February 2021 Horoscopes: Review Your Intentions


February 2021 Horoscopes: Review Your Intentions | Wit & Delight

Welcome to February, a rare month where most of the powerful titans in the heavens will all stand in the same corner of the sky. This month is quite special, as it will accelerate the arrival of the Age of Aquarius. For decades, people have celebrated its dawning. At the end of 2020, as the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn took place in the water bearer’s zodiac sign, these two gods of the sky announced that yes, the world has changed forever and a new order has come. For the next two hundred years, Great Conjunctions will take place in the air signs, bringing more emphasis on the attributes of these signs over the earth signs, where we’ve seen a focus for the previous two hundred year cycle.

As I mentioned before, February is quite important, as we will witness the new moon in Aquarius—backed by a whole parade of planets here as well. Mercury, Venus, the sun, the moon, Jupiter, and Saturn have all joined together to sing a song to summon the future. Here and now, we will be given a chance to review who we were as a people before (because of a Mercury retrograde in this same sector most of the month) while we carve out a new path together.

Mercury retrograde will take place officially from January 30 until February 20 but will be felt throughout the entire month. Because of this, it is wise to go with the flow of the Universe as it leads you forward. Use this time to plan what impact you’d like to make on the world in the year ahead.

Find out what February has in store for your zodiac sign in your personal horoscope below!


February 2021 Horoscopes: Review Your Intentions | Wit & Delight

As the stars stand in a tight formation in your sector of hopes and dreams, February could end up being one of your favorite months in 2021. The new moon on the 11th will help you to expand your network and focus on your long-term goals. Someone could step in now to help you on your path. Yet, with the Mercury retrograde taking place simultaneously, it could portend that the person to help you may actually be someone from your past. Regardless, this is a magnificent month to reconnect with old acquaintances personally or professionally.

The sun will move into the most hidden area of your sky in the last third of the month, encouraging you to lie low, daydream, and rest. Do so now because March will bring much more momentum. February will end with a full moon in your productivity sector on the 27th. This may help you put the finishing touches on a major work project, get a new job, or decide to take on more from your boss.


February 2021 Horoscopes: Review Your Intentions | Wit & Delight

Never in your lifetime have you had such an opportunity to become crowned as royalty, Taurus. The turning point could finally come now! As the new moon in your professional sector arrives on the 11th, you may hear news of a promotion, achievement, or major award. Success, power, and fame could now be within reach, Taurus. Rise.

Yet, with a Mercury retrograde happening this month in this same sphere, you could hear from old business contacts or about previous projects you thought had been forgotten. This is a great time to reconnect with your goals, review them, and get ready to debut them before the world.

The sun will move into your social sector in the final third of the month, ensuring more fun and games with your friends and acquaintances. Lots of happiness is assured. When the full moon sings in the night on the 27th, a dazzling romantic moment may come. Many Tauruses could fall in love, hear of a proposal, or connect with a soul mate. Pregnancy could also arrive for those who have been trying.


February 2021 Horoscopes: Review Your Intentions | Wit & Delight

A burst of good fortune will energize you now, Gemini. This is because many of the planets in the sky will be in a fellow air sign, allowing their gifts to flow easily to you. However, your ruler, Mercury, will be retrograde throughout most of the month, so it will be a better time for lying low and reviewing your progress up until this point rather than charging ahead blindly.

The new moon on the 11th turns your attention to your next horizons, especially highlighting your interest in media projects, traveling, education, or international affairs. Use this lunation to set goals for the year so that when the pandemic hopefully fizzles out later this year, you can soar.

The sun moves into your achievement sector in the final third of the month, turning your mind toward your professional goals. In the month ahead, get ready to work toward important plans for your future.

The month will end with a full moon in your domestic sector, helping you to move, renovate your living space, pursue a real estate goal, or even just update your room! Family affairs will also likely rise to your attention at this time, so listen to what your loved ones have to say.


February 2021 Horoscopes: Review Your Intentions | Wit & Delight

With so much planetary activity in your sector of intimacy this month, Cancer, you’re feeling the urge to merge. This could help you take steps closer with a partner, heal fears about relationships, or even work on processing past trauma. It is important that your sensual, emotional, and sexual needs be met by someone who loves and cherishes you. The new moon on the 11th could help you to align more perfectly than ever before.

There’s another way this could instead affect you and that is if you’ve been awaiting news about venture capital, a scholarship, a bonus, royalties, or a bank loan. It may finally be ready to flow your way! Just be careful not to rush any contracts or agreements, as Mercury will be asleep most of the month.

The sun will sear into your sector of expansion in the final third of the month, aligning opposite the full moon on the 27th. This mighty lunation could see you launching an important communications project, whether that is via writing, speaking, advertising, or social media.


February 2021 Horoscopes: Review Your Intentions | Wit & Delight

Relationships will be your main spotlight this month, Leo. With so many planets directly across the sky from you, it’s clear you’re very concerned with partnership, whether that is in love or business. This month could see you deciding to move closer toward one another and make long-term plans, whether that includes moving in, getting a pet, becoming engaged, or even contemplating eloping for a surprise wedding. However, Mercury will also be retrograde in this same sector this month, so as much as you’ll have the energy to make commitments, you should wait to officially do so until after the 20th.

The new moon will surely stir the pot about you connecting with someone important. Single Leos should be on the lookout for someone you see as a possible long-term partner. As the sun moves into your intimacy sector later in the month, you’ll be ready to snuggle up closer.

February ends with a full moon in your financial sector on the 27th. This mighty lunation could present a raise, new job, lucrative client, or even supply you with the capital to pay off a debt. Welcome in abundance now!


