April 2021 Horoscopes: Anything Is Possible


April 2021 Horoscopes: Anything Is Possible | Wit & Delight

Spring is here. It begs us to step out our doors and see what journeys await. This time of year energizes us to find our confidence and dream of what we wish to pursue. Our lives are like a garden. What we plant and tend to will have a better chance to grow. All areas of our lives take work, though, as very little simply falls into our laps. Be grateful for the blessings you have but be clear about what you wish to attract.

April 2021 breathes upon the spark of Aries season and allows it to invigorate us as we make our ideas come to life when the sun moves into Taurus in the final third of the month.

Fiery Mars will move this month too, submerging itself within the tide pools of Cancer. Here, our flaming red planet combines with water to make steam. We will feel our emotions boil.

April ends with a shocking full moon in Scorpio on the 26th. Expect heightened passions, exposed secrets, and a deep urge to transform our fears into power. 

Find out what April has in store for your zodiac sign in your personal horoscope below!


April 2021 Horoscopes: Anything Is Possible | Wit & Delight

It’s birthday season, Aries! This time of year puts you center stage and allows you to more easily move toward your greatest plans. The most important new moon of the year arrives on April 11, opening a doorway to one of your heart’s foremost dreams. Use the week that follows this lunation to make your visions a reality. You can be a magician now.

Your ruler, Mars, shifts realms on the 23rd, diving into the depths of your emotions for the weeks ahead. You may become especially busy regarding a family or domestic affair. Some Aries will be focused on moving, renovating their space, or stepping in to help a parent.

To end the month, a full moon on the 26th may bring a shocking turn of events around a financial matter, potentially triggering news about a debt, loan, scholarship, or divorce settlement. You will also be assessing your intimate needs at this time and could find yourself craving more.


April 2021 Horoscopes: Anything Is Possible | Wit & Delight

At the onset of April, it’s time to lie low and dream about how you’d like your life to look in the year ahead, Taurus. Now is a time of rest and planning, so don’t overexert yourself. The new moon on the 11th will encourage you to surrender to the rhythms of the Universe as synchronicities arise within your consciousness. Be aware of what your intuition is telling you.

Birthday season arrives when the sun enters your zodiac sign on the 20th for the weeks to come. Prepare for more energy and excitement as the pace of life quickens. Use this period to show the world why no one does it quite like you. Your ruler, Venus, will also be making you radiant and beautiful at this time, so welcome in pleasure and joy when it presents itself. This is an especially auspicious moment for romance too.

Mighty Mars shifts into your communications sector from the 23rd onward, likely making you very excited about new ideas. Some Tauruses could begin working on a milestone writing, speaking, or marketing endeavor.

To end the month, a full moon in your partnership sector will rise at nightfall on the 26th. A shocking turn of events around your relationships may appear—a sudden decision to grow closer or else go your separate ways. 


April 2021 Horoscopes: Anything Is Possible | Wit & Delight

With the sun igniting your social sector throughout most of the month, you’re feeling festive and popular, Gemini. Mighty Mars has likely been bringing you drive, sex appeal, and confidence for weeks. Use this fiery energy to conquer your desires before the red planet moves on the 23rd. Then, expect money matters to be your top priority.

The new moon this month takes place on April 11 and will likely spotlight your friendships and network. This lunation could bring an important event your way, one that delights you both personally and professionally. Someone in your circle may even provide an introduction to reach one of your most important heartfelt goals. Create your vision board and focus: your dreams could be here!

The month will end with a full moon on the 26th that highlights your productivity sector. This could trigger a turning point regarding your daily routine, employment, or even physical health. You’ll likely be quite busy, but do your best not to burn yourself out.


April 2021 Horoscopes: Anything Is Possible | Wit & Delight

Your name is in lights, Cancer! With the sun igniting your professional sphere at the onset of the month, it is clear you’re seeing increased activity around your ambitions. The new moon on the 11th could open a doorway for you to rise higher in your industry, whether that is in the form of a promotion, new job, or award. Know what sets you apart from your competition and show the world now.

The most exciting note this month will be the arrival of Mars in your zodiac sign on the 23rd. In the weeks ahead, you’ll likely be fired up and energized to conquer everything you set your mind upon, both personally and professionally. Seize the day because with the red planet in your aura, you may feel more dominant and appear more powerful.

Romance could also be especially sweet this month, with Venus warming your social sector in the second half of the month. Some Cancers could find their love grows when out with friends or by opening themselves up through networking.

April 26 will bring a full moon in your fertility sector. It could trigger exhilarating—or challenging—news around true love or creativity. Rest assured that the Universe has your back, and no matter what comes your way, you will persevere.


April 2021 Horoscopes: Anything Is Possible | Wit & Delight

Prepare to soar in vibrant new directions, Leo. A new moon on April 11 could help you embrace exciting change. Some Leos could find themselves ready to pursue an academic, media, spirituality, or international endeavor—all of which would help you to explore new territory. Now is not the time for remaining in your common ground. You’ll enjoy the surge of passion.

Mighty Mars will continue to heat up your social sector until the 23rd, likely seeing you active with friends. Fun, entertainment, and adventure could be right around every corner.

The month will end with a full moon on the 26th, spotlighting your domestic sphere. You could be feeling emotional at this time as something you don’t quite expect may pop up around your home or family affairs.


April 2021 Horoscopes: Anything Is Possible | Wit & Delight

With the sun sizzling through your intimacy sector at the onset of the month, you’re feeling the urge to merge, Virgo. The new moon will appear in this same zone on April 11, opening a doorway for you to assess the balance in your relationships. Now would be a great time to discuss your personal needs. Consider applying for financial support if it’ll help you reach your professional goals. The stars are on your side.

