Furniture & Accessories to Spruce up Your Outdoor Patio Space

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As we look outside right now, the sun is shining, and it’s an ideal 75 degrees. It’s early in the summer season, and we can confidently say there is nowhere we’d rather be than outside.

This time of year is for capitalizing on time spent outdoors. From dining alfresco to chasing kids around yards to evenings spent drinking wine with friends, from now until the first frost, you’ll find most of our team soaking up as much fresh air as we possibly can.

For those of us who have outdoor spaces at our homes, now is the perfect time to liven up any existing patio setup we have. In that spirit, today we’re rounding up a few of our team’s favorite outdoor furniture items and accessories. Below you’ll find entire patio sets, individual furniture pieces, and a few well-loved accessories, all in a neutral palette that will surely stand the design test of time.

Lounge Chairs

Patio Sets




    Dining Chairs

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    BY Team Wit & Delight - June 14, 2019

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