September 2020 Horoscopes: Harness Your Inner Fire Now


September 2020 Horoscopes: Harness Your Inner Fire Now | Wit & Delight

2020 has not been the year that you originally expected. That is for sure. However, global astrologers like myself knew that 2020 was going to involve a major shift because the world we once knew was not sustainable. No matter who you are, there were things in your life that needed to be released and changed in order for you to reach the next level in your personal and soul evolution.

In August 2020, we noticed that tensions and frustration were simmering beneath the surface of our lives. We felt caged, and as the cosmic wars in the sky showed restrictions and clashes, so did we watch them appear around us. Some people may have noticed a lethargic feeling begin to creep in last month and deep exhaustion begging them to rest—yet it has likely felt as if they cannot do so because responsibilities still weigh down upon them. Others likely have seen obstacles and roadblocks suddenly manifest in front of their plans, throwing their calendar off the rails. This is all because of the next great storm—one more powerful than almost any other this year—known as Mars retrograde.

The mighty planet of Mars rules passion, energy, force, and sex and helps us pursue our goals and desires. Yet, in September, Mars will fall fast asleep and become caged until the middle of November. Over the coming months, we will face karmic lessons—particularly regarding our ego, our passions, and conflicts from the past. Do not be afraid: we will all be going through this at the same time. It will be best to sit back rather than charge forward now, and to above all not enter into any conflicts. If fights begin—and they are likely to—all parties will lose.

Find out exactly what September has in store for your zodiac sign in your personal horoscope below!


Aries September 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

As you begin September, Aries, you are feeling the need to rest, recharge, and pull back. This is because a full moon on the 1st will highlight privacy, solitude, and healing. This is one of the most important weeks of the month to save your energy because if you do not, you may suddenly fall ill. Focus on releasing baggage now and listen to the rhythms of your body and soul.

With your ruler, Mars, falling asleep on the 9th until November 14, you will likely feel very tired and should use the months ahead to revise your plans rather than charge forward. However, productivity will certainly be on your mind all month, too, with the sun igniting this sector. A new moon on the 17th will encourage you to refocus your work-life balance. If unemployed or seeking a better job, use the days after this lunation to improve this area of your life.

Later in the month, when the sun rides into your partnership sector on the 22nd, prepare to turn your focus to your most important business or romantic relationship. You will be given an opportunity in the weeks ahead to work as a team. Another exciting aspect to note this month is that Jupiter, the planet of miracles, has been fast asleep in your achievements sector since May of this year. Now, as it wakes up, you will see increased professional growth until the end of the year. Aim high—the stars are in your favor.


Taurus September 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

It is likely you have been quite tired in recent months, Taurus, as if you have felt burnt out or have been battling anxiety. This is because Mars has been stirring up frustration for you. However, this could instead show that you have had a lot of energy focused on building projects behind-the-scenes. Yet, with Mars falling asleep this month, it would be best to hold off launching them until mid-November at the earliest.

September does promise to be quite fun for you, though. A full moon in your fulfillment sector will radiate within the night throughout the first few days of the month. This means you may attend an important community gathering—one that shines for you both personally and professionally. You also may see an important heartfelt goal now within reach because of it.

Love, passion, and creativity are all important this month for you too. A new moon in this fertility sector will bring single Taurus a blessed opportunity to find new love whereas committed Taurus may find their hearts set on fire once again for the partner they are with. No matter what, prioritize laughter and recreation at this time.

When the mighty sun moves into your productivity zone on the 22nd, expect the month ahead to become very busy with day-to-day priorities and an increased workload on the job.


Gemini September 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

Your social life has been quite busy in the last few months and it appears you still have a lot of fun ahead of you for the rest of the year! However, with Mars turning backward in this sector this month, do not be surprised if you feel friction with a friend and realize you are not on the same page. You may also hear from old friends now until November, either asking to reconnect or else stirring the pot about things you had assumed were buried.

September does promise other important life developments too. A full moon on the 1st will raise your name into the sky, as you could find yourself reaching new achievements. Some Geminis could find this brings a promotion, favorable press, or even an award. However, your domestic life and family are also important now. The new moon on the 17th could help you find the perfect place, if looking to move, or encourage you to fix up your existing space. Other Geminis may instead attend to a family-related matter of deep importance.

When the majestic sun moves into your fertility, romance, and creativity sector from the 22nd onward, you will realize it is time to focus more on heart-related matters in the month ahead.


Cancer September 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

Professional matters have been at the pinnacle of importance for you in recent months and they will continue to be for the rest of the year. However, fiery Mars will fall asleep this month, causing some of your projects and success to lose steam. Don’t be afraid—this is merely an opportunity to refine your plans and debut in even better glory later on. September does hold a great deal of activity for you in regard to communications, so do not be surprised if you are writing, speaking, or working on advertising projects during this time too.

