5 Ways to Bring the Best of Travel to Your Daily Life


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Vacation life. Awwww. Days of carefree living, of reduced stress and decision making. Adventuring and exploring and napping at will.

That life seems SO far away from the day-to-day realities of normal life. And most especially in these days of social distancing and stay at home orders.

But friends, that doesn’t have to be the case. Today, let’s explore some ways to bring the rituals and routines we find on trips into our homes. A way to lighten our load and bring some of those vacation vibes into our daily lives.

1. Simplify your morning routine.

You know the ease with which you get through mornings on vacation? The edited beauty and wardrobe routine brought on by less choice can be easily done at home. Set aside your favorite WFH outfits and wear them. On repeat. Same with your beauty routine. Pick your favorite goods and commit to wearing those and only those. I find when I do this regularly, my mornings start with a bit more joy and lightness that carries into my day.

2. Be okay with doing nothing.

Nap. Read. Paint. Journal. All the things you normally save for vacation—why wait? Do them now. Split any activity into little bits at a time—a few chapters here, a quick nap there, a short respite to make a bit of art. Undemanding activities like these will bring that free-spirited vacay vibe into your everyday—a welcome distraction and stress release during our days at home.

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3. Set the vibe.

Consider the details of your home and create a mood. The perfect scent, playlist, signature cocktail. Yes. Those things. Do them, even at home. Light a candle, make (or find) a playlist, and create a special drink. Use this time at home to define and perfect the vibe of your home, little bits at a time.

4. Explore your surroundings.

Yes, I know this is likely confined to your house and neighborhood strolls these days, but nevertheless, approach it like a curious explorer. Take a different route on your evening stroll, notice details of flowers and door colors, listen to the birds, watch as the trees bloom for spring. In your home, rearrange a shelf, change pillows between rooms, notice the small things you’ve collected and adored, but haven’t really, truly noticed in a while. Soak these details in, just as you would on a trip. Take a photo, give thanks, note the special in the everyday.

Take a different route on your evening stroll, notice details of flowers and door colors, listen to the birds, watch as the trees bloom for spring. In your home, rearrange a shelf, change pillows between rooms, notice the small things you’ve collected and adored, but haven’t really, truly noticed in a while.

5. Cook a meal from a favorite location.

Loved your trip to Thailand? A favorite meal in NYC? Recreate that meal. Set the table, light some candles, play some music, and take a stroll down memory lane of a favorite trip gone by.

Just because we’re mostly confined to home these days, doesn’t mean we need to forgo the simple, beautiful pleasures of travel. Invite the curiosity, the slowness, and the consideration of a trip into your daily routine and remember to enjoy the beauty in the space, people, and experiences around you.

BY Jill Elliott - April 12, 2020

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