December Horoscopes: The Wheel of Life Turns Again


As we dance on toward the end of another year, the wheel of life turns and eclipse season arrives once again.

Welcome to December, which will be a pivotal month in your 2019 storybook. At the end of November, we were blessed with a fiery and festive New Moon in Sagittarius. This moment unlocked a door to new possibilities and ways of thinking for you. Once the energizing Full Moon in Gemini arrives near December 11, you’ll feel your mind lit up like lightning as it also ignites the night sky. As we march toward the New Year, the electrical current in the cosmos will intensify as we arrive at the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on December 25. Your greatest ambitions and plans can be within reach in 2020 if you exert tenacity and courage. Read below to find out what the month has in store for you.


The final month of the year will bring you fun and enthusiasm, Aries. You will be passionate to expand your knowledge of the world at the very beginning of December. The stars are telling you to broaden your beliefs of what life has to offer and what greatness there still awaits.

Mid-December will allow you to magnify an important message you have been cultivating and finally offer it to the world. Write it, speak it, and let your story sing. When the Solar Eclipse arrives at the end of the month, expect to see your ambitions as attainable jewels ready for your crown. Your career will light up like fireworks. Finally, Aries, you can leave your stamp upon the world.


For months, you’ve been focused on your partnerships and this trend will not end. In December, you will be contemplating the balance in your relationships and what you deserve. If you and your significant other are happy, this could be a time of abundance and prosperous love. However, if your relationship has outlived its time, you could watch as it withers before your eyes. If you are looking for support from an outside source, you very well could see that green light, as well.

Mid-month you’ll find an important financial matter taking your focus—perhaps a bonus or raise or paying off an important bill. As we approach the end of the month, be ready for the speed in your life to pick up rapidly. The coming year promises you tremendous good luck and expansion, and that’s exactly what the Solar Eclipse has in store. It is time to throw your inhibitions to the wind and step out of your comfort zone. Some Taurus could find themselves immersed in a new study or incorporating an exotic belief system. Others could be thinking it is time to travel the world or embrace new cultures. For Taurus involved in publishing or media, you could finally see that your voice may reach a global audience. Get ready for one of your biggest years yet.


Your attention to partnerships in love or business will certainly be peaked in December. This can be a blessed and fortunate time for you to make long-term plans, move in, get engaged, or get married. Some single Gemini may finally find that twin flame and be drawn together like magnets.

When we reach mid-month, this is a moment when you will be truly in the spotlight. This is the most important time of the entire year for you because you will hold the world in the grip of your hand. Watch as a very significant personal project or relationship comes to fullness at this time.

With the Solar Eclipse tapping you on the shoulder at the end of the month, you will again realize that you do need to bring balance to your meaningful relationships in order to make them grow. If they are balanced, you will welcome in new prosperity. If they are broken, you could watch as they burn to the ground. Either way, it is time for you to be in the healthiest relationships that will fully help you thrive.


Work or health matters will certainly be on your mind at the beginning of December, as well as your day-to-day routine. Find ways to better schedule your time. You could be taking on more projects or switching to a new job. This is an important moment to welcome more responsibility if looking to rise in your career later on.

Mid-month has you feeling a bit tired and ready to recharge, so if your body is crying out for R&R, it’s important to listen so you do not get sick. The holidays are a busy time and you love to indulge in them.

A pivotal and powerful moment in your partnerships arrives with the friendly Solar Eclipse at the end of the month. Single Cancer could align with a star-crossed lover who you have waited your life for, while coupled Cancer could realize it’s time to take the next step together. If you have been troubled in love, you may experience a destined break-up. While this may sound difficult, it is actually a blessing. The Solar Eclipse is freeing you from this relationship to find a much better one, and likely within 2020.


Romance season is here, Leo, and you’re ready to dance in the flames! This is the perfect time to find a new lover if single, or reignite your passionate side with your significant other if taken. Embrace art, spontaneity, and adventure at this time because love happens when you’re laughing and having fun. If you’re an artist, be sure to catch the wind of inspiration.

Mid-month will be packed with plenty of adrenaline, too, so dust off your favorite outfit because you’ll likely be attending a very important and lively holiday event. Don’t miss it! However, once the Solar Eclipse awakens like a volcano coming to life, you will surely hear surprising good news related to your employment. A new project or responsibility seems to be on the docket and you will be ecstatic as it sets the tone for a busy and productive year ahead.


Home, domestic, and family matters will be on your mind in December and you will be assessing how stable your life is. If you feel like you’re not on balanced ground, find ways to build that. You’ll love mid-month because the world will be applauding you then. This is your most important moment for achievement and success within 2019. Take your place at the front of the table and place the crown upon your head. Do everything you can to not rest on your laurels, because the harder you work now, the higher and faster you’ll rise in 2020.

