Kate’s Picks: 7 Things I Tried in December and Loved


We’re back with our first 2021 edition of Things I Tried and Loved! I have some really good picks for you today, from an incredible sweatshirt you won’t want to take off, to candles that smell like the magic of Santa Fe, to a hairbrush that has helped me get the most out of my dry shampoo.

Enjoy and, as always, ask questions if you have them! Without further ado, the things I tried and loved in December were….

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Image via Brooklyn Candle Studio

Brooklyn Candle Studio Escapist Candle


We first shared these candles in one of our holiday gift guides this year, and I decided to order the Santa Fe version to try out for myself. And oh buddy do they deliver, both on scent and on the quality of the burn. I’m trying to save them for special occasions because I don’t want to run out too fast! But at the price point, they’re still plenty more affordable an indulgence than, say, a Le Labo candle. 


Graphic via Exactly Right Podcast Network

I Saw What You Did Podcast

Free wherever you listen to podcasts

We need more women in the entertainment world in general, and when it comes to critics, these two are the only ones I want to listen to. Each week they pick a theme and talk about two movies that you probably haven’t seen before but should. The podcast is like talking to two friends who are way smarter than you. 


Framed print via Minted

Minted Prints

Prices vary

We added these two prints to our green room (She’s Blooming print, shown above, and The Fox Takes Off Her Gloves print, shown in the top image), and they are stunning (and large!). I’m so impressed with how these prints turned out! It’s a reminder not to discount prints from independent artists that aren’t necessarily considered “fine art.” You can find some really beautiful things if you search for pieces with that mindset.


Image via Phenomenal Woman

Pro Science Pro Dolly Crewneck Sweatshirt


There are a lot of new apparel companies online these days (bless!) but Phenomenal Woman is my favorite, which says a lot for someone who rarely spends anything on tees with sayings on them. Phenomenal Woman changed that with their beautifully designed, quality garments that provide thoughtful reminders and insights every time you wear them. The company is also BIPOC-owned and female-led! This sweatshirt is low in stock at the moment but there are other great options on their site too! Currently in my cart? The “I’m Speaking” sweatshirt and Thank Black Women t-shirt


Image via Sephora

KORRES Black Pine Plump-Up Sleeping Facial


I’ve been using this overnight mask for three weeks now and LOVE it. I notice fewer pillow lines on my face in the morning and generally look well-rested, even if I didn’t sleep much the night before. 


Image via Amazon

wishacc Book Stand


This book stand was my favorite Christmas gift! It allows me more space on my counters for (inevitably) making a mess when I’m cooking, and leads to less mess on the cookbooks themselves.


Image via Amazon

Mason Pearson Junior Hair Brush


This brush has been on my “want” list for almost a decade. Since I’m washing my hair less these days and working out a little more, I’ve found it to be super beneficial in distributing dry shampoo throughout my hair and, ultimately, helping me get the most out of the product. It also helps distribute any oil from my scalp down to the parts of my hair that need the moisture. This is, admittedly, an investment purchase, and I did ask my hairdresser if it was worth it before buying. Her response? “ABSOLUTELY.” You can also find Mason Pearson brushes for sale on Tressence.com, so it’s worth keeping an eye out there if you’re in the market!

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BY Kate Arends - January 6, 2021


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