26 Ways to Really Soak in the Summer Months


June. July. August. What prettier words are there? Well, maybe sunshine. Swimming. Watermelon. Warmth.

Summer is very much my favorite season, yet every year I feel like I end up in a “you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone” situation (and not just because I tend to listen to “Big Yellow Taxi” a lot when it’s hot out). In the warmer months I spend my time inside feeling bad about not going outside, and my time outside feeling like…why don’t I do this more often?

No one has said it better than Bravo’s own Kyle Cooke when he shouted “SUMMER SHOULD BE FUN!” during the famed ninth episode of Summer House season two.

He was right. Summer should be fun, but sometimes it feels like it has to be fun. That’s where the problem lies

Have you ever noticed how feeling like you have to do something sucks a lot of the enjoyment out of that thing? Forced relaxation is not relaxing. Sometimes in the summer, it’s simply too hot to go outside! Sometimes you want to sit in the air conditioning and do absolutely nothing. That’s okay, and perfectly summery too.

To remedy this feeling of needing-to-soak-it-all-in-at-all-times, I want to craft a summer list that does just that…but in a different way. Not the summer list, because that’s too stressful…and summer should be fun! *A* summer list. A list of summer produce to eat, songs to listen to, activities to do. Little things that let you really soak in the summer for all it’s worth—even if you want to do absolutely nothing.

Ultimately, the best way to soak in the summer is to just…live in the summer. And you’re doing that already! Close your eyes, feel the sun on your skin, and enjoy it.

But if you want to go a little deeper (in the dirt! You need worms for fishing!) when it comes to summer enjoyment, let me, a June baby through and through, be your guide. The only rules? Stay cool (sometimes), wear sunscreen (always), and have fun (when you feel like it).

Here are twenty-six simple ways to really enjoy the summer months.

1. Wake up Early

In the summer, sunrise is very early. But if you can catch it, it’s worth it. Enjoy the early mornings, before the world is awake and the sun is too hot. Go for a walk, do your journaling, or practice what we talked about earlier: stay still and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

2. Go to Bed Late

Stay out, keep the fire warm, and tell scary stories. (However, please choose only one of the above for any given day. Getting your rest is so important.)

3. Eat Stone Fruit

With cream, from the freezer, and on its own with no napkins around because it’s SUMMER!

4. …and Watermelon

Every single day.

5. …and Ice Cream

The lines are worth it.

6. …and Tomatoes

Local if possible!

7. …and a Really, Really Good Salad Full of Summer Produce

And burrata, maybe.

8. Drink Iced Tea

That’s been sitting in the sun brewing allllll day.

9. …and White Wine on Ice

Anything on ice!

10. …and Coke with Peanuts

Like the Ya-Yas. This brings me to…

11. Read!

Some excellent summer recommendations: Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (and all its prequels/sequels), Geek Love, and your favorite book from sixth-grade summer vacation.

12. Go Swimming

Any chance you have.

13. Turn on the Sprinklers

When the swimming chances are looking grim.

14. Apply SPF Hourly

I’ll say it again! A sunburn will strongly hinder your summer enjoyment.

15. Listen to “Solar Power” by Lorde on Repeat

This is the song of the summer. I don’t make the rules, but I stand by them.

16. Go Off-Grid

To quote our wise song of the summer artiste: “Can you reach me?” “No, you can’t!”

17. Look at the Moon

The June full moon is called the strawberry moon. July is buck, and August is sturgeon. Look at the moon every night, but especially when it’s full. And especially, especially when there’s an eclipse.

18. Go on a Walk

Pick a flower or two.

19. Cuddle in the Air Conditioning

Under your favorite blanket, ideally.

20. Open the Windows

The birds are singing to you!

21. Watch a Summer Blockbuster

‘Tis seriously the season!

22. Sing Karaoke

It’s not specifically a summer activity, but it’s fun.

23. Wear Linen

So cool, so chic, so summer-y.

24. Wear a Nap Dress

In MERMAID print! Thank you, Nell Diamond.

25. Wear White

There are no rules, but it does look great after a little sun.

26. Go Fishing

With your grandpa, ideally. Someone who knows how to soak it all in.

BY Sophie Vilensky - June 20, 2021

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June 21, 2021 10:24 pm

My favorite time of the year!! Will add these to my bucket list 😉

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