8 Ways You Can Make Life Easier for New Parents


8 Ways You Can Make Life Easier for New Parents | Wit & Delight
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You can’t get enough of those tiny toes and sweet little facial expressions. But let’s face it, those first few weeks with a newborn can be overwhelming—especially if it’s your first time through it!

Whether you’ve personally been there yourself or have witnessed a friend/family member go through it, you’ll know that a little help can make ALL the difference for new parents when bringing home a baby. And today, I’m inspiring you with a few creative ideas.

As a mama who just went through this precious (okay, exhausting) phase, the below tips are tried and true ones I appreciated and plan to pay forward (just as soon as I finally get the hang of my little one’s schedule 😉 ).

8 Ways You Can Make Life Easier for New Parents

1. Send their favorite meal.

Okay, this one has been a go-to for years. But, from my recent experience, it was the best gift anyone gave us those first few days. Having a hot meal ready and waiting after an endless cycle of feeding/changing/sleeping was SO great. The best part is, as the organizer, you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to make this possible! Thanks to meal delivery services (like UberEats, DoorDash, etc.) or the premade food section at your grocery store, you can deliver or drop off their favorite dinner. (Psst! It’s a great no-contact approach that works for out-of-state friends as well!)

2. Help tidy the house.

Let’s face it, keeping a clean house is very low on the priority list with a new child. But as a new mom who spent endless days inside, having a tidy space makes a HUGE difference in passing the time. Take that chore off the plate of the new parents by offering to come to spruce up their space. (Or, for a no-contact approach, drop off a basket of cleaning goodies—I recommend this Branch Basics set which is great for a house with a baby in it.)

3. Opt (them) outside.

As a parent of a newborn, it’s easy to go weeks without walking out the front door. But there’s nothing like a little fresh air to revive you both. Motivate your friend to get outside by agreeing to meet them at a local park, walking trail, or even for a stroll around their neighborhood. Make it a weekly thing to keep the motivation up, or surprise them with their favorite smoothie/coffee when you go. (Trust me: Even five minutes of fresh air can work wonders for both baby and mama!)

4. Tackle shopping duty.

I will never forget bringing home our little girl, only to realize all the cute clothes we purchased for her were either huge or not practical for the temperatures. (Cue the mad dash to Target, which fixed the snafu!) Save the new parents from this same mistake by offering to pick up any items they may be without, like socks, onesies, diapers, NB sizes, etc.! (Parenting pro tip: Items with zippers, like these adorable Posh Peanut outfits, will quickly become their BFFs.)

5. Take over pet duty.

The moment our little gal made it home, all eyes were on her (which left little attention for our sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel). We, of course, felt soo guilty about this, but there wasn’t much we could do with a little human demanding all of our attention! Luckily, a kind neighbor offered to take our pup on walks to tide us through those busy first few days—it was a small gesture that was so appreciated!

6. Spend time together.

A FaceTime date. A virtual happy hour. A porch meet-and-greet. The options are endless when it comes to safely spending time with the new parents and baby (whether or not a pandemic is involved). Want to go above and beyond with your time together? Ask them how they are doing (not just about the child!).

7. Pamper them.

I’ll never forget one day when I was running on three hours of sleep, couldn’t remember the last time I had showered, and was just feeling “blah” all around. A friend called and said, “I’m going to send you a care package—what products sound most amazing to you right now?” Up until this point, most of the gifts had been for baby, so the gesture was so unexpected but especially meaningful! Two days later I found myself staring at a box of my favorite face masks, nail polish, and candles (these ones are my FAVORITE). Let’s just say I put my partner on baby duty and gave myself a much-needed pampering sesh!

8. Send encouragement!

Those first few days can be wonderful but tough. Send the new mama or father a simple text or give them a phone call to offer your support. Sometimes, a simple “You’ve got this” or “You’re doing great” are all they need to hear!

BY Sarah Schuh - March 19, 2021


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