August 2021 Horoscopes: Action Is More Important Than Intention


August 2021 Horoscopes: Wit & Delight

So often nowadays, people talk about “intention” and “manifestation.” Pop culture magazines, life coaches, and spiritual gurus boast about how the Law of Attraction can solve every problem you may have under the sun. I’m going to set the record straight.

In no way do I wish to discredit the power of thought and mastering one’s inner energy. These are crucial disciplines in life if we wish to attain our greatest hopes, ambitions, and dreams. But setting an intention is only the first step in “manifestation.” The most important thing one can do is to take action, not simply wish that what you want will come to you.

In August 2021, the heavens above will be encouraging us to pursue our passions, open our hearts, and live life vibrantly. With so much planetary energy in the zodiac signs of Leo, Libra, and Aquarius, we can take great strides to improve our relationships and connect with people who understand us on a deep level. Yet, with Mars, Mercury, and later the sun all in Virgo—the zodiac sign of productivity—the ultimate lesson of this month is to take action, day by day, to get where you want to go. Those who sacrifice for their goals and work effectively could attain what they’re after—not those who only think they deserve happiness. Use your time like it’s valuable. Because it is.

Find out what August has in store for your zodiac sign in your personal horoscope below! 


August 2021 Horoscopes: Wit & Delight

The stars are aligning to bring fire to your heart, Aries. At the onset of the month, a new moon in your sector of passion, creativity, and true love will arrive on August 8. This will encourage you to live boldly and vivaciously. Whether single or attached, make romance a priority and you could find that you are swept up in a soul mate dance.

Later in the month, a full moon in your social sector will rise on August 22. This lunation will make you quite popular, as you are being lifted up by a community that believes and supports you. Fill your network with people you like to be around. 


August 2021 Horoscopes: Wit & Delight

As mighty Mars ignites your sector of passion and love throughout the entire month, you’ll have more energy to pursue your heart’s desires, Taurus. This is the best chance to spice it up with your significant other or find a new match within a period of two years!

August will bring other news, too, spotlighting the polarity between both your family and career. A new moon in your domestic sector arrives on August 8, helping you to nestle up at home. Some Tauruses could decide to fix up their living space, move to a new location, or even plan some extra time with their kindred. An important family event could present itself near this time.

A full moon will make your name thunder from the heavens near August 22, as you are thrust into the professional spotlight. A promotion, award, or acclaim could crown you with success.


August 2021 Horoscopes: Wit & Delight

You are ready to soar in new directions, Gemini. A new moon in your sector of communications and travel will appear on August 8, likely bringing a surge of activity to your life. You may be in the midst of an important writing, speaking, advertising, or contractual project and launching a message dearly important to you. Short-distance travel may also be on your mind, so even if you must go somewhere for work, you’ll likely have quite a bit of fun!

A full moon in your expansion zone will rise by nightfall on August 22, helping you to move even further toward new horizons. A crowning academic, media, or international matter may reach a delightful conclusion at this time.


August will likely bring a great deal of focus to your finances, Cancer. As a new moon in your prosperity sector appears on August 8, you may now find out that a raise, new job, or client is coming your way. This is a vitally important time to work toward more abundance as it could manifest before your eyes.

The full moon on August 22 falls within your assets zone, likely turning your mind to a loan, scholarship, settlement, or debt. If you’ve been waiting on a check or the approval of a major money matter, this lunation may smile upon you. Remember, though, to always live in gratitude.


August 2021 Horoscopes: Wit & Delight

It is birthday season, and you’re the main event, Leo! The most important new moon of the year will arrive within your zodiac sign on August 8, opening the doorway to your heart’s greatest desires. In the week that follows this lunation, set forth to create the life of your dreams and show the world what makes you majestic. You’ll be in the spotlight and can very easily turn matters in your favor.

As the full moon arrives on August 22, your mind will be focused intensely on significant partnership matters. With Jupiter dancing in this same sector, you are likely to find that a celebratory union takes place near this lunation, such as the decision to move in together, get engaged, or even be wed. Single Leos can also enjoy this energy, too, so be on the lookout for someone who sings your heart’s tune.


Feel the surge of adrenaline, Virgo! With mighty Mars igniting your zodiac sign all month, you are unstoppable. You will likely be very busy and feel more dominant in personal and professional matters. However, the early part of the month may help you to be a bit more reflective, as a new moon in your sector of rest arrives on August 8. Use this period to lie low and brainstorm your greatest plans that you’d like to tackle in the year to come.

