July Horoscopes: Destiny Arrives


Welcome to July, a month sure to bring great change. Eclipse season is here, highlighting the stability within our lives and how we leave an impact on the world around us. A majestic Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd opens us up to profound and exciting new beginnings while a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 16th will shimmer with culminations, harvests, and endings.

Eclipses are always destined moments in time that affect us for many years to come. Throughout all of this, though, we will be noticing the slowdown of Mercury, as this mischievous little planet of communication will be turning backward in the sky throughout most of the month. Be sure to avoid the Mercury Retrograde pitfalls by trying to lie low and seeing what the Universe has to offer you!

Yet, just as that retrograde ends, a dazzling New Moon in the royal sign of Leo dawns on the 31st. Out of all the months in 2019, expect that this one will shift your path to new horizons. Find out how it’ll affect you specifically below!


A new dawn is rising in your home and family sector starting on the 2nd this month, but it will also be kicking up any necessary “dust” you need to face when you’re assessing your personal solid ground. Are you satisfied with where you are and the stability beneath your feet? The 16th will bring a shining career moment to your life with the Lunar Eclipse. How you can leave an even bigger impact on the world? The month ends on a sweet and sparkling note. A romantic New Moon in your love and creativity zone sings on the 31st and it will surely ignite your heart. Cupid’s arrows are here for you.


It’s time to speak up and have your voice be heard, Taurus. The Solar Eclipse on July 2nd is telling you to communicate from the heart. Your mind will be sharp, so find ways to write, speak, and carry your vision to greater heights. Later, the Lunar Eclipse on the 16th will also be firing up your mind to try new things and expand your sights toward anything that is exotic and new. However, the month ends with a softer New Moon on the 31st, telling you to take a step back and turn your attention to family and domestic matters. Your stability and security are important now more than ever.


Money is on your mind, Gemini, especially with a gorgeous Lunar Eclipse in your financial sector taking place on the 2nd. The world runs on money and you can grind to bring in more abundance! Use your quick wit to find ingenious new ways of monetizing. However, the Lunar Eclipse on the 16th urges you to merge with other people. If you are unhappy with how things have gone recently, you may see some inner karma needing to be resolved. The end of the month ends on a less serious note, with a New Moon on the 31st in your communications sector. You’ll be especially on top of your game now, so write, speak, and communicate through your lightning skills.


You’ll feel the entire Universe turn to look at you once the Solar Eclipse in your sign on the 2nd shifts the cosmos. What is most dear to your heart, Cancer? The doors are open, so take the reins. Partnership will grab your focus once the Lunar Eclipse on the 16th arrives, and you’re going to be faced with a choice related to that relationship. Are you being valued? Do you want to take the next step? Be honest with yourself. Lastly, a vibrant New Moon in your income zone roars on the 31st, telling you to build more prosperity into your life. Allow yourself to thrive.


This month will be an interesting one for you, Leo, because it has so many juxtapositions! You’ll start the month with the eclipse on the 2nd telling you to recharge, relax, and take some much needed “you time.” Trust this. However, the Lunar Eclipse on the 16th will be cranking up the speed so be ready to jump on an important health or work-related project. Assess how you are setting up your work-life balance. However, one of the most dazzling moments of the entire year arrives with a shimmering New Moon in your sign on the 31st. It’s birthday season, so be sure you make your list of wishes.


You’re on top of everyone’s invite list this month, Virgo, so enjoy the extra popularity! You’ll be noticing your social life picking up and friends wanting to see you. Circulate with peers to see what the Universe is cooking up just for you. Then, one of the most important moments in your romantic life will arrive, with a magical Lunar Eclipse in your love sector on the 16th. If you’re single, you could cross paths with a kindred spirit. If attached, be sure to plan something extra precious. Creativity and fertility are also favored now, so open your heart and let the seeds blossom. To end the busy month, a relaxing New Moon on the 31st is saying to curl up on the couch or get that beauty sleep. You’ve earned it.


Your star power is on the rise, Libra, and you have been working for it! Watch as your career opens up to whole new levels starting on the 2nd, with a fortunate and powerful Solar Eclipse. Be sure everyone in your industry is hearing your name! The 16th will have an important family or domestic matter reaching culmination, though, so keep your schedule light if you’re being pulled between work and home. The 31st ends with a jovial New Moon, telling you it’s time to loosen up and do what you do best: have fun! Call up your favorite circle and hit the town. You’ll be feeling like quite the main event.


Spread your wings, Scorpio, because it’s time to catch the wind and rise. You’ll be eager to pursue unique and exotic experiences with the eclipse smiling upon you starting on the 2nd. You may want to travel or learn something new. Don’t limit yourself. Open up! The Lunar Eclipse on the 16th falls in a rather intellectual sector for you and you’ll notice that your words carry even more weight than usual. Write and speak from the heart and you will be sure to build buzz for anything important to you. This is especially exciting because it is preparing you for the brightest career moment of the year—a New Moon in this sector on the 31st. Reach for the stars and watch how the applause comes.


Are your relationships balanced, Sagittarius? You’ll surely be contemplating the give and take within them starting around the eclipse on the 2nd. What do you need to feel more secure in your partnerships? The 16th will have you focusing on what in your life brings you worth. Your income might actually be on the rise! Monetization is your goal now. Lastly, a sweet New Moon on the 31st is pushing you to seize the reins and embrace your adventurous spirit. Learn a new skill, travel somewhere you’ve never been, or get in touch with your connection to the Divine.


Destiny has come to alter the course in your relationships, Capricorn. You are now facing a major moment starting on the 2nd regarding close partnerships. Contemplate how you can grow closer to your special person or negotiate an important contract in business. Later in the month, your deepest wishes and desires will be front and center with an eclipse in your sign on the 16th. You’re going to be shining brighter than all others, so step before the crowd. The New Moon on the 31st has you deep in your inner world. You’ll be deciding if you are being fulfilled in the many areas of your life. Release the karma that does not serve you.


Your health and your work-life balance will be on your mind starting at the eclipse on the 2nd. You may be investigating a new employment opportunity or taking on an important project. If you’ve wanted to start a new diet or fitness regimen, this could actually be blessed timing. However, the Lunar Eclipse on the 16th is telling you to kick your feet up and take a rest! You certainly can grind when you need to, but isn’t relaxation also helpful to your sanity? You’ll be craving that bubble bath or massage. The month ends on a very different month, with the 31st bringing your attention to your most important one-on-one relationships, whether in love or business. Consider how you can grow your relationship or find a better match.


Cupid is shooting arrows your direction this month, Pisces. You’re a lover of love, and why shouldn’t you be? You have so much magic inside of you. Creativity is also in your favor, so embrace your artistic side. This all begins near the Solar Eclipse on the 2nd. However, there’s even more fun in store for you this month with a Lunar Eclipse in your social sector on the 16th, saying you must absolutely summon your crew to make a scene around town. Throw on your favorite outfit and watch everyone see how iridescent you really are. Enjoy all of the fun while you can, though, because once the New Moon on the 31st arrives, you’ll be ramping up in work. Embrace the sweetness before you have to crush your goals.

BY Kyle Thomas - July 1, 2019


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