February 2021 Horoscopes: Review Your Intentions | Wit & Delight

February will be a peculiar month for you, Virgo. Life will feel very much like you are taking two steps forward and then one step backward—particularly in regard to your work life and productivity. With so many planets in your employment sector, you’re doing your best to stay focused and make progress happen. However, your ruler, Mercury, will be retrograde most of the month, meaning that you could be finding confusion at every turn! The best thing to do is to review your plans, slow down, and go with the flow.

The new moon on the 11th will likely bring developments your way, so if out of work, be sure to look for something then. If you have some extra time, volunteer to take more on at work and you’ll be rewarded.

The sun glides into your partnership sector in the final third of the month. This will help you to put more attention on your union with your one and only, or else give single Virgos the impetus to search for a new connection.

As the full moon in your zodiac sign appears on the 27th, it will be the most important moment of the year for you. An important personal goal will now be within reach and you will have more power to bend the world to your will. Stand up for what you want.


February could be one of your favorite months of the year, Libra. With many of the planets crowded in your sector of love and fun, you’re sure to be focused on romance and pleasure. The new moon on the 11th could help single Libras connect with a soul mate, while committed ones may feel the spark reignite in their relationship. Fertility and creativity are also quite favored, so no matter how you’d like to “give birth,” make it a priority now!

Mercury retrograde is taking place this month, though, which means there could be some delays in work and life, but that’s okay. Use the time to enjoy yourself.

The sun will sizzle into your sector of productivity in the final third of the month, ensuring that you could be quite busy in the weeks ahead. However, another happy reprieve may appear near the full moon on the 27th. Use this time for a spa day or a mini staycation. You’ll be glad that you did.


February brings very important shifts around your home, real estate, or family, Scorpio. With so many planets jam-packed into this area, you could have quite a busy home life at this time! The new moon on the 11th may bring you the opportunity to move, renovate, or redecorate your space if you’d like. This same lunation could bring news about family affairs—especially when it comes to your parents. Listen to what the winds bring in.

If you can wait on any important decisions until after the 20th, you’ll be happy that you did. Mercury is retrograde which means you may not have as much clarity as you’d like.

The sun will shimmer into your sector of passion and love in the final third of the month. Give yourself the freedom to explore romance and fun in the weeks ahead. A dazzling full moon in your social sector will light up the night on the 27th, possibly seeing you attending a glamorous event, whether virtually or otherwise, or else spending some much needed time with a friend.


February will be highly important to the development of the ideas and projects you’ve been working on, Sagittarius. This is because many of the planets will be working like tiny gears helping your mind tick! The new moon on the 11th could provide the impetus for you to embark upon a milestone writing, speaking, advertising, or social media project. However, if you can delay launching it publicly—or making your final decisions until after Mercury awakens on the 20th—you’ll be glad that you did.

In the final third of the month, the sun will warm up your domestic sphere, bringing happy energy to your living space and family. In the weeks ahead, you may fix up your space or even move.

The month will end with a major moment for your professional life, as a full moon appears on the 27th. This lunation will resound like thunder and could bring you a promotion, achievement, or award.


With so many planets huddled together and acting like magnets in your financial sector this month, Capricorn, money will be on your mind! It appears you could be soon bringing a great deal more prosperity into your life, but don’t just sit back and wait for it to come to you. The new moon on the 11th may bring a raise, new client, or large check, but it is also crucial for you to apply yourself. Capricorns who are in need of employment or a better job should search around that time. However, a Mercury retrograde is also happening this month until the 20th, so if you can hold off signing contracts until after that, you’ll be happy that you did. If, instead, you can’t wait, then jump, take it, and just have faith the Universe will work out as it is meant to.

In the final third of the month, the sun will transition into your communications sector, empowering you to focus on how you write, speak, and connect with those around you. A full moon on the 27th will appear at nightfall and bring a culmination to you around a media, academics, or traveling matter. No matter what, you’ll be opening your mind to new ideas at this time.


February could be one of the most important months in your entire lifetime, Aquarius. This is because you’re hosting a whole assortment of planets in your zodiac sign this month, bringing you power, grace, and vision. A new moon in your sign appears on the 11th and will open the doors before you so you can pursue your most heartfelt goals. Step across the threshold and create the life of your dreams. However, a Mercury retrograde will be taking place simultaneously, so if you have to use this time to truly review, assess, and revise your plans, that’s okay too.

The sun will sizzle into your financial sector in the final third of the month, bringing your mind to your worth and prosperity. You could potentially see more wealth come your way in the weeks ahead.

The month will end with a full moon on the 27th, illuminating your intimate needs and desires in your partnerships. Use this time to snuggle up with your lover or else air out your feelings about relationships that hadn’t worked out. It’s important to understand your value now, above all else.


Get ready for an extremely slow month, Pisces. With many planets stacked in the most private sector of your sky, you’re likely focused on lying low, recovering, healing, or brainstorming plans for your future. The new moon on the 11th will encourage you to tie up any important initiatives from the past year before the sun soars into your zodiac sign in the final third of the month.

Mercury retrograde, known for its ability to cause delays and make things move at a glacial pace, will also be happening throughout most of this month. Don’t fight against the wind. Just flow.

Yet, birthday season is right around the corner, and as soon as the sun enters Pisces on the 18th, you will have more energy to pursue your plans. Use the month ahead to working on creating the kind of life you want to lead.

The month will end with a full moon in your partnership sector on the 27th, helping you grow closer with your one and only, or else part ways with them. This lunation could even bring news of an engagement or wedding

BY Kyle Thomas - February 2, 2021

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Jennifer A Dechant
February 2, 2021 6:45 pm

How am I supposed to get an award at work when I just filed for short term disability?

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