June 2021 Horoscopes: A Time to Wait, a Time to Strike


June 2021 Horoscopes: A Time to Wait, a Time to Strike

Life is not linear. It often takes you on different journeys than you originally may have expected. Yet, from my perspective, everything that happens is meant to teach you something. Even if it isn’t a direct lesson, there is always a reason things happen. I consider everything in life to be a blessing, depending on how you look at it. For instance, if you had never gone through that breakup, you wouldn’t have been single in order to meet that better partner. Or had you not experienced that devastating professional failure, you wouldn’t have been directed to a more fulfilling career path. Life can be beautiful, even if it does have a bit of chaos.

I so often hear people groan when they learn that a planet is going to be retrograde. “Retrograde” does not mean “bad.” Many times, retrogrades will bring about some sort of karmic lesson regarding what the planet rules and where it is dancing within the sky. Mercury retrograde is obviously the most common cycle we go through, considering it is the fastest moving planet. Yes, this period can bring stagnation, delays, confusion, and uncertainty, but it is a time when we can review what that planet rules—in this case, Mercury rules communication, the mind, information, and business. We are given an opportunity to assess this area of our lives and gain more insight into what we are doing. If we so choose, we can tinker with our progress and change direction if something is out of alignment. Pay attention to how you are interacting with others, what people are telling you, and how you can better communicate in return. Be an active listener, my friends.

Mercury retrograde will take place officially until June 22, 2021, but will in truth overshadow the entire month. Don’t fight it. Embrace it. Succumb to its slower pace and learn how to use it to your advantage when everyone else sees it as a catastrophe. This will help you to better control the wind in your sails rather than be struck down by it. 

Find out what June has in store for your zodiac sign in your personal horoscope below!


June 2021 Horoscopes: A Time to Wait, a Time to Strike

Assess how you connect with the world, Aries. With Mercury moonwalking in your communication sector, there could be confusion or delays everywhere. However, with a solar eclipse in this same arena bringing a destined shift to your life near June 10, you could now embark upon a major writing, speaking, marketing, or branding endeavor. You may have a powerful message in your mind that the world is ready to hear. Step up to the microphone and tell us what you know.

A full moon in your professional sector could bring a crowning achievement near June 24. This may lift your name in your industry or usher in the arrival of a promotion or award. No matter what, set your eyes on your ambitions and keep climbing.


June 2021 Horoscopes: A Time to Wait, a Time to Strike

With Mercury retrograde in your sector of money, your finances could bring you a great deal of confusion this month, Taurus. Yet, with a destined solar eclipse appearing in this same arena on June 10, you could also be about to bring in more wealth. Despite some delays or uncertainty around these money matters, know that you can step toward abundance if you are strategic about asking for a raise or searching for a new job. You have the power of King Midas within you, so breathe through any anxiety.

Later in the month, a full moon in your expansion zone will rise at nightfall on June 24. This could bring a culmination regarding an academic, media, or overseas project. Some Tauruses could decide it’s time to go back to school, while others could decide it’s time to plan their next international trip. No matter how you choose to set sail into new horizons, know that you have the stars behind you always.


June 2021 Horoscopes: A Time to Wait, a Time to Strike

It’s birthday season, Gemini, which means you are cosmic royalty! A solar eclipse in your zodiac sign takes place this month on June 10, ushering in a new era for your life. Destiny has come, encouraging you to step into your power and fly. Make a vision board for what you’d like to build toward in this next chapter of your life and set sail toward it all now!

However, with Mercury retrograde in your zodiac sign this month, you could feel confusion regarding what you want or how to go about getting it. Be easy on yourself and tread lightly.

Later in the month, a full moon in your sector of shared assets will be singing the money on June 24. This lunation could bring the arrival of a check, divorce settlement, payout, or even help you to hit the jackpot. If in need of a loan or venture capital, consider applying around then.


The main message of June will be to lie low, rest, and brainstorm, Cancer. The slower pace of Mercury retrograde could free up some of your time to recharge and catch up on tasks that had fallen through the cracks. The solar eclipse on June 10 may bring you a powerful moment to focus on your health—especially how you process, release, and grow. If you’ve been haunted by anything in recent years, this could bring you the strength to finally let go.

When the sun sizzles into your zodiac sign beginning on the 20th, birthday season arrives and you will feel your energy levels soar! In the month to come, set forth to pursue your most important personal and professional goals.

Last to note will be the mighty full moon in your partnership sector that takes place on June 24. This could be a turning point regarding an important relationship, helping you to make long-term plans with your significant other. Some Cancers could even become engaged or wed. If you are not in alignment, though, prepare to go your separate ways.


June 2021 Horoscopes: A Time to Wait, a Time to Strike

Of all the zodiac signs, you could certainly enjoy June the most this year, Leo. Mighty Mars will ignite your passion, dominance, and magnetism beginning on the 11th, giving you the strength to create the life of your dreams by carving out your own path. Use the weeks ahead to ascend the throne.

