November Horoscopes: Your Shadow Self Hungers


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Our passions, motivations, and hidden desires are about to come up from the depths into the light.

Autumn’s power embraces the land as the nights grow longer. November will be an intense month, particularly because most of the month we will be in the throes of Mercury Retrograde. This will take place in the passionate and intense zodiac sign of Scorpio, meaning that our hidden desires and hungers are about to rise up from the crypts and crawl toward our consciousness. No longer will we be happy with what everything appears to be—we want something deeper. We will want to cut to the heart of the matters in our lives. At the end of October, a shocking and volcanic New Moon in Scorpio opened up new beginnings to us. In the middle of November, a Full Moon in the strong and mighty sign of Taurus will be forcing us to focus on our most sacred values and morals. As November ends, a feisty and adventurous New Moon in Sagittarius on November 26 tells you to set sail on a new journey in your life. Take a peek into what the month means for you specifically below!


The New Moon at the end of October is bringing out your sensual and intimate sides and will continue to affect you in the beginning of November. You are craving to get closer with another person, both body and soul. Your relationships will continue to be a highlight for the rest of 2019. Consider at this time what you each give and receive in partnerships. Sharing can make you stronger when you work together as a team.

Mid-month, a Full Moon in your money sector sounds the gong in the night, so you could be seeing your income rise or attending to another financial matter, such as paying off an important bill or finalizing a big purchase. Money seems to be on your mind.

When the New Moon at the end of the month dawns, you’ll be feeling the urge to learn or see more of the world. You want to expand in order to grow. Let your mind and your spirit fly.


Love has been a big theme for you since August, and your relationships will continue to be on your mind. You could be taking special steps forward with your significant other or aligning with someone who could be your twin flame. Shockingly, though, you could be spending a lot of time considering a new direction in your partnerships or even crossing paths with an ex this month. If you want closure, you could now get it, or if you still love each other, you could give it another go. All bets are off with so much activity lighting up your marriage and commitment sector—and with Mercury spinning backwards here, too!

Mid-month will be one of your biggest periods in 2019, with the entire Universe putting a spotlight on you. It could be a major standout moment where you reach an important achievement or goal. A significant relationship seems to be on your mind again, and you may be forced to make a choice. Engagements, marriages, commitments, and breakups are all possible this month. If you are happy, you will grow. If you are not destined to be together, you may choose to move on.

When the month draws to a close, you are definitely feeling the urge to merge and will be debating what you give and receive in your relationships. It could be regarding an important negotiation in love or business, so be sure you know your worth.


Get ready, Gemini, because your work life, job, and health will be on your mind throughout November. You have the ability to make a great deal of progress in all of these areas now. If you want to get a new job, you could be finding opportunities for employment pop up or taking on more responsibility at your current one. Be aware of your work-life balance and your day-to-day routine so you’re keeping everything in check. Be sure to find a schedule that works for you. If you have any fitness goals, this is the time to build that regiment.

Mid-month, you’ll be feeling the need to recharge and rest because you’ve been very busy and productive lately. Listen to this natural rhythm and do not push it or you could fall ill.

As you dance to the end of the month, though, your attention is going to turn to important relationships. If you want to grow closer with a partner in love or business, this is a lucky time. If you want to find someone who matches you well, put yourself out there. Commitments, contracts, and promises now will bring you joy.


Your heart is vibrant now, Cancer, and is radiating like a star. Your creative and romantic spark is encouraging you to express your heart. Don’t just hide behind your shell. You have a lot to offer someone. Whether attached or single, you can build more love in the coming year if you spend time cultivating it in the first week of November. Like a seed that needs light and water to grow, so does your heart. If you’re still feeling nostalgic for an ex or old flame, this could actually be a good time to reconnect! Mercury is doing a backstroke in this passionate zone, so check in to see if you’re both on the same page now. Just be aware that any romance started (or re-started) at this point will need time to grow, so do not go official until the end of the month or after.

Mid-November, you will be feeling extra popular, so let your social oats fly—spend more time with friends at this point in the month.

As the month draws to a close, you are going to be able to improve your work life and employment. Want a new job? Go after it. Want more projects on your docket? Raise your hand. Work hard now and see the results ahead.


The beginning of November has you focusing on your emotional needs and feelings of security. You’re wondering how strong and sturdy your life is. Some Leo may be moving or fixing up their homes, while others could see their family being more important at this time.

Mid-November, the focus on your home swings back toward your achievements and ambitions. Your career is lit up like fireworks, so go after the throne. You could see a promotion or major opportunity for publicity manifest before your eyes.

Later in the month, as the Sun and Moon dance into your sector of creativity, romance, and love, you’re ready to let down your hair and roar. The New Moon at the end of the month is opening a door to you for new love if you are single or deeper passion if committed. The rest of the year promises sugar and spice.


