May 2020 Horoscopes: The Ghosts of the Past Are Rising


May 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight

In recent months, many people globally have been taking a stand against the spread of COVID-19 by social distancing. This pandemic is a moment where the destiny of humanity is shifting. Challenges in life always exist in order to force us out of patterns that are no longer serving our higher good. Being in isolation has certainly caused people anxiety, frustration, and fear of the unknown. Many of us have been unable to distract ourselves with our usual day-to-day routines, whether that be socializing, going to and from work, or being out and about. We have had to reflect on our past.

We may wonder if we are being truly fulfilled with everything that was in our life prior to this. We’re in a process of raising our collective vibration through personal growth now. If your relationships, careers, plans, or lifestyles were not in alignment with who you are, the rest of 2020 is here to teach you that you must alter your course. However, the next step of our evolution—with the first being awareness and reflection—is to face the past to either reignite things that were meant to live on or to let go of the things that are holding us back.

Venus Retrograde, the time when our planet of love and beauty dances backward within the sky, begins on May 13 and will continue until June 25. This is a time when we must review and reassess our relationships and how we have handled love and money in our lives up until this point. Sometimes it brings back exes, karmic connections, and old friends into our lives and we will be able to reignite the connection. However, we may also realize what we were meant to learn from them ultimately and know it’s time to fully let them go so we can find closure and move on. With social distancing intensifying our focus about who we are, where we’ve been, and where we are going, expect this energy to affect all zodiac signs very powerfully over the coming months. Now take a peek into what May has in store for your specific zodiac sign!


May 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight | Aries

April renews your energy, Aries, as you are in birthday season! In May, the Sun brings great attention to your finances and income, helping to illuminate your prosperity. This is an excellent time to increase your wealth by monetizing your skills, and it’s possible you could have or will soon see a raise or new job appear. Do everything you can to get your resume in front of the right people if searching because the stars have your back.

A full moon on the 7th will be especially intense for you, as it draws attention to the give and take in your relationships. Some Aries could realize that their partnership is entirely unbalanced and fix it—whereas others will throw in the towel and walk away. Intimacy and sexuality are also highlighted, so you’ll certainly be feeling your passion fired up.

Venus Retrograde, beginning on the 13th, could have you reconnecting with exes and old friends in the weeks that follow, so if there’s anyone you want to send a message to, do so now. The Sun marches on into your sector of communications on the 20th, followed by a new moon on the 22nd. You could become busy with an important writing or speaking project then. Use your words to create your life around you.


May 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight | Taurus

It’s birthday season, Taurus, and with so much planetary action taking place in your zodiac sign, you are radiant above all others. Use this time to build the life that you want in the coming year ahead. You have more power and influence now—especially with the planet Uranus, the giver of genius and surprise, causing you to strike out on your own. You are lightning in a bottle and have that special spark everyone desires. The world wants to be you now—and will continue to watch you in awe—until nearly 2026. Don’t be restricted to anything that held you down before. No, be the star you know that you are.

On the 7th, a major full moon in your sector of partnerships takes place, turning your attention toward someone in business or love. This is a great time for making agreements and finding accord. Some Taurus could get engaged at this time or decide to take the next step together. Single Taurus could have luck finding their perfect match, so if looking, respect social distancing and reach out to new options through digital means. Form a connection to make sure you have things in common. However, some Taurus could break up and walk away if their partner is being too controlling and boxing them in.

Relationships will be a major focus for you now and in the coming months ahead because Venus, your ruler, will be going retrograde. You are always extremely affected by Venus retrograde, meaning that you are likely to cross paths with significant exes or old friends during this time. Reignite the connection if you both are in a better place to do so or find closure and let them go forever.

Later in the month, your attention shifts toward your income. The new moon on the 22nd will bring financial news to you and open a door to more money. Look for a job in the days following this or ask for a raise.


May 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight | Gemini

When May begins, you are lying low and trying to assess your game plan for the year ahead. You can sense change coming, just like you can sense the wind shift before a storm arrives. This is a great time of the year to vision board how you want your life to be going forward and release anything that is no longer serving you.

A full moon on the 7th will bring a work or health-related matter to culmination that week. Some Geminis could find a new job—or leave one—at that time. Others will be busy finishing up an important project. If you are feeling ill, listen to the messages from your body and heal or else consult the advice of a medical professional.

Venus retrograde begins on the 13th, and with this planet of love and beauty dancing backward within your zodiac sign, you will be especially affected. You will likely be nostalgic in the weeks ahead and could cross paths with people from your past. If you want to get back together with someone, you can reconnect now and take it slowly.

