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Ah, podcasts. Little morsels of entertainment (and, occasionally, wisdom) that carry many of us through our morning routines, mindless activities at work, long commutes, and cooking recipes that contain maybe a little too much minutiae for their own good. In a technology-centric world that always seems to be running full steam ahead toward the future, it’s kind of comforting to know that the audio format of entertainment has made such a comeback.

Here at Wit & Delight, we, collectively, listen to a lot of podcasts. They run the gamut from interview format to mystery to comedy and everything in between. Today we’re rounding up a few of team W&D’s favorite podcasts.

Learn more about our picks below, and please, please, please, if you feel so inclined, share your own favorites in the comments. Wild though it may sound, I personally often run out of podcasts to listen to in my feed, and am often on the lookout for new shows to add to the mix. Thank you in advance!


Kate Arends | Creative Director & Founder

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Why I Love It: Host Alie Ward is hilarious and dedicates an hour each week to go deep on one topic with an expert. From topics such as marriage, sea turtles, and beauty standards (to name a few), no conversation is off-limits. This is an excellent podcast if you want to be simultaneously deeply entertained, while also learning a few new things you didn’t know (and maybe weren’t aware you even wanted to know) before.


Bridgette Dutkowski | Brand Director

Safe Space Radio

Why I Love It: I’m typically in the car over the noon hour due to the back and forth of preschool pick up and drop off, so I caught this radio show by accident. MPR rebroadcasted “Can We Talk” from Safe Space radio. The episode I heard during my drive was all about Loneliness; what it means, who is likely to suffer from it, and how it can affect you, both mentally and physically. 

As I listened, it dawned on me how lonely I had been feeling. The last year has been incredibly busy between work and welcoming our third (!!!) child, and due to both practical (three little kids) and various undefined reasons, I’ve been slowly disconnecting from friends and family. The episode shared that quite a bit of moms feel lonely, despite the expectation and perception that motherhood is the “best time of your life!” Listening to others’ stories and having the time to think about my own helped me admit I’m lonely, and inspired me to take some small steps to change my situation. 


Paige Gardiner | Strategic Partnerships Coordinator

The goop Podcast

Why I Love It: As a podcast fiend, it is hard for me to pin point my “favorite,” as I have a longggg list of podcasts that I subscribe (and listen) to! But, when it comes to those that encourage listeners to be themselves, in line with our W&D May theme, I would have to say The goop Podcast takes the cake. From uncovering lingering struggles to letting go of perfectionism, the goop Podcast sheds light on topics we can all relate to, offering insights and experiences from industry experts across all fields. You won’t regret giving it a listen! 


Raquel Benedict | Graphic Designer, Illustrator, & Art Director

Yo, Is This Racist?

Why I Love It: I have been loving this podcast called “Yo, Is This Racist?” lately. Hosted by Tawni Newsome and Andrew Ti, two writers/comedians, each show is an hour’s worth of them (plus a guest) taking voicemail questions and comments from listeners on whether or not something is racist. They talk about all kinds of things, from tiki decor, to “woke white dads,” to the word ghetto. No matter the episode, though, you’re surely to walk away with lots of laughs and probably a new perspective or two. I love it because they bring a lot of humor, candor, and insight (plus a call out or two) to an issue that a lot of people still have a hard time talking about. It inspires me not only to check myself and others, but also to ask questions and be open with the people around me when speaking about topics related to racism. Check them out!


Allie Liebl | Account & Community Manager

Guys We F*****d

Why I Love It: If I had to choose, my 2 favorite podcasts are called The Morning Toast—two sisters talking about celebrity gossip (basically E! News in podcast form)—and Guys We F****d. Admittedly, the latter is not the most politically correct title, but the podcast itself is framed as an “anti-slut shaming podcast” where 2 women are open and honest about all things having to do with sex and relationships. It’s both funny and serious and covers topics that most women (and people in general) tend to shy away from. They frequently have guests on the show from all walks of life, from comedians to former sex workers. It’s a refreshing take on a topic that could definitely stand to be discussed more often.


Judith Marilyn | Art Director, Stylist & Graphic Designer

Jen Gotch is OK…Sometimes

Why I Love It: In this podcast Jen Gotch—founder of the company—gets personal and opens up about a gamut of topics related to mental health. She helps reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness, in the hopes that people will feel less alone and more equipped to advocate for themselves and their health. And she’s entertaining as hell, to boot. For anyone who’s dealt with anxiety, depression, or another mental illness (or who just wants to hear some life advice from a person who’s had their fair share of ups and downs), this podcast is worth a listen.


Jackie Saffert | Interim Editorial Director, Contributor

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Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Why I Love It: This podcast is hosted by one Oprah Winfrey and includes interviews with thought and spiritual leaders who touch on topics such as presence, wellness, and I don’t know, the meaning of life (??). Sometimes listeners are lucky enough to be graced with an episode entirely made up of musings from Oprah herself (as was the case with one such recent episode that I’d recommend everyone listen to!). This podcast is inspirational, uplifting, and chock-full of wisdom—it’s a good one, folks. Promise.

BY Jackie Saffert - May 17, 2019

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