11 Worthwhile Things We Found on the Internet This February


11 Worthwhile Things We Found on the Internet This February | Wit & Delight
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Hello folks, and happy Friday to you, wherever you may be. Here in Minnesota, as I sit at my makeshift home office perch by the window, the sun is shining, the snow is melting, and we’re enjoying a welcome heatwave after a string of back-to-back weeks of bitter cold. It’s starting to feel like spring, even though it surely is not, but I’ll take it either way.

Today we’re sharing our monthly roundup of worthwhile things we stumbled upon on the Internet over the course of the past few weeks, from a guide on reversible design for renters, to a flavorful vegetarian chili, to an article that explores the quality-time-with-friends hole that’s continued to widen for many of us during the pandemic.

I hope you find them insightful, and I hope you have a good weekend, however you so choose to spend it.

1. People across the state of Texas endured difficult conditions after severe winter storms made their way through the region this month. In the aftermath, there continue to be areas where assistance is needed. You can find a starting point of organizations to support here.

2. I stumbled upon this Cup of Jo home tour this month and it stopped me in my tracks. The colors! The textures! The antique charm! I’m not sure I’ve ever felt more immediate feelings of admiration for a home.

3. Kate recently shared this delightful guide to reversible design for renters from Albie Buabeng of Albie Knows. It’s a helpful resource for anyone who’s looking to make unique, nonpermanent updates to their space.

4. I made this hearty, flavorful vegetarian chili from Cookie and Kate recently and couldn’t get enough. Topped with avocado, sour cream, and tortilla chips, it was heaven in a bowl.

5. A super approachable take from Elena at @thishouse5000 on how to give your bedding a unique, layered look. It’s full of small yet effective tweaks you can make to update your bedroom today.

6. Kate shared this article from The New Yorker by Chris Wiley, which shows an intimate series of portraits photographer Lee Friedlander took of his wife, Maria, over the course of sixty years. Wiley writes, “Looking at these pictures, it is impossible not to feel the palpable tug of time’s undertow, its inexorable movement toward we-know-not-what. . . . Here is photography’s ultimate irony: it can freeze time, but never stop it.”

7. Justina Blakeney’s newest book, Jungalow: Decorate Wild, is available for preorder now. Per the description, “[This book is] the ultimate guide to designing wildly creative interiors that are free-spirited, layered, and deeply personal.” Fantastic. Sign us up.

8. My boyfriend has never seen me laugh harder than when I watched this SNL sketch. Maybe you can relate?

9. Kate’s favorite food account to follow these days. It’s not too hard to see why.

10. For anyone who misses the regular in-person contact we once had with friends (…most of us, yes?), this article by Nicole Rodgers may make you feel less alone in it. A quote, to set the scene: “There are plenty of ways to keep in touch virtually, and I engage in some. But texts and phone calls and Marco Polos and Zooms are a miserable substitute for the serotonin boost of a friend’s warm smile and enveloping hug.”

11. Kate recently signed up for regular floral deliveries from Minneapolis local, Genevieve Wilson of Apricot Floral (see the first two deliveries here and here), and they’re stunningly beautiful. If you’re local to the Twin Cities, we recommend keeping her name on hand for any of your future floral needs.

BY Jackie Saffert - February 26, 2021


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