W&D 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Joe’s Holiday Wish List


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Editor’s Note: Longtime Wit & Delight readers (and adept newer readers too) will recognize the name in the byline as that of Kate’s husband, aka Mr. Wit & Delight. For the second year in a row, we asked Joe to share his insight on gifting to the men in your life and he, as per usual, did not disappoint. Read on for Joe’s holiday gift selects, from a favorite pair of (under $100!) pants he owns in 6+ colors to a handblown whiskey glass to a gear box that helps him keep his sh*t together. Without further ado, allow me to introduce: Joe Peters.

Ever wonder if you could find a place that is literally a one-stop Internet shop for great gear? Well, friends, if I haven’t yet had the chance to bend your ear about it IRL or online, Huckberry is far and away the best, most thoughtful location to do just that. Clothing? They’ve got it—of course they do. In addition to a wide offering of incredible apparel and footwear, Huckberry also has a vast collection of EDC (everyday carry) products and a robust and elevated home offering.

I have a large amount of respect for the team behind Huckberry, having the opportunity to know a number of the key players, and I have to say: They nail every aspect of their business. From the online shopping experience to their ability to provide incredible products to wildly entertaining emails to a great journal that is an absolute inspiration machine where they not only do rad things but also put many of the products through the wringer, this is a go-to shopping spot. Coupled with a recent collaboration with Brad Leone, watch Huckberry not only for great emerging gear but also for exclusive collaborations and product drops. Huckberry for the holidays, sure—but I find myself surfing Huckberry most days in between.  

– Joe

All images via Huckberry

The Drifter Tumbler is the perfect early morning meeting accessory. Its elevated design comes complete with a thumb indent for easy grip, which makes it a fantastic vessel for that morning cup of joe.

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W&D 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

The Mt. Washington handblown whiskey glass features a raised topographic impression of some of the most majestic peaks out there. Mt. Washington holds a special place in my heart, as I spent two nights at the summit a few years ago in the middle of winter.

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The Cashmere Saddle Shoulder Crewneck from Wills has served me well in terms of keeping cozy, as winter has already arrived in Minnesota. This piece is super versatile in mixing and matching with sweatpants or with more formal chinos for when we might find ourselves back out at public functions.

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W&D 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

Speaking of sweatpants, I’ve spent a majority of the last eight months in these. The French Terry Sweatpants are a cornerstone of my rotation while staying close to home, and I’m really into the fact that these are built for sports of yesteryear but are every bit as applicable to one of my morning hikes, coffee pickups, or anything in between.

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I’ve been a slipper aficionado since a young age, always having slippers to wear around the house. As an adult, I’ve given various types of slippers a try, given my special passion for all things footwear. These slippers, which are technically considered wool house shoes, are far and away the best. Comfortable? Of course—I wouldn’t wear anything that wasn’t. But the real game-changing aspect of these is that they have an elevated look that is unparalleled. The short, stacked leather heel adds a touch of true refinement to the classic profile, and I can honestly say that I live in these.

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A good beanie has always been a staple of my fall/winter wardrobe, but in COVID times—without a haircut since February of 2020, coupled with early morning conference calls—beanies are lifesavers when it comes to looking remotely presentable and hiding my unmanageable mop of hair. In addition, when I’m out walking the dogs or exploring the neighborhood with the kids, this beanie is both warm and understated. And that, my friends, is what I call a win-win.

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A blazer that has put all of my other blazers firmly into storage, the Trap Blazer has a tailored yet stretchy fit that will move with you no matter where you find yourself. It’s a fantastic layering piece atop a traditional oxford shirt, but I’ve found it to really shine when paired with a simple crewneck t-shirt.

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My wife is the candle maven, let’s be honest. But recently, I’ve developed my own perspective with more consistent time spent at home in my adult life. This bourbon + brown sugar candle lives on my desk, and it’s become a bit of a meditation to burn it both in the morning and as I wrap work up for the day.

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This has saved me literally hours of mindlessly searching around the house for my EDC items. With two rambunctious kids who like to grab anything they can get their hands on, I’ve spent more time than I care to admit searching for my keys, phone, wallet, mask, sunglasses, watch, and anything else I leave the house with. This gear box holds all of those things atop my dresser. It’s a clean, utilitarian piece that holds the things you need to grab, or sometimes, more importantly, the things you don’t want others to grab.

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W&D 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

As a now recovering business traveler, I’ve never spent this much consistent time at home and have not prepared food for myself and my family throughout much of my adult life. Spoiler alert: I love being home and I really love cooking for the family. I’m in no way a Brad Leone, but I’m strong with the classics—eggs, grilled cheese, and pasta, for example. And when I was introduced to Zab’s, I found it gave all of my generally bland tasting food some energy. Made from datil peppers, Zab’s really is the perfect addition to burritos, deli sandwiches, eggs, and more—there isn’t much I won’t try a dab of Zab’s on.

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While it’s no surprise that Kate does virtually all of the design and decor at our house, I have become more involved in aspects of furnishing the home—from overstuffed couches to vintage rugs to this image of the incomparable Jerry Garcia. Taken in 1975 by Richard E. Aaron, this really does embody the spirit of Jerry, which I can explain to the kids as we dance around the house to Europe ‘72.

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Full disclosure: I own >6 pairs of the 365 pant, and for good reason. These pants are truly the most versatile, comfortable pants that can be dressed both up and down, and I can’t seem to wear them out. Kate will tell you, I wear a shade of green 95% of the time, so the fact that these are offered in four variances of green has me hooked.

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I didn’t previously give my glove game much thought…until recently, when I found Give’r. These gloves are heavy-duty, waterproof, and insulated. I use them for virtually everything I find myself doing out around the house in the colder months, and interestingly enough, the patina that they’ve developed in a short period of time makes them an instant classic and a piece of gear that I never leave the front door without. Bonus: The chestnut colorway that I have is exclusive to Huckberry, so don’t sleep on them before they’re gone for the winter.

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Note to self: Don’t shop for Kate on December 24. It seems as if it’s an annual reminder I typically fail to keep in mind. Not this year, though, because in addition to all of the rad gear I procure for myself on Huckberry, they also have a myriad of things for that special lady in your life. Kate has no shortage of jewelry that I’ve collected for her from travels and for special occasions, but this turquoise pendant is something that is simple yet elegant; a piece that can be easily layered with any other necklaces she chooses to wear. I can’t say enough good things about j.bee—their stuff is just great.

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Editor’s Note: This post was sponsored by Huckberry. The compensation we receive in exchange for placement on Wit & Delight is used to purchase props, hire a photographer, write/edit the blog post, and support the larger team behind Wit & Delight.

While compensation was received in exchange for coverage, all thoughts and opinions are always my own. Sponsored posts like these allow us to continue to develop dynamic unsponsored content. Thank you for supporting our partners!

BY Joe Peters - November 24, 2020

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November 27, 2020 3:16 pm

Hey. Thanks for the inspiration. Ordered the beanie and sweatpants for the boyfriend already.

December 9, 2020 12:41 pm
Reply to  Oylum

Well played. Without knowing how long we’ll be lounging around home, I can tell you both of these are solid picks. Thanks! -Joe

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