Kate’s Picks: 7 Things I Tried in August and Loved


Kate's Picks: 7 Things I Tried in August and Loved | Wit & Delight

Oh, August—it was hot, sticky, and went by in a flash. Thankfully, there was some time to read while vacationing up north, colder nights where long pants got some wear time, loads of days spent make-up free thanks to afternoons hanging at the pool with my kids, and, finally, a show that Joe and I couldn’t stop watching together. 

Here are the things I tried and loved in August.

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Kate's Picks: 7 Things I Tried in August and Loved | Wit & Delight
Image via Sephora

Sensitive Skin Duo by Topicals


After I squeezed my Faded Serum tube clean, I decided I loved the product so much it was time to purchase the duo. After treating my recent flare-up of perioral dermatitis, using products created specifically for sensitive skin is a MUST. I love that Topicals products are formulated in partnership with a scientific advisory board, including a board-certified dermatologist. These products are effective both at reducing fine lines and uneven skin and protecting my skin barrier from future dermatitis. 

Of course, if you have questions about your individual skin concerns and what products will work best for you, please consult an esthetician or dermatologist.


Kate's Picks: 7 Things I Tried in August and Loved | Wit & Delight
Image via Target

An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler


I picked this book up in Grand Marias and could not put it down. It reads like an essay with tons of ideas around making the most of every ingredient in your kitchen. I now look at veggie scraps with delight knowing they will be flavoring a batch of stock by the end of the week. 


Kate's Picks: 7 Things I Tried in August and Loved | Wit & Delight
Image via Mango

Mango Overalls


These overalls are super cute and versatile for transitioning from summer into fall. I brought them up north with me (see top photo!) and have been wearing them since. I love the contrasting striping and wide leg!


Kate's Picks: 7 Things I Tried in August and Loved | Wit & Delight
Image via Target

Outline by Rachel Cusk


Rachel Cusk is a new-to-me author who has been an absolute joy to read. Each page in this book is chock-full of anecdotes that had me pausing to contemplate, reread, or simply appreciate her prose. It’s one of the most memorable contemporary lit books I’ve read so far. I cannot wait to finish the entire trilogy. 


Image via Ulta

Ursa Major Recovery Cream


This was the face cream I used while my perioral dermatitis was beginning to recover. I found the sensation to be soothing and deeply moisturizing. 


Image via Apple TV+

Physical on Apple TV+

Included with an Apple TV+ subscription

*For anyone who’s had an eating disorder or is in the middle of one, this show could be triggering.*

I loved the way this show was shot and find Rose Byrne to be a master of dark comedy. The topic is certainly serious and touches on mental health issues. As someone who has struggled with an eating disorder and trauma myself, I actually found it very helpful to hear someone else have the thoughts I did about myself while in the throes of my own struggles.


Kate's Picks: 7 Things I Tried in August and Loved | Wit & Delight
Image via Sephora

ILIA Balmy Tint Hydrating Lip Balm


My lips have been ravished by the sun this summer and, thanks to hyperpigmentation, the freckles around my lip line look less pronounced when I wear some color. This ILIA lip balm has just the right amount of pigment while being ultra nourishing and long wearing. 

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BY Kate Arends - September 7, 2021


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