2020 Horoscopes Forecast: The Year You’ll Look Back Upon Forever


2020 is the beginning of a decade that will evolve your personality, your career, and your relationships. In the first chapter of this decade, we undergo a powerful transformation as Jupiter, the planet of miracles, resides predominantly within the zodiac sign of Capricorn. This will be pushing us to make long-term plans and drive our roots into the ground. Despite our profound focus on beginnings, we will be pulled to the past as most of the year will be filled with retrogrades that bring back karma we must face—whether in the form of past love, old projects, or stories we must bring to completion. Read ahead to find what the stars have in store for you.


Buckle up, Aries, because you’re on the fast track to epic success. You’ve been crushing your goals and taking major strides since the beginning of 2019 (and far before that), but now is the time when the story finally pays off. Jupiter, the planet of blessings, will dance within your sector of achievement and ambition throughout much of 2020 and you will have the opportunity to rise higher than ever before. This time doesn’t happen often in our lives so you must do everything possible to reach for success now. The eclipses in 2019 pushed you forward rapidly and as you start the year, you’ll feel this fiery euphoria launching you higher.

An immense eclipse mid-year will bring a mighty glory to your crown, but expect the accolades to continue to echo on even after that. You have also been experiencing eclipses in your sectors of home and family since 2018 and you could still feel these themes reverberating. Sometimes you will wonder if you have a secure base to reach to the stars.

Your most important moment of the year will be when your planetary ruler, Mars, enters your zodiac sign at the start of July. It will stay within your sign for an extremely long time, until 2021, gifting you with great energy and strength, far more than even your natural presence allows. Yet, when it is retrograde from September throughout November, you will feel drained and meet obstacles in every single way. Beware of that period because it will cause you headaches consistently.

2020 will be a year that you love above all others until the mid-2020s when the stars once again help you reset the stage of the world.


Oh Taurus, you are not known for your courage and your adventure, but the stars are telling you to change your ways. Ever since Uranus, the planet of liberation, gifted you with the nectar of freedom—first in 2018 and most notably in 2019—you’ve realized you had to change your ways. 2020 is not going to be a year that is easy on the Taurean bulls holding onto the old ways for dear life—this will be the year that all Taurus must set themselves free and dance into unfamiliar territory. Many Taurus will see the opportunity to learn a great deal—whether through mentorship or academics—while others will travel and infuse greater spirituality within their lives. Still, other Taurus will see massive success in areas of publicity, television, or media, especially when they seek to carry a message of hope.

In May and June, Venus, your planetary ruler, will go retrograde—a rare journey that often brings ex-lovers and friends back into the picture. This is an extremely rare time when karmic flames return into your window and you must either face or release them. Love is worth it if you realize the time has finally come.

When Mars, the planet of sex and passion, goes retrograde from September until November, you will find that you are focusing a great deal on the past and that you must find closure within so you can reach your greatest power in your lifetime, which will begin in 2021.


Geminis have gone through a struggling course in relationships since 2014, and unfortunately, you have had to face some of the darkest moments in your lifetime. This all is looking up, though, because the planet of miracles, Jupiter, now resides within your sector of healing all of these traumas. It is a time when you will find bounty through sharing and will see aid come to you when you ask for it. Life teaches us lessons of hardship in order to reward us, and Gemini, love and partnership are going to be significant for you in 2020 and 2021.

The next major point of 2020 that you must note is that this is the year you will begin to face karmic and destined eclipses in your Sun Sign as well as in the sector of marriage and partnership. Eclipses always signal destined events that move us cosmically toward our greatest evolution. They are always good events, even if they are disguised as difficult in the beginning. You will notice powerful moments regarding commitments in June and December. Many single Gemini will find their perfect partner, get engaged, or get married. Gemini who are committed could grow closer and make happy plans. If they are not with the right partner, they will sever ties and never be together again. Do not fear, though. This is the year that will turn you toward the best life you have ever hoped for. Your darkest times are behind you.


All Cancer have faced a period of darkness or stagnation in their serious relationships since the end of 2017, and 2020 is here to tell you that the time you spent alone was here to help you find stronger love going forward. Jupiter, the planet of miracles, will reside in your sector of marriage throughout most of 2020, gifting single Cancer with the best year in a decade to find a serious partner, get engaged, or unite in marriage. Some Cancer will be freed from stagnant partnerships, but this will actually quickly align them with a better one ahead.

Since 2018, you’ve had eclipses—destined moments in your timeline that redirect you rapidly—in your Sun Sign. You have likely felt like you are on a fast track to a whole new life ahead. The eclipses in your Sun Sign will continue in 2020, and in January and June, you’ll feel as if you are standing in your personal power, and no others will have as great a stand.

Mid-year, you will have a profound moment regarding marriage and partnership, which will certainly be a time when many Cancer get married or engaged. Because Jupiter is gracing you with such luck throughout the year in all collaborations and partnerships, always focus on what you can do together rather than what you can do apart.

