12 Things on the Internet Our Team Can’t Get Enough of Right Now


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The studio space at Wit & Delight is one where we get a lot of work done. Yes, our surroundings are beautiful and we like chatting with our team members a heck of a lot, but most of the time you’ll find us heads down at our computers getting plenty of tasks ticked off our lists.

When we’re not chipping away at our to-dos (read more about how we do it here….truly, the Pomodoro Technique has swept our office since the start of 2020), we can often be found sharing our favorite stories, products, and videos alike via Slack. Today’s post is the result of those many, many conversations.

What have you found on the Internet lately that you’d recommend? Let us know down below!

All of the Things That Caught Our Eye Lately

1. Hi From Your Childless Friend, an essay on A Cup of Jo that details exactly what it feels like when some of the people who matter most to you drift away into a realm you can’t fully comprehend, not even if you tried. It’s a beautiful piece on friendship and closeness and the natural ebb and flow of life.

2. M.M.LaFleur announced that, as a way to do their part in supporting female political candidates, they’ll be lending their clothes, for free, to any woman running for public office—whether it be for the House of Representatives or a local town council.

3. The joys of silence, as discovered by one writer and runner who learned to leave their headphones at home.

4. After a recent discussion about the illusion of perfection on Instagram (a truly never-ending topic!), the Wit in Real Life Instagram account was reborn. Follow along for a behind-the-scenes look at the shenanigans in Kate’s life.

5. Why Self-Esteem Is a Fairweather Friend, a podcast episode from Goop that dives into the importance of being aware of your inner dialogue and how you can change it when you’re in a negative spiral.

6. The only hair product our New Business Director, Erin, uses (and Kate seconds its magic!).

7. The most insightful article we’ve ever read on how to know what your intuition feels like. SUPER helpful for anyone who has a big life decision coming up.

8. Be a Lady They Said from Girls. Girls. Girls. Magazine captures the incredibly vast contradictions women are faced with every day and, at its core, reinforces the notion that we’re never going to feel fulfilled if we’re relying on external validation as the determinant of our worth.

9. One of our team’s favorite brands, Nisolo, is having their end of season sale (through tomorrow, February 29) and you can score up to 40% OFF sale items (Kate’s favorite black heeled boots are included in the mix!). As an added bonus, W&D readers will receive an additional 15% off with the code “EOSWITDELIGHT”.

10. The downside of wellness culture, as told through the story of former wellness blogger Lee Tilghman, on Teen Vogue.

11. Love Is Blind on Netflix is a terrible, wonderful show that one of us in this office (it’s me) can’t stop watching. I know it has its flaws and plot point holes, and yet the fact remains that I haven’t found an entertainment spectacle that has so truly delighted and flabbergasted me in recent memory.

12. What it feels like to walk into work one unassuming morning and realize your ex-boyfriend is dating Lady Gaga (we’ve all been there!).

BY Jackie Saffert - February 28, 2020

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March 6, 2020 1:19 pm

This is so true. The internet is completely obsessed with these things. Also, I absolutely adore your “I am what I am” article. Totally worth a read!

March 19, 2020 10:06 am

The Wit in real life IG is so good. Some of them made me laugh out loud which is especially nice during this time.

Stephanie | SPV Living

March 30, 2020 10:05 pm

Very good post. I certainly love this website. Keep writing!

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