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Have you ever sat down and thought about time? Have you ever noticed how obsessed we, as a culture, are with time? Not having enough of it; time moving too quickly or going too slowly. Strangely, a generally agreed-upon concept such as time is the topic of so many conversations. 

Last weekend, we started/ended Daylight Savings by moving our clocks one hour back. When I was little, I was convinced we got another hour in the day. That one day a year, instead of 24 hours, we got to experience 25 hours. It’s funny how the perception of time changes as we age. As an adult, the years have flown by, but as a kid, I remember summers lasting what felt like a glorious lifetime. The one time of year when I was painfully aware of the relativity of time was the holidays. I would diligently count the days between Halloween and Christmas, willing them to move faster.

I remember making paper chains at school and home with red and green paper and my heart filling with So Much JOY at ripping off each link, knowing we were one day closer to Christmas.

I’ve spoken before about how the holidays feel different now that I have kids of my own. All the stress and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season are forgotten (mostly) when I’m with my kids, creating new traditions. August is at an age where he is starting to grasp the concept of days and time, so this is the year we are creating a countdown calendar using my Cricut Maker.

Not familiar with the Cricut Maker? Let me tell you, I thought the Cricut Maker was a tool for scrapbooking only, and I was wrong. I have used it in just about every aspect of my business (see here and here). 

Here are a few reasons why I jump at any opportunity to use my Cricut Maker: 

  1. You can create, upload, and share design work made in Illustrator and Photoshop. For my fellow designers out there, imagine creating a dieline and then testing it out with total precision? It’s pretty incredible to be able to go from working in 2D to 3D templates in minutes. Need a little more inspiration? Check out Cricut’s Design Space where you can find pre-designed templates from other users (and a few from moi).
  2. The Cricut cuts way more than paper. WAY more. From wafer-thin tissue paper to fabric, chipboard, wood, and leather, I’ve been able to make prototypes for upcoming product lines, customized decals for clients, fabric signage for pop-up shops, the list goes on. It’s seriously powerful.
  3. It’s reliable, high-quality, and continually improving. I bought the Cricut Maker, which allows a multitude of adaptable tools that allow you to work with a ton of materials. Plus, the online community is fantastic for troubleshooting and testing out new applications.

A bit more stylish than the standard paper chain, our countdown calendar is *wholly* customizable and will fit in with any decor. Last year I went all-in with Cricut handmade decorations for the holiday season. And while it was lovely, this year, for my sanity, I’m keeping it simple but impactful.

The holiday season has arrived!

We’ve explained to the kids that each morning, we will open the flag, enjoy a small piece of candy, and that will mean we are one day closer to the holidays. You can size up our designs or edit them to fit the size of your space. As is, the templates are large enough to hold two chocolate coins (something I always got in my stocking as a kid!). It keeps the event simple but not too over the top. I previously made the mistake of gifting a small toy each day, and boy was that overboard (for us)!

Download the FREE countdown calendar template here.

Now, because the design is fully customizable, it can be used as a countdown for other events. Birthdays, trips, beginning of school (or back to school, if you like)—the possibilities are endless. You don’t even need to add candy—you simply can flip the flag over or remove it as you count down to your event.
Personally, I love the idea of mixing and matching patterns with this design! It can look super festive or blend in with your decor. The choice is yours! 

Have fun with this project, and remember, the holidays are meant to be enjoyed, not spent crafting until the wee hours of the morning! I like to think that while I can’t create more time, I can create new traditions and memories for my family and me. 

Ready to create your own countdown calendar? Get the FREE pattern on Cricut’s Design Space, and be sure to check out the other designs available.

Download the FREE countdown calendar template here.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine. The compensation received in exchange for placement on Wit & Delight is used to purchase props, hire a photographer, write/edit the blog post, and support the larger team behind Wit & Delight.

BY Kate Arends - November 11, 2019

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November 11, 2019 7:10 pm

This is such a fun project!
I have to mention that one of my FAVORITE things about this blog is the lack of typos in your posts- in addition to all the wonderful and thought-provoking topics. I really appreciate the attention to detail.

November 30, 2019 9:10 pm

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