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It’s here, you guys!! I’ve been waiting for this moment for over a year. Today our line of planning and productivity tools launches on Shop Wit & Delight. We toiled, tweaked, and tested these systems to create a suite of products designed to help you find mental clarity and identify what needs to get done by aligning what’s important to you with your day-to-day tasks.

We took a hard look at our relationship with our to-do lists and realized there had to be a better way-—a way to avoid letting the number of tasks we completed define how good or bad our day was. A place where you can track not only your emotional well-being but also the way your values and priorities reflected in the small things you do each day. 

I’m passionate about launching these physical products because I believe that putting pen to paper triggers an entirely different way of processing information, especially for those who are living with ADHD, anxiety, and other mood and learning disorders. 


2020 Planner

Say hello to your new favorite planner. Plan out the next 12 months with our weekly and monthly planning pages, lay-flat binding, and goal setting pages. Want to keep track of an event or goal? We’ve got a ribbon bookmark and adhesive page markers to ensure your take-over-the-world plan doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Created to help you identify what’s important, each month and week prompts you with questions like…

What NEEDS to happen this week?

What can wait until next week?

What is the one thing you’ll do for yourself?

With space to draw, save inspiration or memos, and ample room for note-taking each week, this planner is designed to keep your most important details together in a beautiful book that can serve as a sort of time capsule for the beginning of a new decade. 

We encouraged everyone who has tested out our new planner design to begin each month by reflecting on what matters most to them. By getting your head focused on what matters, both in life and work, you’re better able to make choices that make the life you want in the future a reality.

It’s never too early to start thinking about what you want for your 2020 self. 


Stay on Track Notebook

Wit & Delight team tested and approved! We swear by this system. The notebook includes 180 perforated weekly planning sheets; each sheet breaks down the week by day, project, and goals. Skip the Sunday Scaries by planning out your week in advance. Insider tip: include one thing just for yourself (it keeps us on track as well).

I designed this notebook based on the way I organized 11 x 8.5 sheets of paper. Used as a way to quickly identify what projects were priorities while keeping the big picture in mind, I could track out my time with enough flexibility to move items around as my week unfolded. Because the unexpected always comes up, things always take longer to get done than you anticipate, and we shouldn’t have to keep it all in our heads. 


Write It Down Notebook

Now you have no excuse for not remembering that great idea you had that one time. Our Write It Down Notepad was made to be portable. At just under 6″, it will fit in a backpack, purse, or pockets. With its linen cover and brass spiral biding, you’ve got 135 sheets to fill with to-do lists, love notes, or quick sketches. 

I keep one of these journals by my bedside table for quick reference, because I usually think of essential ideas or tasks while in the shower, doing my makeup, or falling asleep. When there is one place to put all those little details, I don’t have to worry.


Note To Self Journal

We’ve updated our best-selling notebook to include even more premium features. One hundred and sixty lay-flat, lined cream pages (double the amount from the last go-round) are bound in black linen. We’ve also included a ribbon bookmark—to track that Big Idea from three weeks ago—and an interior back pocket. Keeping it all in your head is canceled.

This notebook is the journal of my dreams. I wanted a place that felt special, even for the smallest thoughts. The way I like to use my Note To Self journal is for my journaling ritual, meaning I write for 10 minutes at the same time, daily. That could mean the bathtub or in the morning in my sunroom. Whatever works with that season. The point is to get all the cluttered thoughts out of my head and on to paper so I can get in touch with my feelings and move on to what is most important in my day. 


Large Desktop Notepad

The Large Desktop Notebook is a showstopper for your desk—the perfect place to keep track of to-do lists, appointments, and the random thoughts that pop up here and there. With 150 perforated cream-colored sheets, you can keep tabs on weekly (or daily) to-do’s, starting fresh when you need to.

This notepad is my favorite spot for sketching, jotting quick notes, or plotting out a future business strategy. It’s large enough to prompt a more creative approach to getting your thoughts out of your head, and I love how easily you can tear off sheets to save or start fresh. 


No Bad Days Notepad

Having small acts of self-care at my fingertips at all times takes the pressure off my brain to find a solution to relieve worry and stress. I wanted to figure out a way to take my checklist off my phone and incorporate it into my rituals without having to touch a digital device. Behold my solution: the No Bad Days Notepad.

We designed our No Bad Days Notepad with the idea that the little things we do each day can set us up for better days. And, when a bad day inevitably arises, you have a couple of tactics to help make it a little less…bad. Inspired by my own approach to daily rituals, this notepad includes space for jotting down thoughts to clear your mind and get on with your not-so-bad day.

It’s an excellent gift for a friend or family member who needs a pick-me-up, or a treat yourself item that will help get you mentally prepared to #BYEFELICIA whatever BS life might throw at you.

There you have it. Our new line. I cannot wait to hear what you think and to see these babies in your own spaces. They’ll (hopefully) make life a little more manageable and give you more room to focus on what matters to you, not what others ask for you to get done in a day. Go forth and plan your future, free of guilt, shame, or the pressure to hustle your way to the top.

Whatever path you take, whatever plan you make, choose the one that doesn’t sacrifice what matters most in your life. After all, success is in the eye of the beholder.

Wondering if we offer wholesale? Good news! We do! Please contact hello@witanddelight.com to be connected with our wholesale partner, Design Loop.

BY Kate Arends - July 15, 2019


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