When the sun powers you up and enters your sign on the 20th, and brings forth a new moon on the 22nd, the doors to you are opening. You must use this time to take action toward the most heartfelt goals you wish to manifest in the coming year.


May 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight | Cancer

The sun will be parading through your social sector at the beginning of the month, bringing your attention to friendships or communities that you belong to, Cancer. This is an excellent time to expand your network—personally and professionally—so find ways to do so, even if that just means more group chats and FaceTime sessions!

The full moon on the 7th will ignite your passion, likely encouraging you to open your heart. Single Cancers have an opportunity to connect with someone who they wish to pursue romance with, while committed ones could use this energy to bring the magic back into their relationship. Plan a sweet date—even if it’s just via FaceTime. Creativity is also favored now. Lastly, some Cancers could experience a pregnancy or birth at this time. Love will surround you!

Venus retrograde takes place on the 13th, meaning people from your past could suddenly surge back into your life in the weeks ahead. Yet, when the new moon at the end of the month—the 22nd—takes place, you’re feeling the urge to lie low, relax, and recharge. Do so now.


May 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight | Leo

Your ambitions and career are lit up throughout most of May, Leo, so do everything you can to work hard now. Hopefully you are able to work from home if in quarantine, but if you are feeling stifled, consider new ideas or ways you can still grind on your career plans. Network with professional contacts online or begin crafting a strategy to lift you toward the sky once you are able to move forward more freely once again.

A full moon on the 7th brings attention to your home and family. Some Leos could be moving or fixing up their space near this time. Others could have to address an important family matter, so be sure to aid your kindred if they request it.

Venus retrograde will begin on the 13th and you will be stepping into a whirlwind of nostalgia. Exes or old friends could come back into the picture for you—it does seem you’ll reconnect with at least two friends who were once important to you in the weeks ahead. The sun will bring a shot of adrenaline to your social life, as well, when it dances on into this same sector. You could have many friends requesting to see or talk to you at this time or you may decide to become a part of a community that inspires you. Expanding your professional network is also favored now. 


May 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight | Virgo

May begins with an urge to embrace new territory for you, Virgo. Some of you could be highly engaged with an academics endeavor. It should go well! If you’re involved in media—or wanting to be—this is also favored. Lastly, if you’re involved with people overseas—in business or personally—they will play an important role at this time.

The full moon on the 7th will help you in a communications-related project, such as submitting a proposal or launching a campaign. Venus retrograde begins on the 13th and will echo on for weeks to come, bringing people back from the past—both personally and professionally.

You’ll be feeling your ambition rise at the end of the month when the sun and moon will be pushing you higher. The new moon on the 22nd could bring you the opportunity for a new job, promotion, or favorable career publicity. Do everything to make your mark on your industry then.


May 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight | Libra

At the beginning of May, you’re in your emotions, especially in regard to partnerships. Single Libras are deeply craving a perfect match, either in business or love, whereas committed ones are debating the give and take in their current setup. You hunger for intimacy and union more than usual now, but if the connection is more trouble than it’s worth, you could be realizing it’s time to find someone better.

The full moon on the 7th will likely bring a money matter to your attention, whether you’re attracting a raise or new job at this time. Some Libras could be paying off a big bill now as well.

Venus retrograde will begin on the 13th this month. This always affects you very intensely, as she is your guardian angel planet. She will be dancing backward in the sky for weeks to come, so you could feel as if it is harder to reach your dreams or that the color of life is slightly grayer. Another way this could manifest is that people from your past—friends or lovers—could return to get back together with you or request closure for what happened. Listen to what they have to say.

The end of the month will turn your attention to new horizons. You could suddenly become involved in an academics endeavor or adding certifications to your resume. If involved in media or publishing, opportunities should arrive. Lastly, if doing business with people overseas, they will require your attention now.


May 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight | Scorpio

Relationships and love have been a big theme for you this year so far and will continue to be for months to come. You are revising your intimate and sexual needs, as well as learning more about how you operate with someone. Throughout much of May, the sun will be bringing your focus toward partnerships. Single Scorpios could be finding someone great in business or love, while committed ones may be heavily focused on working as a team now. Some Scorpios could have separated ways recently, but this means better connections still lie ahead.

The most important moment of the year for you falls near May 7—a full moon in your zodiac sign! You will see a special dream close to your heart manifest at this time. Use this energy to make the world bow to you.

Venus retrograde begins on the 13th, assuring that in the weeks ahead you will be nostalgic for the past. As the month draws to a close, use this time to consider the give and take in your relationships. All connections require balance and work no matter how long you’ve been together.


