Our Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for a Mood Lift


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Photo by Colleen Eversman @2ndtruth on Instagram

In search of some positivity recently, I asked our team to share their go-to Instagram accounts when they’re looking for something to brighten their day (or when they’re just looking for a good distraction) and they came through. Today we’re sharing the people whose posts warm our hearts, make us laugh, and give us the (interior design) eye candy we’re always seeking out.

We hope you have a good weekend folks. Stay safe out there!

What are your favorite accounts to follow for a boost of positivity? I’d love to hear ’em in the comments!

1. Liz Climo // @lizclimo

Liz Climo Instagram
Illustration by Liz Climo @lizclimo

Our fulfillment manager over at Shop Wit & Delight (and writer!), Zoe, recommends following Liz Climo because, in her words, “Liz’s illustrations are exactly the lighthearted, cute content I need every day. Each post tells a story and it’s usually one I need to hear.” We all second her reasoning, wholeheartedly.

2. Samin Nosrat // @ciaosamin

Samin Nosrat Instagram
Photo by Samin Nosrat @ciaosamin

One of our absolute favorite follows for food content (and one of the highlighted authors in the W&D virtual cookbook club!), Samin Nosrat is talented, down-to-earth, and an always positive presence on Instagram. AND she just launched a new podcast, aptly titled Home Cooking, so there are plenty of ways to devour her insightful, delicious approach to making good food.

3. Morgan Harper Nichols // @morganharpernichols

Morgan Harper Nichols Instagram
Graphic by Morgan Harper Nichols @morganharpernichols

The one, the only, Morgan Harper Nichols. We have a feeling you’ve seen her words and artwork floating around the Internet in recent years. This woman has an incredible gift with words, and we especially need what she has to say right now. We highly suggest giving her a follow (if you haven’t already).

4. Fox Homes & Realty // @foxhomesmn

Fox Homes Interiors Instagram
Photo by Fox Homes & Realty @foxhomesmn

Fox Homes is a real estate company local to the Twin Cities that does much more than list homes—owners Brad and Heather also offer design and remodeling services, and they have the design chops to back them up (I mean, look at the photo above). Zoe, our trusted interior design source at the studio, loves them for their thoughtful designs and transparent process. And looking at pretty homes is always a good way to fit some eye candy into an otherwise standard day, right?

5. History Cool Kids // @historycoolkids

History Cool Kids Instagram
Photo via History Cool Kids @historycoolkids

History Cool Kids is a grab bag of facts spanning sports, art, culture, and current events. If you’re someone who loves trivia or historical facts, this is the account for you. And honestly, even if you’re not, we’d recommend checking it out—the posts on the account are fascinating and are sure to keep your brain occupied and intrigued.

6. Chloe MacKintosh // @boxwoodave

Boxwood Ave Instagram
Photo by Chloe Macintosh @boxwoodave

Nancy, Kate’s assistant and the newest member of our team (we are so grateful to have her on board), recommends this account, admitting that she secretly wants to live on a ranch and has always wanted goats. (Editor’s note: I don’t blame you, Nancy!). For now, she can live vicariously through posts like the one above from Chloe Macintosh. Her account features excerpts from life on a ranch, lots of beautiful home decor inspiration, and insights into a life of slow living.

7. Pauline & Geoffrey Walker // @geoffreywalk

Geoffrey Walker Instagram
Video still by Geoffrey Walker @geoffreywalk

Pauline and Geoffrey Walker are a couple living in England who have the power to brighten absolutely anyone’s day. The account is mostly run by Geoffrey, with hints of Pauline throughout most posts, and theirs are some of the most simultaneously charming and comforting pieces of content we’ve ever laid our eyes on. They discuss their Sunday lunches, their backyard garden, and more than anything else, they bring us all a steady, simple kind of comfort with each post.

8. Gabrielle Blair // @designmom

Design Mom Instagram
Photo by Gabrielle Blair @designmom

Gabrielle is a designer currently living in France after having spent six years in Oakland, CA. She and her family are currently renovating a historic home (see above) and on her account, she shares her design and renovation insights, excerpts from family life, and snippets of what life is like overseas. Our new business director, Erin, recommends following her for her conversation-starting posts, practical approach to parenting, and peek inside French living.

9. Comments by Celebs // @commentsbycelebs

Comments by Celebs Instagram
Photo by Comments by Celebs @commentsbycelebs

This account is a collection of celebrities’ responses to Instagram posts, and it’s a solid palette cleanser after devouring too much news. As our brand director, Bridgette, says, “It’s mindless and exactly what I need at the end of the day.” I hear you, Bridgette, I hear you.

10. Joy Cho // @ohjoy

Oh Joy Instagram
Photo by Joy Cho @ohjoy

Joy Cho is the founder of Oh Joy!, a lifestyle brand and design studio that has been around since 2005. She’s one of the originals in this online world we inhabit, and we all have the utmost respect for all she’s created. On her Instagram account, she shares glimpses into life with her family of four, home decor insights, cooking tips, and more, all tinged with her signature colorful, bright aesthetic.

BY Jackie Saffert - April 3, 2020

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April 5, 2020 11:08 am

I love love Pauline & Geoffrey!!! Such sweet people.

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