October Horoscopes: The Pieces are Coming Together


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Welcome to autumn, a time of the year where we harvest blessings into our lives. As October begins, we will be feeling the energy of the New Moon in Libra that occurred at the very end of September. Union is favored during this time and we may very well find ourselves crossing paths with someone who is a reflection to us, for better or worse. October 13th brings forth the fiery call of Aries with the Full Moon sounding the trumpet of victory. Your personal needs and goals will be highlighted at this time. As we near the end of October, the 27th will help us awaken our innermost desires with another New Moon. By then, we will be swimming in the seas of Scorpio. Find out below how the month will affect you specifically!


Your relationships are highly important to you in October, Aries. Partnerships in love and business are twinkling from the Heavens above. You may be making long-term plans, getting engaged or married, or even crossing paths with a kindred spirit. This is definitely a time when you should know what you want in a partner and what your non-negotiables are. Mid-October brings a Full Moon in your sign, igniting a beacon so you can step toward an important personal achievement. This is a time when you can make the world bow to you, so rise to the occasion. The final week will have you once again focusing on your connections, as well as what you give and receive. Your erotic nature could be simmering, too.


Your work life is heating up and you have great prospects in your career. This is exciting because the coming several years will see you continue to rise if you put in the effort now. Many Taurus will be taking on more projects, so be ready to carry the weight. If you have any important fitness or diet goals you want to include in your routine, this is the perfect time to incorporate them. You will see fast improvement. Mid-month, though, sees you taking a breather and recharging. You could also be developing an important project behind-the-scenes that is not yet ready to see the light of day. Lie low. Rome wasn’t built in a day. However, the further we get into the month, the more your relationships will be on your mind—in love and business. For Taurus in positive situations, you could become official, move in, get engaged, and some may even get married. For those in less fulfilling ones, you may walk away to find someone better. Next month is huge for your relationships because you’ll be doing a lot of evaluation and may cross paths with an ex, so be aware of what you want. If you want to reopen that journey, the stars will give you the green light.


It’s romance season, Gemini! You better be ready. This is the perfect time for you to find a new love if single or reignite the spark with your current partner. Romance takes effort to always stay lit, just like a fire always needs more fuel. Expect lots of fun opportunities to make your heart sing. Mid-month brings more fun your way as an important event could catch your attention. Your friendships and community are highlighted at this time, so be certain to have your hottest outfit ready in the wings. You may meet new people who become very valuable to your life, so don’t miss out. The final week of the month you’ll see your work life start to catch fire, so get ready to buckle down because you can likely achieve a lot. If you want to bring a more healthy routine into your schedule, this is also a lucky time. You will be productive, so have fun while the stars are aligned.


Your home and family are especially on your mind as you move into October. This is normal for you, but you can actually bring more stability and security to these areas of your life if you’d like. Some Cancer may be moving at this time, or may find themselves wanting to fix up their space. You will also be feeling nostalgic and sentimental, so enjoy your feels. Mid-October will find you shifting your attention back to your career, with lots of exciting news ahead. Balance is key this month, so you’ll have to make sure you’re not rocking the boat. You could be receiving exciting recognition, a promotion, or an opportunity for exposure at this time. As we end October, you’ll be feeling like magic has come to life around you as romance and creativity sparkles like showers of gold. If you’re single, be sure to go after new options while the doors are open, or, if committed, release your adventurous and passionate side. Creative Cancer will also be feeling inspired, so let the muse flow.


Your mind is sharp and active, Leo, so get ready to roar. The beginning weeks of October have you focused on how you communicate and speak your mind, so be clear on the message you want to send. Contracts, negotiations, and legalities should be favoring you now as well. Come mid-October, you’ll be hungering for even greater horizons. Academics, spirituality, or exotic adventures could satiate your inner beast. If you find ways to learn more about culture and diversity, you should do so via travel or communities. The final third of the month will have you more focused on your home, family, and stability, and some Leo may be moving or fixing up their space. Consider having friends over to fill your rooms with warmth. 


Money is on your mind in October, Virgo, and if you are hoping to add value to your life, you are especially in luck. Try to seek a raise or pursue new employment. Adding extra streams of income may also be possible. It appears money is coming and going quite readily this month, so be certain to use your practicality. Mid-October has you thinking about what you owe others and what they owe you, and if you are looking for a loan, investment, or scholarship, you also are in luck. Your sensual and emotional needs are also in the spotlight, so listen to what your spirit tells you. As we end the month, you’re focusing very intensely on writing, speaking, or communications-related projects. You could be re-branding yourself or releasing a new campaign. Find a way to make your message echo.