May 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight | Sagittarius

Your work life and productivity are demanding a great deal of your attention in May, Sagittarius. You could be taking on more projects or looking for more work, but either way, the more persistent you are, the more you will achieve at this time. Strengthening your health could also be a focus, so if wanting to improve your fitness or diet, this is an excellent time to pursue it.

The full moon on the 7th will draw your attention to resting, relaxing, and lying low. You could be thinking of the past and some Sagittarius could be finishing up work on an important project behind-the-scenes. Other Sagittarius could be dealing with the karma of something that comes out that they had not previously known—or had not wanted others to know.

Venus retrograde begins in your marriage and commitment sector on the 13th, transporting you into the past over the coming weeks. Some Sagittarius could realize that they and their partner aren’t on the same page or their lover is more distant now. Others could suddenly be reconnecting with someone from the past. When the sun and new moon also join Venus in this sector at the end of the month, you have a great opportunity to build stronger connections. Some Sagittarius could discuss getting engaged or taking the next step, while single Sagittarius could find someone who completes them now. However, because Venus retrograde is taking place, it is not wise to officially begin a relationship or get engaged. You can discuss it at this time, but wait until the actual Venus retrograde is over to say “yes.”


May 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight | Capricorn

Romance, passion, creativity, and fun are on your mind in May, Capricorn, so open your heart! This is one of your favorite times of the year and you will feel more energized and optimistic. Remember, Jupiter, the planet of miracles, is in your zodiac sign all year, so despite the pandemic or other pitfalls that may occur, you are actually being redirected to better horizons ahead. Everything is going to work out for you—likely even better than it will for many of the other zodiac signs.

However, the Universe is saying that you still have work to do and in order to achieve the abundance of life, you must get clearer on your vision and let go of what is not serving you. All Capricorns should focus on expressing themselves creatively now. Single ones could find a very promising romantic option at this time. Committed ones can use this energy to bring more excitement and pleasure into their relationship.

The full moon on the 7th may bring news from a friend and you may be craving social interaction. This is a lovely time to unite closer with your network—even if it is just through your group chat or a Zoom session! Expanding your contacts professionally can also bode well for you.

Venus retrograde will begin on the 13th, meaning that over the coming weeks ahead you may reconnect with old friends, exes, or a twin flame. If you wish to reconcile and give it another try, the window of time is open. Seize the day because the Universe is giving your love another chance. The window will close before you know it. However, if you wish to find peace and closure instead, this is also a blessed time.

As the month draws to an end, you are likely to become very busy with work. If looking for a new job, you could be quite lucky now. Enjoy May while it lasts.


May 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight | Aquarius

At the start of May, your attention appears to be highly focused on your home and family. Some Aquarius may be moving at this time or fixing up their space. Others could be spending more time being domestic with their kin.

A full moon on the 7th will bring your most important career victory of the year. This may attract a promotion, award, or favorable applause to you. If looking to go higher in your industry, use the days surrounding this full moon to your greatest benefit. Success is here for you!

However, love and romance become a major focus in the months ahead. This began already in April, with Venus dancing through your sweet honey sector. On May 13, Venus retrograde begins. This will cause you to wake up and feel as if suddenly the past has come back to life. Old friends, nostalgia, or past lovers could be returning in the weeks ahead. If wishing to reconcile—or move on—you have a healing opportunity to do so. The sun and moon will move on into your romance sector at the end of May, too, promising that if you are looking for love, it could be right around the corner. If single, find ways to connect with possible options or if committed, use this time to bring sugar and spice into your relationship.


May 2020 Horoscopes | Wit & Delight | Pisces

An important message is building within you, Pisces, and you could find that throughout much of May you are turning your attention to communications-related projects. For some Pisces, this could be something to do with negotiations, while other Pisces may be focused on a writing, speaking, advertising, or marketing project. The full moon on the 7th will also encourage you to expand your mind and message, and for some could bring an exciting legal victory. If looking to return to academics, this is a lovely moment. Other Pisces could see a publishing or media endeavor come to light as well.

Venus retrograde will begin on the 13th, ushering in a rose-colored vibration to your life. Romance will feel even more intense for you now, and nostalgia could be lingering within your heart—perhaps even about the “one who got away.” If you’d like to reconnect with someone, certainly do so in the weeks ahead.

When the sun moves into your home and domestic sectors at the end of the month you have an opportunity to improve your living situation. If looking to move, you could see luck in the final week or weeks ahead. Relations with your family members could also improve at this time.

BY Kyle Thomas - May 3, 2020

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May 4, 2020 12:45 pm

Wow, Libra is feeling scarily accurate right now.

Troy alexander
November 11, 2020 8:45 pm
Reply to  Mykki

Straight up, and it’s not like couple things are , scarily it’s like 100% accurate.

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