November is here and so are our November horoscopes, brought to us by contributor and astrologer, Kyle Thomas. See what the planets have in store for all of us in November on the blog today!

Communication is very important to you at this time. Your mind is sharper than normal, Virgo, so in the beginning of November consider what message you want to share with the world. Studying and communicating are very highlighted for you at this time. Begin new projects where you can take charge to increase your voice and reach.

Mid-month has an exciting Full Moon for you, encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone, spread your wings, and fly. If you take chances, you can learn more about what life is about.

As the month ends, your home and family will be more on your mind. Fix up your space if you’d like or consider moving into an even better residence. To have even more fun, host a small gathering at your place and welcome in your favorite people.


Money is on your mind at the beginning of November, as well as your values and morals. If you cultivate these at this time, you can bring in more abundance to your life. Perseverance and hard work are crucial to building a harvest, whether that is in finances or self-worth.

Mid-month, a Full Moon will light up your sector of intimacy and shared resources. Some Libra may receive a large sum of money or aid from someone. Others will be assessing what they want and need in their partnerships. Be aware of what that is and communicate it to the right person. If you are in sync, you will build a stronger team together.

In the final week, you’ll be feeling passion to write, speak, and communicate as much as possible. An important new contract could appear, so look at the details carefully.


It’s birthday season at the beginning of November, and you are in the spotlight! You’re ready to make progress toward your goals and plans, but be aware that Mercury Retrograde in your sign may slow some things down. Do not worry, though—this is a great time to reassess your strategy. The New Moon at the beginning of the month clears a path to your most important endeavors in the coming year, so take action to create the life you want.

Mid-month, an important decision regarding a partner appears to be on your mind. Strong relationships will improve, but the weak ones are sure to have you walking away. Some Scorpio may be getting married, engaged, or committed. Embrace union at this time.

At the end of the month, your focus will switch to your finances. Consider ways to monetize and increase your pocketbook.


Rest and recharge at the beginning of November, Sagittarius. This will be much needed because the coming months will start ramping up with plenty of momentum for you!

Mid-month, you’ll be back on the grind as an important employment or health situation rises into your focus. If looking for a different job, consider applying now or going back to one you had before. Some of you could be finishing up an important project.

As the month starts to heat up in the last third, your birthday season has come! You’re ready to light the torch of fun, excitement, and adventure—and you should! The New Moon on November 26 is the most important New Moon of the year for you because you can take active steps toward whatever is closest to your heart. Take time earlier in the month to envision what you want so that when the curtains part before your stage, you can step into the light.


Your career has been such a huge focus for you, and that is sure to continue. The beginning of November actually marks an important moment where your social network is expanding. Your popularity and social capital are surely rising, too, and if dating, you could see that your lover is bringing you into the limelight. Power couple energy is definitely in your favor at this time, so don’t sit in the shadows. Own your thrones together, or go after someone successful who is just your type.

Mid-November is the most important moment of the year for your romantic life. Your heart will be shouting out at this time, so listen closely. Some Capricorn will be falling in love or taking the next step together. Capricorn that aren’t truly being fulfilled and have lost their spark could walk away from existing relationships. Interestingly, with Mercury being retrograde throughout most of this month, some of you could realize a friend or acquaintance could actually become a lover. Other Capricorn may cross paths with an ex who happened to be your twin flame at this time. If you decide that you want to give it a go, you should do so now while the window is open. If an artist, you could be feeling the muse now as well.

The end of this passionate month urges you to sit back, rest, and recharge. You will be highly active and your emotions will be intensified in November, so listen to your body and relax while you can. December will be one of the biggest months you’ve seen in over a decade, so begin it ready for the crown. 


Your ambitions and career are your focus at the beginning of November. Get ready to go after achievements now! Some Aquarius may be going after higher positions, while others may want to shift their career direction entirely. Success and glory can be within reach if you work hard now.

Mid-month turns your attention to your home and family and you could be tying up an important situation related to that. Despite your career being very active, you’re going to have to find extra time.

When the month closes, the stars are saying that you’ll be feeling festive and social. Be sure to circulate and go out! You can meet new friends or get closer with the ones you have. Attend every event you can because you could cross paths with important people who can help you in the coming year. The rest of the year will be very electric for you!


At the beginning of November, the stars are encouraging you to expand your vision of the world. No matter how much you already know about the landscape around you, you certainly can see even wider horizons. Whether through travel, study, or spirituality, find ways to grow your mind. When you set your spirit free, you can taste all of the wonders life has to offer.

Mid-November you will be focused on an important communications-related project, whether that is writing or speaking or possibly even a contract. Do not be afraid to use your voice now.

The end of November will bring a crescendo to the hard work you’ve been building in the last year. Focus on your ambitions, how far you’ve come, and what you still want next. A New Moon in your success zone at the end of the month will give you a new torch to carry forward. Know your ambitions and build a plan to manifest.

BY Kyle Thomas - November 3, 2019


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