Lastly, Mars, the planet of power and strength, will cause a great deal of success (and struggle) in your career in the second half of 2020. Beware September through November. As long as you know it’s going to be difficult, try not to launch something new then.


You’re ramping up to so many wonderful things in 2020, Leo, so don’t hold back. Jupiter, the planet of miracles, will be screaming out happiness from your sectors of employment and health. This is a time when you are guaranteed to take on more work, so if steadily employed, expect heavy responsibilities. If freelance, expect a bounty of clients. Barely a minute will go by when you aren’t feeling that you are juggling an entire list of projects to knock off—but that’s exactly how you like it! Uranus, the planet of liberation, has been shaking you out of old career patterns and will continue to for several years. Expect that you’re going to see shocking and exhilarating new paths take hold of your current ambitions. And if you’ve been seeking to improve your health in any way, this is the year to do it.

The most exciting news of the year, though, is that you are now entering a transformative period that’ll last through 2020 and into 2021. Eclipses signal major moments in our lifetime that shift us into new territory, and for you, Leo, they are going to fall in your sectors of romance and creativity. Witness major opportunities to fall in love more deeply than ever before starting in June and echoing again in December. For single Leo, this could be the passionate love affair that changes your vision of romance for the rest of your life. For committed Leo, this could be a focus on conception, pregnancy, or celebration of a current child. Happiness will abound—and 2021 will be even better.


Virgos are known for their practical natures in love, but for many, the last few years have felt defeating and cold. But that’s all about to change in 2020 because Virgos are the luckiest in love and romance of all. Don’t believe it? Well, the stars are here to put a smile on your face.

You’ve gone through powerful eclipses in your romance sector since the beginning of 2019, meaning that you’ve been noticing this surge to the heart telling you that it’s time to open up and find a connection that truly fulfills you, or to build that passion back into your current relationship. Creativity has surely been on your mind as well. The best news of all is that Jupiter, the planet of miracles, will be in your true love and artistic sectors throughout most of 2020, showing that you are experiencing an entire transformation despite the darkness you felt. It doesn’t have to feel cold or stale any longer, Virgo, and the magic can ignite once again.

Additionally, you’ve been noticing a wide circle of friends entering your life since July 2018, and this will continue significantly into 2020. Pay attention to important connections around January, and again around July, although to a lesser extent in the latter. You are being told from the Universe to embrace your most sacred artistry. And after all, there is no greater talent in life than the art of love.


Libra, it has not been a stable and secure few years in your home and domestic life, but you’ve been setting important patterns and roots there that will echo on for the next thirty years of your life. The eclipses in 2019 were bringing beginnings to this area, yet you’re constantly thinking about your ambitions and career. These themes will echo on into 2020, balanced more so because you’ll finally feel stronger in your path as you reach to the sky.

A major career moment will come both in January and June. But don’t worry, because that’s not all—the stars have even more planned in July. Many Libra will move to better homes this year or improve their space and will also build a stronger rapport with their family. The second half of the year will bring an immense focus on commitments and partnerships, but beware September until November when conflicts are guaranteed to happen. Use 2020 as a time when you build to great lengths and establish your solidity within your soul. 2021 promises that your love and expression will flourish.


You’re in the mood to SPEAK YOUR MIND in 2020, Scorpio! And that’s exactly what you should do. You’ve been feeling the urge to take the reigns since the beginning of 2019, and this feeling often means you’ve had an awakening when it comes to the most important messages that burn within your soul.

Not only will you be doing more travel this coming year, particularly in nearby regions and venturing out to bring a closer community around you, but you may also be studying how to fine-tune your most ferocious self. You’re finding a way to say “the same thing” in a “different way” so that your competitors don’t rise above you. If there’s anything you hate more, it’s seeing someone else rise before you. Find a way to rebrand yourself, expand your social media, or embark on newfound marketing or advertising endeavor. You will see success.

There is also good news on the horizon when it comes to money. While you love to spend it, finances are not always your greatest strength. Major destined eclipses take place in your income zone starting in June and repeating in December, showing that your money-making potential is on the rise. Expect a raise, because the money is ready to pour in. FYI: When this happens, many people see the floodgates open in. However, if you don’t work for it at the same time, the river won’t rage quite as well. Work hard so that when the money comes, you feel like a goddess diving into your win.


2019 was your year of major beginnings, Sagittarius. Many of you began powerful new patterns, relationships, and journeys that will echo for the coming twelve years. Some saw births in every area of their lives, and this cycle will continue now to bear fruit. Watch as the abundance that you began starts to spread around. In 2020, you are focused more on your continuing prosperity, because if there is anything a Sagittarius hates, it’s “watching the good times” stop. This year, tend to your garden and slowly nurture all of those seeds.

