The Feel-Good Distraction of a Good Spring Clean


The Feel-Good Distraction of a Good Spring Clean | Wit & Delight
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I’ve logged enough therapy hours to have a decent understanding of how my brain chemistry works. Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins are the “big four” that regulate brain chemistry and play a big part in our mood. With nothing but time on my hands over the last year (insert laugh-cry emojis here), I’m more mindful than ever of how even the smallest and most mundane of tasks affect my day-to-day. 

Much like a good portion of humanity, I’m on my phone too much. I use it for work, to chat with friends, and to unwind. It’s not a bad thing when used in moderation, but I’m looking for different offline ways to capture that endorphin rush (goodbye, Insta likes). I still practice meditating and moving my body, and maybe it’s just that spring cleaning time, but I’ve also found myself cleaning and organizing more and more and feeling great afterward.

Cleaning is kind of a perfect form of self-care. It checks off more than a few of my own needs: the sensation of instant gratification after sweeping the floor, the meditative stillness in scrubbing a tub, and the sense of pleasure when looking out a freshly clean window. 

Cleaning also provides me with the ideal “noble distraction”—performing a separate, semi-productive, “lesser” task during the time in which I should be working on a more pressing/important job (like cleaning when I should be writing or designing). Anyone who has stared at the proverbial “blank page” knows that sometimes it’s better to do something (anything) else rather than sit there in silence. I’ve found that some of my EUREKA moments have happened while walking the dog or scrubbing the tub.

I know that if I’m to accomplish this “noble distraction” of cleaning, I need to make it easy; otherwise, it will become a chore, which means I’ll find another, less productive (and therefore, less “noble”) task to accomplish.  

You may have heard me talk about Grove Collaborative a few times (see here, here, and here). One of the reasons I keep coming back to Grove is the cleaning products themselves (along with the fact that I don’t have to remember to reorder ANYTHING). They offer simple, beautiful (unbranded!!) spray bottles and dispensers meant to display on your countertop. There are hardworking bamboo/wood scrubbers that look nice out in the open hanging on a hook. These are tools I can keep at the ready for when I need to scrub and feel like I’ve accomplished something. 

Grove makes it easy for you to experience the satisfaction not only of a clean house but also of a greener planet. Grove features plant-based cleaners and responsibly made products that work (mom of two little kids and two big dogs speaking here).

The Feel-Good Distraction of a Good Spring Clean | Wit & Delight

There’s an immense feeling of fulfillment and comfort that comes from using products from Grove. They’ve made it easier than ever to create a greener home, offering refillable soaps/cleaners from plant-based products such as Mrs. Meyer’s, cute countertop compost bins, and Grove’s Seedling tree-free paper towels (for the most part, we are using cloth napkins, but a spill is bound to happen with little kids and dogs). Here’s your bonus feeling of satisfaction: Grove is working with the Arbor Day Foundation to replant areas across the U.S. affected by deforestation for every Seedling order. 

Hands down, my new favorite product is the Seedling compostable kitchen wipes—the ultimate in noble distractions and multitasking satisfaction. I can clean up my countertop while the coffee is brewing; it feels good to have a clean room and compost in the process, all while letting the creative juices simmer.

The Feel-Good Distraction of a Good Spring Clean | Wit & Delight

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First-time customers will receive a free gift with purchase. 

The Feel-Good Distraction of a Good Spring Clean | Wit & Delight

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BY Kate Arends - April 20, 2021


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