A full moon on the 1st will first encourage you to break into new territory, whether through academics, a spiritual awakening, or even a media-related endeavor. Later in the month, the new moon on the 17th will likely bring an important contract your way. If you’ve ever wished to launch that blog or be on a podcast, use this time to do so. Finally, when the sun moves into your domestic sector on the 22nd, expect to focus more on your home and family in the weeks ahead.

Yet, speaking of your personal life, a blessing from the Universe is coming your way too! Jupiter, the planet of miracles, will wake up in your sector of partnerships this month. If single, you will have better luck finding someone with LTR potential until the end of the year. If committed, expect your union to grow even more in the months ahead.


Leo September 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

Welcome to September, a month where you will be highly focused on work and money, Leo. With a full moon taking place in your sector of shared assets on the 1st, some Leos could be awarded a large lump sum payout, a bonus from work, a scholarship, or even venture capital. However, with the mighty sun roaring through your financial sector for most of the month, you are heavily focused on increasing your abundance and prosperity. The new moon on the 17th will open a door for you to gain a raise, take on more clients if freelance, or even find a better-paying job. Don’t just sit back and wait for it to come to you, though: seize the day.

Another tremendous blessing for you this month is that after several months fast asleep, Jupiter, the planet of miracles, will be returning to normal orbit and smiling at you from his position in your productivity zone. This means that if you have felt a job has not been moving forward as you’d originally hoped for or if you’ve been out of work looking for the right opportunity, from now until the end of the year you are likely to see such tremendous opportunities. Another way this could help you is if you’ve been pushing toward fitness or dieting goals and slightly fell off the wagon recently, you should see happier results in months ahead.

To end September, the sun will move into your communications sector on the 22nd. In the weeks ahead, you’ll focus on better ways to connect with the world around you.


Virgo September 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

Birthday season has arrived for you, Virgo, putting so much attention on you and your goals. However, to begin September, you first will face a powerful full moon on the 1st. This means that in this first week, you could be making an important decision regarding a significant business or romantic relationship. Some Virgos may be choosing to take the next step, such as moving in or getting engaged. Single Virgos could find a perfect match and realize they want to commit. All of this is fine as long as you do so prior to September 9th when Mars goes retrograde in your sector of intimacy.

With the sun in your zodiac sign throughout much of the month, it appears you have more ability to move plans in your favor. The new moon on the 17th is the most important lunation of 2020 for you as it helps set up what patterns you will build and experience in the year ahead. Take action in that following week to carve out a path toward your most heartfelt goals. Another exciting note to make this month is that Jupiter, planet of miracles, will wake up in your sector of love, fertility, and creativity. This means if any of these areas has felt stagnant in recent months, you will once again have fortune smile upon you.

On the 22nd, the sun will leave you to shift into your sector of prosperity. Expect to see more attention on your money and opportunities to make more.


Libra September 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

September will bring some conflicting influences for you, Libra—so let’s start at the beginning. The full moon on the 1st will bring culmination to a work or employment matter around this time, such as the debut of a major project or else the end of a job, especially if you are freelance. However, if you are looking for new employment this could bring the right opportunity on your radar—but you’d need to be applying and looking at this time.

The next major theme for the entire month is your health, both physically and mentally. It appears you’re quite exhausted and should lie low as much as possible in order to avoid becoming ill. If you do become sick this month, know it is the Universe trying to bring attention to it so it doesn’t get too out of hand in the future.

Also, you’ve had quite the focus on partnership in the last several months, but with Mars going retrograde in this sector this month, you may suddenly feel that your significant other and you are at odds. If single, you may suddenly feel as if you’ve hit a brick wall in regard to meeting people. Also, it is quite possible you could hear back from exes, old partners, or even open enemies in the months ahead. Be careful and keep your antennae up.

The last thing to note is that when the sun moves into your zodiac sign beginning on the 22nd, you are entering birthday season! Get ready for a more vibrant and joyous month ahead.


Scorpio September 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

You’ve been quite busy in recent months, Scorpio, either on the job or hungry to find the right employment. However, with Mars, your co-ruler, falling asleep this month, you may suddenly feel as if life is rapidly slowing down. This lighter load on the job could be enjoyable if you’ve been overworked, but it could signal a possible layoff—so be careful. Also, this same sector that Mars has been within rules your fitness and physical health, so you must be very careful to lie low in the months ahead so you don’t put yourself at risk.