Your favorite time of the year has arrived for you, Libra. Birthday season is sure to sparkle. Use the very beginning days of the month to take steps toward your most important hopes, goals, and dreams for the entire coming year because the stars above are on your side. Life is about action, not waiting for the world to come to you. Mid-month, a powerful Full Moon in your relationship sector is forcing you to turn your attention to someone in love or business. Some Libra could be making long-term plans with partners, moving in, getting engaged, or exchanging vows. The Libra who are in stale relationships could end them and choose to heal instead. The final week of the month will have money on your mind. You could see your income increase or be offered a new job. Always know your worth and value so the world can mirror it back.


Relax and recharge in the beginning of October because it appears you need to heal from the past. The only way we can move into the future is by learning, growing, and evolving; heed the lesson you need to learn so you don’t repeat the same mistake again. If you have important projects developing, take the time to focus on the details. Mid-October has you rushing to crush a major work or health project, so stay alert. You may even choose to move onto another job. Later in the month, you’ll be ready to bring thunder down from the sky as soon as Scorpio season arrives! With your birthday time here, focus on what you want to manifest in the entire coming year. The doors are opening before you. Step on through.


Your social calendar is popping off the charts, so don’t hide away this month, Sagittarius. This is a big moment for events, friends, and social power moves! If you want to get closer with your BFFs, the stars are aligned. However, if you want to meet significant new contacts that may be able to help you in many ways, be sure to go to mixers. If you’re secretly attracted to one of your friends, you could even turn them into a romantic option. As we hit mid-month, the Full Moon will have your heart aflame. You could be working on a beautiful, creative project or even crossing paths with a twin flame. If you have been unhappy in love, you may decide to walk away. As the month comes to a close, you’re going to want to rest, recharge, and relax. After weeks of so much fun, it’ll be time to take a break. 


A major moment in your career has come, Capricorn, so get ready to take steps toward your greatest achievements yet. With the planets ramping up your star appeal, make sure you know exactly where you want to go. You could also be seeing some popularity or recognition coming from a partner, so if you like the idea of being a power couple, make sure the world knows your names. Mid-October will have your attention shifting to a family or home-related situation. Some of you could be moving or changing your space up, while others may be focused on an important family connection. As the final week of October arrives, your social life will be blowing up your phone. Important events will likely appear, so keep your calendar ready. You may become very popular now, and if you have a significant other, you both could suddenly be “the most talked about on the town.” However, prepare for November because it’ll definitely showcase even more romantic magic for single Capricorn, and perhaps even open a road back to the one who got away.


New horizons are calling to you in October, Aquarius, so get ready to open your wings and fly. The early days of the month are pushing you to take risks and learn more about life and the world. Some of you may be working on an important publishing, media, or academic project. Others may want to focus on expanding your mind through spirituality or meditation. Mid-month, your mind is firing off! You’re focusing on how you can write and speak a message of deep importance to you. A significant communications-related project could be demanding your time. The final days of October will have you reaching for the crown. With so much energy in your career sector, achievements are right ahead. If you burn the midnight candle and crush your goals, a promotion, new job, or significant goal could be just around the corner.


Your relationships in business, love, or collaboration have been very important recently. Equality and cooperation are key in partnerships, so be aware of what you give and receive. If your connections are balanced, they will improve. If they are not, you may ask to change them or walk away. If you’re asking for help from a bank, company, or individual, you could be in luck too. Mid-October, money and your income will be your main focus. You could be seeking to add dollars to your pocket book or paying off an important purchase. As you swim toward the end of the month, you’re ready to expand your vision of the world, whether it be through travel, study, media, or working with people very different than you. The river before you leads to many places, but if you do not explore, you’ll never know the mysteries of the deep. 

BY Kyle Thomas - October 3, 2019

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October 3, 2019 1:30 pm

Thanks! Now I’m even looking more forward to October 🙂
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

October 3, 2019 1:51 pm

So honored and glad you can feel it affecting your life! 🙂

October 8, 2019 4:50 am

Have you heard anything about the change of the zodiac from Nasa?

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