Kate’s Picks: 7 Things I Tried in October and Loved


Kate's Picks: 7 Things I Tried in October and Loved | Wit & Delight

Since October was all about self-confidence, I went deep into products that focused on the parts of myself I didn’t “love.” From a fantastic new mascara at a drugstore price, to a book that’s helping me deal with burnout, to a tool that’s helping me remember to moisturize my body (even the parts that look different after kids), each one of these items has been vetted and tested by yours truly. I hope you find something here you’d like!

Looking for more of my favorite finds? You can find all of my previous posts on this topic here.

Without further ado, the things I tried and loved in October were….


 Burnout: The Secret to Unbreaking the Stress Cycle by Amelia and Emily Nagoski


Brené Brown has brought many a good idea into my life, but this book might top them all. After listening to Brené’s podcast featuring the authors of it, I promptly bought the book and dug in.

I love the writing style, I love the stories, I love how clearly I see myself in the pages. It’s easy to start implementing strategies out of the first chapter, and I now ask Joe for a hug when I’m feeling overwhelmed as a legit strategy for calming my body. 

And guess what? It works. I highly recommended this for anyone who feels on edge 24/7. We don’t have to be in fight or flight constantly!


Image via Ulta

Milani 10-in-1 Volume Mascara


I have straight lashes and going without mascara is one thing that rarely happens. I’ve tried the fanciest of mascaras, false lashes—you name it. This $10 one took the top spot on Allure’s budget-friendly mascara list, so naturally, I had to try it. It applies similarly to ILIA, where you get volume and precise length without all the chunky junk. I highly recommend!


Image via Goop

Kate McLeod The Daily Stone


Admittedly, I was influenced by another influencer with this one! While I am really diligent about moisturizing my face, my body often gets overlooked. Rubbing lotion into the parts of my body that are still not “what they used to be” postpartum isn’t my favorite thing to do, although I’ve read that treating these spots with loving care is a great way to find acceptance and love for your ever-changing body. I thought this moisture stone would be a good ritual for just that, as the act of melting the moisture into your body with a smooth “stone” was a new way of taking note and care of the places I tend to avoid (my stomach, mostly!). 

I love everything about this product, especially the lovely packaging, scent, and ritualistic process of using it.


The New Traditional by Darryl Carter


I’ve mentioned this book once before, and I find myself continually coming back to it as we make small tweaks (and plan for a few big changes) in our home. What I like about Darryl’s design approach is that it places comfort front and center in each room and really encourages you to be yourself in the way you bring a room together. I have found myself referring back to this book often as a “North Star”—the advice within is classic yet unpretentious in ways that are personal and not at all flashy.


Image via Sheertex

Sheertex Unbreakable Tights


I bought myself some fancy tights in Paris a couple of years ago and the sales clerk said they were “extra tough” and she’d be surprised if I didn’t get at least a years worth of wear out of them. SPOILER—they snagged the second time I put them on. I didn’t even have a chance to wash them!! 

Thinking there was clearly something wrong with ME and the way I wear tights, getting served an ad for Sheertex made me feel very seen. I promptly bought a pair, and the first thing I did was jam my foot inside without worrying about my jagged toenail puncturing a hole. Success. 

My package even came with a little sample of the material to try to break with your hands. Try though I did, with all my might, I couldn’t break it. I’m very optimistic that this will be the first pair of tights that actually get me my money’s worth.


Image via Amazon

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mats


These mats turn our downstairs closet into a gym, in a sense. We cut them to sit flush up against the wall, and now we have a space that’s just big enough for two of us (or one of us and the two kids) to exercise in peace. We have even used this room to do some meditation with the kids! It was simple to install and customize the mats. We just put them on top of concrete and the padding is fantastic. These are a great way to turn even the tiniest area into a space for wellness. 


Image via Sephora

Maison Louis Marie Candle


As I write this I’m burning this candle. I first discovered this candle when walking into a Steven Alan store and remember the smell of the place instead of the clothes. 

At $34, it’s still pricey but it’s a luxury that is more attainable than similar quality scents from Diptyque or Le Labo.

Editor’s Note: This article contains affiliate links. Wit & Delight uses affiliate links as a source for revenue to fund operations of the business and to be less dependent on branded content. Wit & Delight stands behind all product recommendations. Still have questions about these links or our process? Feel free to email us.

BY Kate Arends - November 5, 2020

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[…] 7. Our model director, Bridgette, is the newest in our staff to learn—and extremely advocate—the e-book Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle. You may also learn Kate’s review of the same book here! […]

[…] 7. Our model director, Bridgette, is the newest in our group to learn—and extremely suggest—the e book Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle. You can too learn Kate’s evaluation of the identical e book right here! […]

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