Throughout most of the month, mighty Mars will be heating up your career sector too, so it is quite likely you’ll be especially busy at work until the 23rd. New milestones are likely close at hand. If out of work, use this time to pursue a position that will glitter on your resume and show bosses that you have what it takes. The red planet will turn a corner and enter your social zone on that day, ensuring more time for laughter and adventure in the weeks ahead.

April ends with a full moon on the 26th that highlights your communications sector. Some Virgos may be debuting an exciting writing, speaking, or advertising initiative. Other Virgos could be prompted to sign a meaningful contract. However, with the full moon ushering in surprises, be sure to pay extra attention to details.


Partnership will be your top priority this month, Libra. Consider where you stand personally and professionally and evaluate how you can go much further as a team. The new moon on the 11th is the most important for commitments and union this year, so now is an opportune time to discuss what you’d like to work toward with your significant other. This lunation could help you grow closer than ever before. Single Libras can use this time to put themselves out there and be direct about wanting a serious connection.

Another major shift this month will be in regard to your professional world, as mighty Mars heats up your career from the 23rd onward. Expect to become very busy in the weeks ahead. You could see great momentum begin. If unhappy with your work, use this energy to push yourself in a new direction.

April concludes with a full moon on the 26th that will fall in your sector of finances. An unexpected expense may appear—or, potentially, a turn of fate when it comes to your income. 


Expect to be especially busy this month, Scorpio. With planets moving through your sector of productivity at the onset of April, you could be highly focused on your daily routine. The new moon will appear on the 11th, bringing new projects across your desk or even the opportunity to begin a different job. Assess your work-life balance now and make sure you’re taking care of you.

Another major shift will occur this month as your co-ruler, Mars, speeds off into your sector of expansion beginning on the 23rd. You’ll likely be eager to switch up your calendar and open yourself up to new experiences. Some Scorpios could become highly focused on an academic, media, or international project in the weeks to come.

The month closes with the most important moment of the year for you—a full moon in your zodiac sign on the 26th. This lunation will put you in the spotlight and likely bring a personal goal into reach. However, be aware that there could be shocking news that appears out of left field, especially in regard to a partner. Adjust accordingly.


Open your heart, Sagittarius. The sun, Venus, and Mercury will be igniting your sector of passion and love at the onset of the month. April 11 will bring the dawning of a new moon in this very fertile zone, opening the doorway to deeper love, a new connection, or a chance to experience memorable romance. This same lunation could bring you the luck you need to move toward a creative goal.

Mighty Mars will also be across the sky, bringing energy to your partnerships all month. Whether single or attached, now is the time to make your relationships a top priority! The red planet will highlight your sexual desires and intimate life from the 23rd onward, so get ready for the weeks ahead to turn up the heat!

The month will end with a full moon on the 26th, falling within your sector of rest. You may find yourself suddenly burnt out, so lie low, relax, and recuperate rather than making matters worse.


As the sun sizzles through your domestic sphere at the onset of April, you’re looking for comfort and stability, Capricorn. The new moon in this zone appears on the 11th, opening a doorway to fix up your living space, move to a new location, or step up to help a family member. You’ll likely have the energy to tackle whatever is needed.

Prepare for matters of the heart to become especially sweet as soon as Venus heads into your romantic sector beginning on the 14th! No matter whether you are single or attached, love will likely be drawn to you almost magnetically. Use this time to find someone new or grow closer with the soul mate at your side.

Fiery Mars will turn a corner and head into your partnership sector from the 23rd onward, bringing relationship matters to the center of your life. Now is the period to set goals and attack them as a team. If ready for a serious commitment, put yourself out there and be upfront with your needs.

The month will end with a feisty full moon in your social sector that takes place on the 26th. This lunation could bring shocking news from a friend or else put you in the crossfire between your lover and your goals.


The Universe continues to smile upon you as Jupiter and Saturn remain within your zodiac sign, Aquarius. It is clear you have many ideas about how you can speak more authentically and boldly about your goals. The new moon on the 11th will bring an opening in regard to your communications sector, potentially around a new writing, speaking, or advertising initiative. Tell others what you want directly.

Passion and love will continue to be hot for you as fiery Mars sizzles in this area until the 23rd. Single Aquarians may use this time to find someone special, while attached ones can make pleasure a top priority together.

The month will end with a full moon in your achievements sector rising at nightfall on the 26th. This lunation could trigger exciting news or a breakthrough in regard to your career or ambitions. You could also suddenly find that your goals are at odds with your family, so tread carefully before making final decisions.


As the sun takes its turn lighting up your financial sector, you have a special edge to budget and make important choices about money, Pisces. The new moon on April 11 could bring an opportunity to increase your income, whether in the form of a raise, new job, or side hustle. Focus on building prosperity now for happy growth in the year to come.

Fiery Mars has been causing all sorts of movement in your domestic sector recently and will remain here until the 23rd. This means you could be getting the ball rolling in regard to a move or renovation. Mars will dive into your passion sector shortly thereafter, bringing romance a shot of adrenaline. If single, consider using the final week of the month to set up dates with new options. Committed Pisceans can also use this spark to bring a spicy zest to their sex life!

To end the month, a full moon in your expansion zone lights up the night on the 26th. This lunation could bring the culmination of an academics, media, or international matter that you have likely been building toward for six months or longer. However, there may also be a sudden shift—whether a breakthrough or headache—about these matters at this time too.

BY Kyle Thomas - April 2, 2021

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April 2, 2021 9:49 pm

it’s my birthday month! loved the aries read thank you!!

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