March 2021 Horoscopes: Clear Skies & Open Roads


Time is moving faster now. Blink and you’ll miss it. As we enter into March, we also step into a very rare period. Now until April 27, all of our planets in the sky will be direct and moving in normal orbit, free of any retrograde phases. This means that we can look up and see each of them streak across the sky like shooting stars, and our lives will follow this same pattern. Most years we only get a couple of days or weeks when all of the planets are direct and “awake,” but now we have nearly two months! This means that you will have fewer obstacles to you when pursuing your most important plans and initiatives. NOW is the time to begin things, launch projects, make promises, sign contracts, and chase down your greatest hopes and dreams. Without any silly retrograde to slow you down, consider striking rapidly. The planets are singing happily with one another in March too, which means it could be one of the easiest and sweetest months of the year. Spread your wings, stargazer. You are worthy of every hope and desire in your heart. Soar.

Find out what March has in store for your zodiac sign in your personal horoscope below!


Your ruler, Mars, will ignite your communications sector beginning this month, Aries. This will infuse you with momentum for an important writing, speaking, or intellectual project. Also, with the sun dancing in your sector of rest and solitude until the 20th, you could be brainstorming what you’d like to achieve in the year ahead.

The new moon on the 13th will certainly make you especially nostalgic. Spend time giving yourself some much-needed TLC and healing your mind around this time of the month.

When the mighty sun sizzles into your zodiac sign from the 20th onward, birthday season has arrived! This time of year encourages you to take the initiative and create the life of your dreams. Don’t hold back. It’s time to show the world why there’s no one quite like you.

March will end with a full moon on the 28th that highlights your partnerships. This will encourage you to address how your ego balances or clashes with another. The lunation could see you growing closer, moving in, getting engaged, or another happy manifestation of union—or else facing the music and realizing it’s time to let go.


Money is on your mind even more than usual this month, Taurus! This is because the red planet will be igniting both your income and expenses for the coming two months. While this may increase the cash flow out of your accounts, this is an excellent moment to focus on your budgeting and find ways to maximize your wealth potential.

With the sun, Venus, and the new moon bringing a great deal of attention to your social life and network this month, you could be seeing your friends and network playing an especially important role in your life—especially after the 13th. Romance may also be quite sweet, whether you’re single or attached.

When the mighty sun moves onward into your sector of rest from the 20th onward, you’re encouraged to lie low, daydream, and brainstorm what major plans you’d like to pursue in the year to come. Don’t forget: You’re the crowned favorite in all professional matters of success, power, and even fame this year. Use this reprieve to strategize how to truly harness your star power so when you are ready, you will erupt like a supernova.

A full moon will rise at nightfall on the 28th, falling within your productivity sector. This may see you putting the finishing touches on a behind-the-scenes work project or else shifting from one job to another.


Feel the surge of energy course through your veins, Gemini! Mighty Mars ignites your zodiac sign this month for the first time in two years. This exciting rush will propel you to go after many of your most important personal and professional plans. Make a list of what you’d like to pursue and then set forth to begin taking the steps now. Also, with the sun, Mercury, Venus, and the new moon bringing attention to your professional life for most of the month, it’s clear that you have some significant career goals that you’re after. An opportunity to lift toward achievement may appear after the new moon on the 13th—be sure to set meetings then or consider applying for a better position, if that’s something you have in mind.

After the 20th, the sun will sizzle into your social sector. This suggests that you may hear from many friends in the month to come. Embrace the festive vibes and enjoy time with those who you adore, whether it’s a small gathering or a Zoom party.

The month will end with a full moon in your fertility sector on the 28th, highlighting love, creativity, or children. Make these areas top priorities for you and you could feel as if your heart has bloomed. Single Geminis could fall in love and committed ones may feel their union grow ever closer.


As the planets shift this month, you’ll be feeling the need to brainstorm and plan how to reach toward your long-term goals. This may have you working behind the scenes to put the pieces into place or even creating your ultimate vision board. It is clear that you’re seeking a change of pace as the sun, Venus, and the new moon are spinning in your sector of expansion throughout most of the month.

After the 13th, you could get the green light to move forward on an academics, media, or international project. Get ready for your ambitions to ramp up rapidly once the sun sizzles into your sector of achievements in the final third of the month. In the weeks ahead, you could see yourself reaching toward higher goals and seeing them manifest before your eyes.

To end the month, a full moon in your domestic sector rises in the night on the 28th. This could see you moving, fixing up your space, getting new furniture, or even handling an important family matter. No matter what, you’ll be feeling quite emotional so try to ground yourself at this time.


Mighty Mars will ignite your social life beginning this month with an exhilarating surge, Leo. Prepare to hear from many friends and contacts as well as see your network expand. Lively events and gatherings could suddenly fill your calendar—even if they are just over Zoom.

The sun, Venus, and the new moon will also turn your attention toward your relationships, particularly the balance between them. In the days following the 13th, you may evaluate the flow between you and a business or romantic partner. If you are in need of a loan, scholarship, or other form of assistance, consider applying for it in the week following this.

Once the sun sizzles into a fellow fire sign on the 20th, you’ll be feeling the urge to expand your horizons in the month ahead. You could become highly focused on intellectual pursuits, whether it is about teaching or being taught. March ends with a full moon on the 28th that falls within your communications sector, likely seeing you highly focused on a writing, speaking, or advertising initiative. Use the power of this lunation to launch the most important messages within your heart.


With fiery Mars igniting your professional sphere beginning this month, you may see a great deal of success and momentum in the weeks to come. This surge of energy could bring a cascade of accolades your way or important projects that become jewels within your crown. If looking for a better job, now would be a good time to consider doing so.