However, other more sweet blessings await this month for you, so don’t worry too much! The full moon on the 1st highlights your fertility sector and will make your heart ignite! Single Scorpios may find a beautiful soul match around this time, while committed ones could harness this energy to enjoy a dazzling romantic moment together. If trying for a pregnancy, news now could come that the stars have aligned! Also, with your social sector so significantly highlighted this month, you’ll be hearing a lot from your friends during this time. The new moon on the 17th may see you invited to an important event that could be a lot of fun and also good for your professional life. Depending on your social distancing guidelines, this event could even be online.

When the sun moves into your sector of rest on the 22nd for the month ahead, you will be sitting back and relaxing as much as you can.


Sagittarius September 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

Romance, passion, and/or art have been top priorities in recent months for you. However, September will bring a turning point, Sagittarius. Single Sagittarians may suddenly feel that their love lives are now stagnant, while committed Sagittarians could feel that their current relationship has lost its spark. Interestingly, old flames or exes may return to touch base with you. If you are creative and have been deeply involved in your latest masterpiece, I suggest you use the months ahead to revise your work so that when you debut it later in the year, it is ready in perfection. If you launch a project or “start a relationship” during the upcoming Mars retrograde, which lasts until mid-November, you will regret it. Besides these themes, though, September has a great deal of other plans lined up.

September 1st will highlight a full moon in your domestic sector, signaling that some Sagittarius may be moving or fixing up their space. Your parents or family could also be significantly on your mind. Yet, throughout the rest of the month, your ambitions are definitely top priority. The new moon on the 17th may open a door to a promotion, award, or significant achievement. Work hard then to build your name.

Finally, when the sun enters your social sector on the 22nd, prepare for a fun and festive month ahead.


Capricorn September 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

Your home, family, and domestic life have been quite important for you in recent months, as Mars has been powering these areas up. On one hand, you may have been focused on moving or renovating your space. Other Capricorns could be dealing with more important family situations or taking care of a parent. However, with Mars turning retrograde, you may suddenly feel as if the progress you had been hoping for begins to slow down. Do your best to handle the situations appropriately rather than internalizing your frustration.

Another major theme this month is brought to you by the full moon on the 1st, which highlights your communications sector. Some of you may be debuting a writing, speaking, or advertising endeavor. The rest of the month also focuses on your desire to break into new territory. The new moon on the 17th could suddenly push you to go back to school or update your certifications. If you have been hoping to immigrate or are dealing with overseas business, these, too, may become apparent. Last, if involved in the media in some way, a new project could find its way to your email then.

Even more exciting news awaits as soon as the sun moves into your achievements sector on the 22nd. The month ahead will bring you a great deal of opportunity to reach higher peaks. Yet, the most blessed news of all is that Jupiter, planet of miracles, which has been in your zodiac sign since December 2019, will finally wake up. Over the past few months you’ve been reevaluating your plans and progress. Rest assured that fortune will smile upon you significantly for the rest of the year.


Aquarius September 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

September has arrived, and for you, money is on your mind at the onset of the month. A full moon on the 1st will turn your attention to your income, so it is likely you will receive a nice check, a raise, or even a new job opportunity. If looking to find a better employer, use this week to pursue other options.

The sun will continue to highlight your partnerships—particularly your intimate needs—throughout much of the month. The new moon on the 17th could help you face fears or traumas surrounding relationships. Also, since this zone does hold ties to large sums of money, if you’ve been looking for a scholarship, venture capital, or awaiting news from a bonus, it may arrive then as the sun would be connecting you with the right benefactor.

When the sun moves into your expansion sector on the 22nd, you will feel the urge to break into new territory and grow your mind. Normally, this would trigger you to set sail overseas or go on a large adventure, but with COVID-19 still running rampant, you may choose other journeys instead. In the month ahead, some Aquarians could decide to go back to school, embrace a new spiritual tradition, or even begin brainstorming ways to connect with communities far and wide.


Pisces September 2020 Horoscope | Wit & Delight

One of the most important months of the year has arrived, Pisces. At the very onset of the month, a full moon in your zodiac sign will electrify the night sky. This takes place on the 1st, so it is likely in the days surrounding it you will see a deeply important dream close to your heart reach culmination. You are brighter than all others at this time, so stand in your power and show the world why you are magical.

The next major theme this month will be that of union and partnership. With the sun across the sky from you, it is likely you are deeply focused on what you want and need in relationships. The new moon on the 17th will open a door to you to grow closer with the person you are with or, if single, find options with LTR potential. However, with Mars retrograde at this time, it is not ideal to agree to become “official,” get engaged, or become married. Wait until the end of November at the earliest.

One of the most blessed pieces of news is that Jupiter, the planet of miracles, will wake up from within your sector of hopes and dreams in September. This means that not only will your social life likely be very active for the rest of the year but also you will certainly reach toward and grasp higher milestones both personally and professionally.

BY Kyle Thomas - September 2, 2020


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