Your social life may be especially magical this month, with a solar eclipse on June 10 helping you to attend a lovely networking event or even see the door opened to pursue a lifelong dream. A soul mate platonic connection—perhaps even two!—could even step into your life as well.

Last to note will be the arrival of a full moon in your productivity zone on June 24. You could be finishing up a major work project or taking on new responsibilities. If looking for a better employer, use this time to your benefit.


June could put your name in lights, Virgo. A tremendously important solar eclipse in your professional sphere arrives on June 10, possibly bringing you the career breakthrough you have long awaited. A destined new beginning could arrive in the form of a promotion, new job offer, or major achievement. Don’t be shy. Show the world your star power!

Yet, with a Mercury retrograde phase happening in this same sector, you could be reviewing your ambitions, assessing how to change direction, or even hearing from previous employers. If you’d like to return to old projects or a previous path, now is a great chance to do so.

Your attention turns to matters of the heart later in the month, as a full moon in your passion sector appears on June 24. This lunation could help single Virgos to find a soul mate connection or committed ones to fall in love even more deeply.


An exhilarating new horizon is calling to you, Libra. A solar eclipse in your expansion zone will dawn in the sky on June 10. This represents that a fated event around academics, media, or travel could appear. For some Libras, you could be returning to school, whereas others could instead be focused on getting started on that book they’ve always hoped to write. If you’re ready to start planning travel for when the world fully opens back up, you could start to consider your dream destination.

Last to note will be the arrival of a full moon in your domestic sector on June 24. This highlights both your home and family and could bring a change. Some Libras could move, renovate, or buy real estate, while others may have a major moment with their kindred that they’ll long remember.


It appears more money may be coming your way, Scorpio. A solar eclipse in your sector of shared assets will appear on June 10, likely bringing a surge of momentum in regard to a loan, debt, or large payout. If you have needed support, financial aid, or venture capital, now would be an auspicious period to pursue it. If separating from a partner, a divorce settlement could finally be reached. Yet, with Mercury retrograde in this same sphere, you should tread lightly and read the fine print. This could also indicate a previous big money matter will now return to be settled.

Later in the month, a full moon in your communication zone sings within the night of June 24. Some Scorpios will be ready to sign a major contract or launch a writing, speaking, or advertising initiative. It is clear you have an important message now, so speak up while the world is listening.


Partnerships are a top priority for you this month, Sagittarius. Destined shifts and new beginnings may now be at hand! A solar eclipse in your relationship sector appears on June 10, which could help you grow closer to your significant other. Some Sagittarians could decide it’s time to move in, get engaged, or even be wed. However, with Mercury retrograde this month, it would be best to discuss the possibility but wait to make official decisions until July. Whenever our cosmic messenger is out of rhythm, our minds will be foggier than usual.

The full moon later in the month will turn your attention to money. As it rises within the night of June 24, a large payout, a raise, a new job, or a lucrative client could appear out of thin air. Welcome in the prosperity. You deserve it.


Your health and employment are big themes at the onset of June, Capricorn. A solar eclipse in your productivity zone on June 10 could help you to make great progress—perhaps even offering a breakthrough—in one of these two areas. For some Capricorns seeking an appropriate health treatment, you could find the perfect one, or if you’ve hoped to focus on new fitness goals, new progress may be assured.

In regard to your job, you could now be taking on more projects or even find a new one presents itself. Yet, with a Mercury retrograde phase happening all month, there could still be some hiccups in this area. If you have previously turned down a job or desired to work at an old employer, this month may even bring you the second chance.

To end the month, a full moon in your zodiac sign crackles in the night on June 24. This is one of the most important moments of the year, as you step toward one of your most significant hopes and dreams. Your confidence should be soaring and you could feel for the first time in a long time that life is on track.


Your heart’s desires are spotlit this month, Aquarius. A solar eclipse in your passion sector will ignite your life beginning on June 10. This could bring a new beginning around love or creative matters. Single Aquarians could cross paths with a soul mate at this time, whereas committed ones may fall ever more deeply in love.

Yet, with Mercury retrograde at this same time, you could be reflecting on what the past taught you. Some Aquarians may even hear from an ex—and if you’d like to give it another go, tread lightly and don’t make any solid decisions until the storm passes and July arrives.

Last to note will be the arrival of a full moon in your sector of rest and healing that takes place on June 24. You’ll feel the urge to lie low, recharge, and brainstorm how else you’d like to create your life in the second half of 2021.


Prepare to spend a lot of time focused on domestic affairs throughout June, Pisces. A solar eclipse in this arena will electrify your life on June 10—likely changing how you approach home and family matters. Some Pisceans could decide it’s time to move or renovate, while others could face an important family moment that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Yet, with a Mercury retrograde phase happening simultaneously, you could be reviewing things you’d previously addressed that still hold ties to now. Tread lightly and take your time as you handle the details.

As the month proceeds, the energy will shift more toward fun, passion, and excitement! A full moon in your social sector will light up the night on June 24. This lunation could bring a fabulous celebration for you to attend or the chance to expand your network significantly. Let your hair down and dance to beat of your own drum.

BY Kyle Thomas - June 2, 2021


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