A full moon in your productivity zone arrives on August 22, causing you to carefully juggle your work-life balance. You may now be finishing a milestone project for your employer that becomes a jewel in your crown. If out of work, you may now find a new job pops up. Last to note will be the arrival of the sun into your zodiac sign beginning on the 22nd, further empowering you with cosmic glory in the weeks to come.


The cosmos are aligning just for you this month, Libra. As the new moon dawns on August 8, it will fall within your sector of communities and friendships. You will likely feel the urge to expand your network at this time and could connect with some incredibly important people who believe in what you have to bring to the world. Prepare to feel especially popular, too, so use your irresistible charm to get everything that you’re after.

A full moon in your passion zone will arrive on August 22, bringing a fire to your heart. Some Libras may fall in love with a soul mate connection or find that the lightning returns to their committed union. Creative Libras may feel especially inspired at this time and could certainly harness the muse. No matter what, be sure to spend August living within each magical moment.


With your co-ruler, Mars, energizing your sector of friendships all month, you’ll likely be hearing from many friends, Scorpio. This is an exceptional time to join a group that will rally behind you. The new moon on August 8 highlights your professional life and will give you the opportunity to once again rise in your industry. A promotion, new job, or favorable recognition could come your way. If looking for a job that’d be a step up, go for it now!

To end the month, a full moon in your domestic sphere arrives on August 22. This lunation will likely bring happy news around a home, real estate, or family matter. With Jupiter smiling from above, you may find the breakthrough you’ve been looking for around one of these areas.


August 2021 Horoscopes: Wit & Delight

Stand in your glory, Sagittarius. As mighty Mars energizes your professional sphere all month, you’ll likely be extremely busy tackling some major career projects. Work hard now because you could make a significant impact on your industry.

A new moon in your expansion zone will appear on August 8, encouraging you to soar in new directions. You may now be in the process of pursuing a newfound academic, media, or international business endeavor, perhaps even traveling because of it. No matter what, you’ll be eager to set sail into new territory rather than being boxed into a cage.

A full moon in your communication sector will arrive on August 22, potentially helping you to debut an extremely important message to the world, whether it be in the form of a writing, speaking, advertising, or branding initiative. A lucrative contract could also appear at this time.


Financial matters could dominate a great deal of your time this month, Capricorn. With benevolent Jupiter dancing in your prosperity sector once again for the rest of the year, you may find more ways to attract more income. A new moon in your sector of shared assets arrives on August 8, helping you to examine your investments, stocks, debts, and loans. This lunation may help you to renegotiate your benefits package with your employer or even finalize a settlement that has been previously in the works.

Later in the month, near the full moon of August 22, a sum of money could potentially manifest, whether it takes place as a raise, new job offer, or new client.


August 2021 Horoscopes: Wit & Delight

Relationships are a top priority in August, Aquarius. With so much planetary energy in your sectors of union and intimacy, you will be deeply focused on the give-and-take in your connections. A new moon in your partnership zone will arrive on August 8, helping you to make long-term plans, commit, or even be wed. If you’re instead focused on a business union, your negotiations and agreements should progress at this time.

Yet another full moon in your zodiac sign arrives on August 22, echoing the Universe’s message that “it is your time.” A major turning point, ending, or culmination may be at hand, but with benevolent Jupiter protecting your interests and dousing you in magic and luck for the rest of the year, you will enjoy being in the spotlight and feel your dreams could come true.


August 2021 Horoscopes: Wit & Delight

Mighty Mars will blaze a trail across the sky from you this month, encouraging you to work as a team with a partner, Pisces. You could be in the process of tackling important projects together or making long-term plans. If single, flying solo isn’t ideal at this time, so consider putting yourself out there to attract someone who mirrors you.

The new moon on August 8 will fall in your productivity zone, bringing more energy and activity to your work projects and employment. If you’d like to take on more or find a new job, consider using the days following this lunation to move toward your goals.

With so much activity in the cosmos this month, the full moon on August 22 could encourage you to take a step back, relax, and enjoy some TLC. This would be a great period to treat yourself to a spa or massage as you reflect on everything that’s already occurred this year.

BY Kyle Thomas - August 3, 2021


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