As the Solar Eclipse arrives at the very end of the month, a powerful and profound moment in your romantic life blossoms into life. If single, this is a major time to find new love deeper than ever before. If taken, be sure to grab the torch and bring light and passion into your relationship. Creativity and fertility are also highlighted at this time, and some Virgo could even have a surprise conception.


Writing, speaking, and communications-related projects are especially highlighted for you at the very beginning of December. You seem to have a special message you’re ready to broadcast, so don’t hold back. Mid-month, you are focusing on your beliefs and ideals. How can you open your mind to even greater horizons? Remember: If you see and know more, the greater your journey of life can be.

At the very end of the year, the Solar Eclipse will be bringing very important news about your home, family, and domestic life. Some Libra may be moving to a much better location, while others could be attending to a very timely situation with your parents. You appear to be ecstatic to start a new journey at this time, free of 2019’s baggage and on into a brighter and more stable 2020.


Income, money, and financial matters are captivating your attention in the beginning of December. This is a great time to add more abundance and prosperity to your life, so don’t be shy. Go after that gold. This could be a lovely time to bring in a raise or more clients if freelance.

Mid-month, you’ll be shifting your attention to what you give and receive in your partnerships. This could be a lucky time where someone that believes in you supports you or you receive aid to help you meet a goal. But that’s not all, because December ends with a mighty Solar Eclipse in your communications sector.

Throughout 2019 you’ve been cultivating a clearer vision of the message you want to put out into the world, and you’re ready to take it to the next level. As soon as this destined beginning arrives, you could be enthused to write and speak to everyone you can reach. Choose your words carefully at this time because they could lead to big things in 2020.


Birthday season is here to bring you a special radiant glow, Sagittarius, so be sure to ring it in right. The past year has brought you many new beginnings and this is the time to plant seeds for what you want to build in the coming years. Focus on laying the groundwork to your greatest hopes and dreams, and be sure to put the work in for them. They will truly bless you.

Mid-month shifts your attention away from “me” to “we” with a pivotal moment for partnerships in love or business. This could be when you are deciding if you want to take the next step, get engaged, married, or walk away. Decisions will be crucial at this time and it appears the other party has quite a lot of feelings about the matter. If single, you could find a spectacular new romantic option with long-term potential.

The final days of December bring you a mighty Solar Eclipse in your financial sector, so you could see that you are expecting an important raise, new job, or stream of income. Do everything you can to increase your harvest now and on into 2020.


This past year has been one of healing and planning, Capricorn, and that is because you are now entering one of the most blessed periods of your entire life. At the beginning of December, you’re focused on releasing baggage from the past or a big behind-the-scenes project. It is very important that you make conscious decisions of who you want to be, the kinds of relationships you deserve to have, and where you want your life to go, not only now but also in the coming decade. What bucket list items will you achieve on your journey ahead? The patterns you release now should be from the previous decade because very soon you are creating the new cycles that will follow you every year going forward. This is not a scary thing—this is an opportunity. Do not be afraid of the future. Instead, open your heart to even greater blessings ahead. Use the lessons the past has taught you, grip the ones you love closely to you, and then draw the line of what is done and has outlived its time.

Mid-month sees you very focused on your employment or a work project, and some Capricorn could be finishing up responsibilities before the holiday season arrives fully. Then, when the Solar Eclipse in your Sun Sign arrives like a legion of angels to welcome you into your future on December 25, you will hear the call to your destiny. This is one of the most significant moments in your lifetime. Take all that you have learned before and make vital actions to build the life of your dreams. The time has come.


Holiday season is here and you are feeling especially social and energized. This is an excellent time to grow closer with the friends that you have or pull in new contacts to your social web. You will surely enjoy the festive energy that abounds, so do not sit back.

Expect for your heart to radiant like the Sun mid-month with a major moment for your romantic life. Love is highly favored now, so if single, be out and about. If taken, plan something dazzling and unique that will help you feel like you’re being transported together to a whole new world. News of a pregnancy or birth could also appear.

At the end of December, a Solar Eclipse in your zone of privacy and healing is telling you to rest and recharge. Birthday season is just around the corner and you will be back to full power then, but there is wisdom in learning when to hibernate and lie low. That time, Aquarius, is now.


Throughout 2019, you have likely seen very exciting career achievements or redirections onto better and brighter pastures. Continue that momentum in the very beginning of December, as the planets are bringing strength to your goals and ambitions. Create tangible actions that will lift you higher into the sky. Mid-month is a time when you could be attending to an important home or family-related situation so be sure to set aside some time in case something pops up.

When the final days of December arrive, a Solar Eclipse lighting up your social and friendship sector will cause the pace of life to quicken. You are being launched even further toward your wildest hopes and dreams and will surely see many of them come true in 2020. The Universe is applauding you for your tenacity and imagination, Pisces, so don’t hold back. It’s time to taste even more that life has to offer.

BY Kyle Thomas - December 4, 2019


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