 9×9′ dormitory may be long gone, there is something we can all learn from decorating one. With limited space and a need for functionality, designing a dorm room presents a challenge that forces one to think more deeply about the way we outfit our space. Over the years, I’ve added a few tips and tricks to my back pocket for designing your dream room with limited living quarters. What’s your favorite hack for designing small spaces?

Two-For-One Pieces

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I love seeing more retailers creating more thoughtfully-designed furniture and decor that give you more bang for your buck. Opting for beautiful pieces that double as storage help one to stay organized, making better use of their space.

Compact Vanity

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I attribute much of my design creativity to my time spent living in a sorority house in college. When you share a bathroom with a number of other girls, you have to make do. I love the idea of setting up a compact vanity that makes getting ready more enjoyable.

Standing Storage

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Lack of closet space? Put your open-shelving skills to the test and invest in standing storage like a Leaning Bookshelf or Wooden Clothing Rack.

Space Savers

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Sometimes, the biggest organization hurdle is determining where everything belongs, assigning miscellaneous items a designated home. To simplify the process, explore space savers such as a shoe rack or storage bin. When in doubt, head over to The Container Store. I like to think they’re the mecca of all things organization.

Tiny Tables


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Small-sized tables are a great way to utilize space while still maintaining functionality. Consider how you envision yourself using the table and ask yourself how much space that requires. If you know you want something to set your water and book on before bed, opt for a tiny table like the Pierce Wicker Side Table or Wyatt Nightstand.


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Regardless of room size, I am always an advocate for adding a pop of greenery. Not only does it amplify the aesthetic, but it also purifies the air, ridding of toxins.

Two-Tiered Tables

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If you’re already looking to buy a table, consider shopping for one that is two-tiered. Another multi-use furniture piece, two-tiered tables helps you to better utilize space. Pro tip: keep things organized and reduce clutter by placing storage baskets on the bottom level.

Storage on Wheels

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If the room you’re designing needs to be multi-functional, heavy, cumbersome furniture and decor can be a pain in the neck. Opting for something on wheels gives you flexibility, allowing you to transition the space as you wish.

Wall Storage

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Shelving and other hanging wall decor add dimension while providing space for displaying meaningful tokens and accessories. I love to switch things up every now and then, swapping decor pieces for a fresh touch.

Pop-Up Desk

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When space is limited, desk space isn’t typically one’s first priority, but my years of decorating have taught me to think more outside-of-the-box when it comes to a home office. Consider a floating desk or even a small table like the Metal Tubing Desk; plus, it can double as a vanity!

Baskets + Bins

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You can never have enough baskets and bins in your home, especially with children. Here are a few ways to hide the mess and organize the clutter.

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BY Kate Arends - April 3, 2019

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May 7, 2019 12:01 pm

LOVE this!! I’ve been a long-time fan but have never commented… but I just had to tell you that I think every detail here is perfection. SO inspiring, thank you!

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