August Horoscopes: Shine Your Light


Welcome to August, a sweet month that will leave everyone with some happy surprises. August and September are the best months of the entire year in 2019 because the planets will be aligning for sugar, spice, and everything nice.

At the very end of July, a sparkling New Moon in Leo opened up for us. During the very beginning of this month, we will still be feeling that fiery, vibrant, and creative energy pouncing into our lives. Mid-month, on August 15th, we’ll witness a shimmering Full Moon in Aquarius, bringing our attention to communities and how we relate to the world. Then, like the final note of a gorgeous symphony, a New Moon in Virgo on August 30th will dazzle just for you.


Watch as your heart is lit on fire, Aries, because love is in the stars. The first week of the month is best for you to create a love story that stands the test of time. You may also be feeling a bit more creative, so if the muse is speaking to you, be sure to channel it while it’s here! You’ll be feeling social all month, but especially near the Full Moon on the 15th. This could see you invited to an important event or one with friends where you have the greatest of times. However, the New Moon on the 30th will have you back in the office grinding away, so have fun while you can. If you are seeking to change anything up in your work-life balance, do so then.


Your mind is on your home and family when we launch into August. This may have you wanting to fix up your space, move, or bring more joy to your sanctuary. Consider having a summer party or grill out and surely you will scratch your domestic itch. However, the moments around August 15th will have your career radiating as brightly as the Sun, so be ready to take the stage. Plan an important career project now if you can, or consider ways you can move up in your industry. The month ends on a magical note for you, with your heart ready to bloom with new seeds. The New Moon on the 30th opens a door to your love and creative sectors, so surely you will know it’s time for passion.


Your mind is ablaze this month as you’re focusing on an important writing or communications project. Contracts and negotiations may also be on your mind. Yet, as you approach the 15th, your thoughts will be craving stimulation even more, whether that be through travel, spirituality, or academics. Consider opening your eyes to new horizons you have never experienced before and you will find yourself more inspired in the days and months to come. However, you’ll be noticing an important domestic matter taking your attention come August 30th. If your family is demanding some of your attention, give it to them. You may also be wondering how stable and secure your home and your relationships truly are. If you’re looking to move, the stars are certainly in your favor.


It’s time to add income to your pockets, Cancer, so use the power of the New Moon at the very beginning of the month to increase your net worth. You may also be spending time focusing on what you value and what it brings to your life. Mid-month is a major moment related to intimacy or a partnership. You could be considering what you each give and receive or what your inner needs truly are. If any important karma needs to be worked out, you may be watching it bubble up from beneath your waves. Yet, you will notice a shift when your mind begins to rapid-fire later in August, particularly after the 30th, when your sector of travel, communications, and study are energized. Fine-tune a skill or consider the message you want to share with the world.


The powerful lion has arrived and you certainly know how to throw a party! The beginning of August will set the tone for your entire year to come, so make sure that you are going after all of the items on your list of hopes and dreams. Begin the steps that’ll set all of it into motion. August 15th shifts your focus from you to your important one and only (in business or in love), and you may be noticing that you are ready to make an important decision in relation to that partnership. This could be about bringing the two of you closer or perhaps walking away. Do not be afraid—you are always as bright as the Sun. The New Moon on the 30th has you ready to add jewels to your crown, so consider ways you can bring in more money. You may see some steady opportunities roll in.


The Universe is telling you to take a break and chill out a bit, Virgo, and that’s okay. You don’t always need to be productive 24/7! Find some time to recharge your batteries. Nap while you can because a Full Moon in your work sector takes place on the 15th, watching you finish an important project. You will definitely be assessing your work-life balance and if it is affecting your health. Be honest with yourself and your body. Yet, the most stunning jewel of the year arrives on the 30th—a New Moon in your sign! This is the major green light from the Universe that your wishes and dreams are within reach. Start taking action to build the life of your fantasy.


You’re always social, Libra, but the summer heat has you on everyone’s VIP list! Get ready to see more friends and make new ones while you’re at it. Step out of your comfort zone and see how you can add more staples to your crew. August 15th brings even more splendid news as a Full Moon shakes the Heavens, directed straight at your heart. You will be in the mood for love, so grab your special someone and do something memorable. If unattached, go after someone new who looks like your perfect type. Love doesn’t happen on the couch swiping an app! The end of the month has you feeling more focused on privacy, though, so enjoy the fun while it lasts before it’s time to do some important soul-searching. This will begin the last week but will grow even more starting August 30th.


Light the fireworks, Scorpio, because your career is about to cause a light show! Find ways to up your game in the professional sector or even find a better job. If you slay it now, your 2020 will be even better. August 15th switches your attention to domesticity, though, so snuggle up at home or pay attention a bit more to your family. They may miss you and will be grateful for your smile. Toward the end of the month, it’s time to have a bit more fun and adventure with the New Moon entering into your friendship zone on the 30th. Start lining up as many events as possible for September! You will surely be the party favorite.


Your mind is buzzing, Sagittarius—you’re ready for some spontaneity and to break stride from the pack. Plan an exotic trip if you can, or go on a journey within the mind. Spirituality, meditation, and academics are certainly favored now, so consider how you can learn or expand. The 15th will see you focusing on an important communications-related project or taking a short trip near home. It should go well! However, your career is causing everyone to turn in your favor starting with the New Moon in this zone on the 30th. Consider how you can climb to bigger heights.



Your attention has been upon partnership for months and that trend isn’t ending, Capricorn. In the beginning days of the month, consider what you give and receive in your important relationships. If there are karmic issues with partnerships you need to resolve, they will definitely be appearing now. Find healthy ways to free yourself from codependency, but still be powerful in your union. If your connection is not in balance, consider ways to better communicate authentically. Money will be a big theme come mid-month, either that you receive a new stream of income or one shifts altogether. If a bill comes in, use your earthy demeanor to handle it. At the end of the month, you’re going to be ready to explore new territory, whether that be through travel, publicity, learning, or diving into your own personal rituals.


Important partnerships are on your mind now, Aquarius, either in love or business. Find ways to grow closer and forge stronger connections. The Full Moon on the 15th is the most important moment of your year because it falls directly in your sign. You will be ready to stand center stage, so consider new ways to make your dreams come to life. The world will be listening to you now, so know that your actions carry special weight. The month ends on August 30th with a New Moon in your intimacy sector, pulling you back toward your emotional needs. Grab those who you love closely and celebrate your union.


Keep that grind going, Pisces, because it’s going to work in your favor. It’s time to focus on your employment, health, and work-life balance. Are you the master of your schedule or are you noticing things are out of rhythm? When you hit August 15th, you’re likely to be feeling the need to take a break and relax. Trust the messages the Universe is telling you now. Step back if you need to. Yet, when we reach the 30th, a stunning and magical moment for commitment arrives. If you have a special someone, consider how you can grow even more. If you’re single and ready to mingle, know what you crave in a partner and go out while the stars are aligned.

BY Kyle Thomas - August 2, 2019

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August 4, 2019 6:52 am

The Virgo one is spot on for me right now. Especially with the work stuff.

Jim Rhodes
November 21, 2019 6:48 am

I enjoy reading these horoscopes. I might share them here. If you don’t mind that.

January 14, 2020 6:03 am

Hello everyone, it was interesting to read your article. Usually i’m reading New York Times (it’s here, if u want to check it out, but now i’ll read your site too!

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