In a more tangible and immediate way, you will notice your income rise this year. You have likely noticed this since the beginning of 2019, but in 2020, it will be even more noticeable. Expect a bounty, and start to save even more.

The next major theme you must take note of in 2020 is that your relationships will be front and center. You’ve often found yourself contemplating who you are and what you bring to your relationships. In June and December, you will be standing up for what you want and the world will be bowing to your name. A significant moment for partnership, marriage, and commitment resounds in December and you will notice this connection become even stronger in 2021. Many Sagittarius will become engaged or married at that time. However, be sure not to do so during Mars Retrograde (which rules sex and passion). This will end in mid-November. To be safe, plan on tying the knot in December, or, if single, finding new love then.


Welcome to a glorious year of happiness and vibrant light, Capricorn, because 2020 is sure to usher in a whole new hope. You have felt like you were beneath a dark veil since the end of 2017 and everything you did or strove for came with obstacles, punishment, or hardship. You do not need to live beneath that weight anymore because 2020 is here to give you salvation.

Throughout much of 2020, Jupiter, the planet of miracles and blessings, will be dancing within your Sun Sign. This is a diamond year—one that ancient astrologers called “the luckiest.” Everything you touch will be transformed to gold and this is often the time in life when single Capricorns find true love while committed Capricorn get engaged, unite in marriage, or make long-term plans together. You will see major new beginnings in every area of your life and your vision for what the world has to offer will show that the sky is the limit. Never forget that you are beautiful because the only downfall you will see now is your own insecurity.

Since 2018, you have seen powerful eclipses in your partnerships, which means that you have been learning immensely about what you need in committed relationships. This echoed in 2019, but in 2020 it will become even more powerful. January, June, and July will be major moments in your lifetime that show choices about who you keep in your circle and how you plan together. Many Capricorn will get engaged and married while others will separate, divorce, or find new partners. The choice is yours but the stars do not lie.

Your most important moment of the year will be in July, when you are standing in glory for everything that makes you unique. Do not bow to anyone because this moment will define you into the coming decade. 


There are times in life when we must rise and we must fall. There are also times when we must heal and plan in order to build for tomorrow. This year, you will be focused mostly upon assessing your past in order to truly recreate your future. The past twelve years of your life have carried important karmic lessons about your relationships, ambitions, hopes, dreams, and self-worth. You have seen rewards and you have seen failures. In the coming year, you must unite these into a renewed sense of self and a vision for what the rest of your life will bring.

Many Aquarius will seek closure with the people or traumas that came before and release the connections that no longer serve them. Some will reignite those patterns in a newfound way to bring them forward into a healthier journey. For some Aquarius, who will not face what they have done to others, this is a time of enemies and darkness, where they are attacked for what they sowed upon the world and must now face. While you of course are not one of those Aquarius, you must be aware that if you do not atone for your sins, they will come back to haunt you. Healing is favored in every single way, whether physically, spiritually, or psychologically.

While 2020 may sound like a somber year, the eclipses have plenty of fun in store. In June and December, your social life will receive a jolt to the heart and you will connect with many people who will inspire you and believe in the same things close to your mind. Yet, your favorite moment of all will be at the end of November as an eclipse falls in your true love sector—the first one in many years. It will feel as if you have finally seen sunlight again after a long canyon in the dark. Romance and creativity will ignite like the instant an ember starts a wildfire. Get ready for love to run rampant in 2021.


Everyone has hopes and dreams, but you, Pisces, can actually make them happen in 2020. Of all the zodiac signs this year, you are seeing an abundance of life. You have seen an epic manifest over the last decade and you will see so much happiness spill into the years ahead. Your social life will blossom tremendously throughout the coming year and you will find that many of the people you connect to can truly open doors to you in every area sacred to your heart. If you need something, someone near you has the key—do not be shy.

Since 2018, you have been going through powerful destined moments in your love life, and these echoed in July of 2019 and will continue on into 2020. This shows that you are being rapidly shown what you deserve and should have in true love. Some Pisces will be granted fertility and pregnancy, while others will see themselves falling in and out of love. You are being taught what it is to be with someone and you must also be aware of the patterns you repeat in your relationships. Find someone who values your spirit and your light, not just something superficial. Use 2020 to your greatest benefit because it will not disappoint you.

BY Kyle Thomas - January 2, 2020

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July 6, 2020 12:32 am

Thanks so much for this as a Pisces this is super accurate.

Hiya Biswas
July 24, 2020 3:11 am

I like the reading , that was very resonating to mee . you are on the point.

Hiya Biswas
July 24, 2020 3:12 am

Thank you so much !

August 22, 2020 11:13 am

Aquarius here, amazing how accurate you are! My friend is a Pisces and for her, too!

January 5, 2021 12:52 pm

This is a very insightful and well researched blog. I loved reading it gaining knowledge through it.
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