March brings other news too with a major focus on partnerships. The sun, Venus, and the new moon will crowd across the sky from you, encouraging you to make commitments and plans with a significant other in business or love. The new moon on the 13th opens a door for greater union and could cause you to begin negotiations around long-term plans, moving in, or even engagement! Single Virgos may want to use this time to circulate among potential suitors. The sun will mosey into your intimacy sector beginning on the 20th, heightening your urge to merge. Focus on where you stand in your relationships and how you’d like them to prosper and grow.

The month will end with a full moon on the 28th in your sector of money, perhaps bringing a raise, sum of capital, or new job your way.


As mighty Mars sizzles in a fellow air sign, you are magnetic and energized, Libra. This sense of flow may help you move more easily toward your personal and professional goals. As he is taking up residence within your expansion sector at this time, you may become especially busy with an intellectual, academic, or international initiative.

The other stars have different news for you this month as they crowd within your sector of productivity. A new moon on the 13th may open the door for you to take on more work with your employer or even find a new job. No matter what, assess your work-life balance and create the routine that fits you best.

The end of the month switches gears as the heavens begin to speak about union and partnerships. Once the sun sizzles across the sky from you beginning on the 20th, you will be especially focused on your one and only. Single Libras will have an opportunity in the weeks to come to find someone with serious potential, while committed ones may consider making plans together.

March ends with the most important moment of the year for you: a full moon in your zodiac sign on the 28th. You may see the culmination of a personal goal at this time. Step into the light and welcome in what is yours.


With your co-ruler, Mars, heating up your sector of intimacy for the coming two months, you are especially eager to merge with someone special. This energy will heighten your hunger for affection and union. Also, with the sun, Venus, and the new moon all dancing within your sector of love and fertility, your heart’s desires are taking center stage! The new moon on the 13th is the most important one of the year for you to set forth and improve your romantic life. Plan something special with your partner or, if you’re single, put yourself out there. Lastly, if you are an artist and have been seeking the muse, spend some time getting deep with inspiration.

The sun will shift gears into your productivity sector on the 20th, so be prepared for more responsibilities at work to cross your way. The weeks ahead will aid you in improving your routine and efficiency.

March ends with a full moon in your sector of rest on the 28th, encouraging you to take a step back to recharge before you set forth to pick up the pace once again. Rest now.


As Mars turns a corner and stands across the sky from you, relationship matters will become a top priority in the two months ahead, Sagittarius. You will make much more progress as a team than flying solo. Make plans with a business or romantic partner for maximum success.

March will also start with a great deal of focus on domestic affairs. The new moon on the 13th may open the door for you to move, update your space, or handle an important situation regarding your family.

Beginning on the 20th, the sun will sizzle into your passion sector, promising lots of adventure, fun, and romance. In the weeks to come, be sure that you put your heart’s desires at the top of your list! Single Sagittariuses should consider setting forth to find the right option and committed ones can use this energy to bring a spark back into their union.

The month will end with a celebration as a full moon in your social sector appears on the 28th. This could see you attending a milestone event—personally or professionally—or spending some much-needed time with a close friend.


Mars is about to increase your productivity levels to hyper speed, Capricorn. You appear to be quite busy now and in the two months to come. This will likely see you with many irons in the fire at work and in your daily routine! Do what you can to keep things balanced, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

March also promises a lot of activity, particularly around intellectual pursuits. The new moon on the 13th will open a door for you to pursue a writing, speaking, or advertising initiative such as a website launch or new podcast endeavor. It could also bring some important contractual matters to your table. No matter what, trust that you will have the right things to say and discuss with the world.

The sun will travel on the 20th into your domestic sector, bringing light to your home and family. In the month ahead, you can assess these areas of your life and decide if they need any particular attention.

At the close of the month, the full moon on the 28th will resound like a gong! This lunation puts attention on your achievements and professional life. A promotion, rave review, or favorable press could be on its way straight to you. Consider using this time to plan an important meeting or apply for a better job.


Prepare for your heart to be lit on fire, Aquarius! Mighty Mars will bring passion and excitement to your romantic life! Single Aquarians may want to use the next month and a half to put themselves out there. Some may even feel that they are falling in love! Those in committed unions could use this time to bring a spark back to their connection.

Next to note this month is that there will be a great deal of cosmic energy spinning within your financial sector. The new moon on the 13th may open a door to a raise, a lucrative client, or a new job. However, don’t just wait for it to come to you. Put yourself out there to find it and spread your resume around.

The sun will sizzle into your intellectual center beginning on the 20th, energizing you with many ideas and the urge to broadcast your thoughts to the world. This will be further intensified by the full moon that takes place on the 28th, illuminating your expansion zone. A culmination has arrived, likely around an academics, media, or international matter. No matter what comes your way, you’re going to be ready to soar into new horizons.


Welcome to birthday season, Pisces! It is one of the most magical and sweet times of the year—and with the planets smiling upon the entire world this month, you may feel you’re basking in the rays of heaven. With Venus, Mercury, the sun, and eventually the moon all in your zodiac sign throughout most of the month, you have a rare opportunity to not only indulge in pleasures but also to take steps to bring what you want to fruition. Take action to carve out your most desired path after the new moon on the 13th. The world is watching you, Pisces!

Mighty Mars will be heating up your domestic sector for the coming two months, likely encouraging you to update your living space, move to a new location, or even step in to handle a family affair.

Next to note this month is that the sun will turn a corner and leave you to enter your financial sphere beginning on the 20th. In the month ahead, you could potentially welcome more income and prosperity. The full moon on the 28th may be especially important for your finances, as it could deliver a sum of money in the form of a commission, bonus, loan, or something else entirely.

BY Kyle Thomas - March 2, 2021


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