A List of Things That Are Perfect


A List of Things That Are Perfect | Wit & Delight
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Recently, I found out that for many years my friends have been mocking me for a certain speech habit. I’d always thought it was a joke I was in on (albeit not remembering the source), but as it turns out it was about me. The concept: I say “so” a lot.

“It’s so good.” “That’s sooooo amazing.” “I’m soooooooooo excited.”

So sue me!

I love a harmless, positive overreaction. A little melodrama, some passionate excitement. An astounding “This is the best thing ever” when you taste something that’s maybe not the best thing ever, but at the moment you’d argue otherwise.

If you look up “quotes about perfection,” you’ll find a million statements by a thousand great minds all saying just about the exact same thing: “There is no such thing as perfection. Stop striving for it.”

I disagree! With half of that, anyway.

No one should strive for perfection; you’ll waste your life away. (If you’re not convinced, read this again.) I’m not perfect. You probably aren’t either. 

But some things are! 

Today, I present a list of things that (to me, at least) are perfect. If you find yourself spiraling because you aren’t flawless: stop. It’s never going to happen! But also don’t pretend there’s nothing ideal in the world at all. 

Instead of demanding the impossible of yourself, I invite you to instead project perfection on things that can withstand the pressure. Take a look around, find something that is perfect, and let it do its job. 

So what if I’m dramatic. Maybe those Brussels sprout I ate were perfect, the best thing ever, *so so so* wonderful. Instead of demanding the impossible of yourself, I invite you to instead project perfection on things that can withstand the pressure. Take a look around, find something that is perfect, and let it do its job. 

Your job, on the other hand? To enjoy and sing praises accordingly.

The “To Me, You Are Perfect” Scene in Love Actually. A poster board stating my case will be used every time I’m mocked from here on out.

Brussels sprouts. The flavor, the shape, the ease of tastiness.

The color of the sunset on any given night. Okay, have you looked outside lately? Even when it’s gray there’s a good reason: It makes the sherbet hues all the better.

Your taste in birthday cake. Whoever’s birthday it is has perfect taste that day. They want pie? Fine. No arguing.

Science. I don’t know much about it, but it seems pretty stable.

Mountains. Self-explanatory.

The Ocean. Again.

Oysters. They’re like eating the ocean.

Blankets. Even if they’re bad, they’re good.

Cashmere. Hot tip: sweatpants.

Linen. Cool tip: There’s nothing better in the summer.

Snowstorms. *Especially* when you have nowhere to be.

Natural curls. I’m not so lucky. If you’ve got them, flaunt them.

Dakota Johnson’s kitchen. Just look at it!

Dark chocolate Ghirardelli peppermint bark. The fact you can’t always get it makes it all the better. The same goes for Cadbury eggs. And heirloom tomatoes.

Silk pillowcases. :’)

A .5 G2 pen. On a crisp, smooth piece of paper.

Shrimp cocktail. Especially when it’s free, unlimited, and you weren’t expecting it.

Epsom salt baths. Any soak will do.

Bees. And…

Hummingbirds. And…

Mushrooms. And…

Cabins. No, there’s no theme here. Besides perfection.

Velvet sofas. Ooooh, I want a cabin *with* a velvet sofa.

A professionally selected wine pairing. How come it just tastes like juice when it’s right?

Lindsey and Bobby’s banter on Who? Weekly And I suppose podcast banter in general, when it makes you feel like a pal.

Water. Sorry this came so late.

Birkenstocks. They mold to your feet!

Hungarian bathhouses. And the fabulous people within—some folks could be perfect after all, it seems.

Natural sunlight. Remember? Science doesn’t lie.

The moon!!! In all her phases.

SPF moisturizers. What a concept!

Chanel No. 5. It smells like cool great aunts, which is why it’s perfect.

Stone fruit. Peaches, plums, and nectarines. Each and every one.

Watermelon. For breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

Berries. Okay, fruit in general. Vegetables too.

Fleabag. People aren’t perfect, but their art can be.

“Ribs” by Lorde. Ask anyone.

Hydrangeas, peonies, and lilacs. Literally any flower! We’ll just go ahead and make it “plants in general.”

My grandma’s chocolate chip cookies. (And, tbh, probably your grandma’s too!)

My cat’s toes. Okay…all cats’ toes! And babies’ toes as well.

The way your paintings are hung on your gallery wall. They’re perfect, you’re fine, stop thinking about it. 

BY Sophie Vilensky - January 17, 2021

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faithanne carapella
January 18, 2021 6:52 am

Soooo delightful. Thanks.

January 18, 2021 9:24 am

I could feel tension leaving my body reading the list of perfection. Thanks!

January 18, 2021 10:44 am
Reply to  Brenda

I totally agree with you! I paused on each item to see if I find it perfect too, and through that exercise realised that indeed these are perfect and the life/world is amazing. I needed this a lot today.

January 25, 2021 10:43 am

Oh My Word!!!! This is Soooooo me!!! And also numerous exclamation marks!! I can NEVER just type ‘so’, it will ALWAYS be just So So So AWESOME!!!! I miss you sooooooo much!!!! As if my writing must sound JUST like me expressing sooooo much joy 😃😃😃😃😃
Ps. LOVE brussel sprouts too!!!! Velvet couches swoon! A blankie is one of life’s essentials!! Anything and Everything in nature….and the sun and the moon and the stars!!!!

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