Mother’s Day Gifts for All the Moms in My Life


Mother's Day Gifts for All the Moms in My Life
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For someone who eschews birthday celebrations, I look forward to Mother’s Day. Maybe it’s selfish, but I do enjoy recognizing I’m doing a pretty okay job of raising tiny humans.

To me, Mother’s Day is about recognizing that person who had a massive part in shaping who you are today: your mom (and sometimes “mom” isn’t the person who gave birth to you).

We’ve asked our resident male, Joe Peters, to weigh in on some gift-giving ideas for all the moms (and mom figures) in your life.

– Kate

Mother's Day Gifts

FLIKR Fire – Personal Concrete Fireplace


Fires. We love them for so many reasons.  My wife loves them for ambiance and my children love them for s’mores.  I’m typically in service of both my wife and children, so I’m often the one who starts fires in the fireplace. It’s typically more work than enjoyment, so when I found the FLIKR fire, it seemed like the best of both worlds. Heck, I might procure a second one for my own WFH desk to get the vibes going there too.

Mother's Day Gifts

Baloo – Weighted Blanket


They had me at “calm stress and reduce anxiety”—and it’s safe to say we could all use some help on that front, right?  One of my fondest memories is when my mom would tuck me in “like a burrito” as a child so I thought it only right to give that gift back to her (without tucking my own mom into bed which would just be super weird). See, this weighted blanket gives us adults the opportunity to feel just as cozy and wrapped as when we were kids, and I love a good full-circle narrative.

Mother's Day Gifts

Julia Szendrei – Turquoise Circle Necklace


Fun fact: I love picking out jewelry and have even started to enjoy wearing it myself (thanks, Harry Styles). This necklace is perfect—it’s got an elevated 14K gold-filled chain and turquoise that nicely contrasts with the chain.  This piece will sit at 16.5” in length and is made in San Francisco.

Mother's Day Gifts

Nomad – Base Station


 A true wireless charger that matches a smart look wherever it’s placed.  It charges your phone and your AirPods and allows you to see important notifications or, honestly, unimportant notifications while charging.  A simple, subtle, highly appreciated gift for anyone in your life.

Mother's Day Gifts

Modern Sprout – Watering Can


All of the moms in my life are into gardening and/or plants.  All of the moms in my life have lugged around ugly plastic watering cans—until now.  This watering can is beautiful—so much so that it has a designated “spot” in our home when it’s not watering. Its brilliant design makes it as much a design accessory as a plant accessory.

Mother's Day Gifts

Loftie – Alarm Clock


Our alarm clock isn’t a clock at all; it’s a tiny human and/or puppy that jumps on our bed between the hours of 6:00 and 7:00 a.m. CST, 365 days a year. Throughout the last year, I’ve tried getting up before the rest of the house and getting work or a workout in before everyone else awakes.  I know that Kate wouldn’t just allow any alarm clock to sit bedside, which is why this clock from Loftie hits the mark in the fact that it’s beautiful. In addition, it boasts a soft nightlight, a noise machine (bye bye fan for ambient sound), and a speaker.

Order before May 2 for Mother’s Day delivery with standard shipping rates.

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BY Joe Peters - April 16, 2021


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