September 2021 Horoscopes: Focus on the Details


September 2021 Horoscopes: Focus on the Details | Wit & Delight

As the heavens dance in September 2021, we will see a greater focus on how we build our lives. With so many planets spinning in Virgo, we will spend more time streamlining our plans, pursuing productivity, and becoming eager to create a healthy work-life balance. However, it is especially important to also factor in pleasure, rest, and joy into our very busy calendars, as we live in a society that prioritizes activity over reflection. Above all, make sure that you’re not just spinning your wheels, going nowhere fast, just to distract yourself from enjoying each moment in real time. Remember: life goes quickly, so don’t forget to enjoy the little moments—the little details—too.

Find out what September has in store for your zodiac sign in your personal horoscope below!


With so much planetary activity highlighting your sector of productivity, you will find that September gives you a huge opportunity to make progress. Some Aries will be able to find a new job, take on more projects and responsibilities with their employer, or even rock out some professional milestones that’ll become a jewel in their crown.

The full moon on September 20 will activate your dream world, allowing you to take a step back to review your inner emotional life and mental health.

Last to note this month will be a growing trend focused entirely around your partnerships that begins mid-September. Prepare to be setting goals with a significant romantic or creative associate—you’ll go further as a team.


Passion, true love, and creativity are top priorities at the onset of September, Taurus. The new moon in this sector arrives on September 6 and could bring a fire to your heart. Single Tauruses could cross paths with a soul mate or line up many new suitors who make their spirit sing. Committed Tauruses can also use this lunation to bring the magic back into their rapport.

The full moon on September 20 will put you in the spotlight—you may even attend an event that could hold both personal and professional joy, showing that many people love and support you. Wear the crown as they lift you up to celebrate your recent victories.


Domestic matters will be especially important for you at the onset of September, Gemini. The new moon on September 6 could open the door for you to move, renovate, or make a change in your living situation. You may suddenly feel it’s important to spend more time with family too.

Later, September 20 will put your name in lights on the celestial marquee, as a full moon in your sector of achievements arrives. A promotion, new job, or recognition may arrive, letting you step higher than ever before.

Last to note will be a growing trend around love, passion, and creativity, so get ready for plenty of fun in the weeks ahead!


September 2021 Horoscopes: Focus on the Details | Wit & Delight

September could help you to get out of town and set forth into new horizons, Cancer. With a new moon in your sector of short-distance travel on September 6—with Mars also powering up this sphere—it is quite likely you’re packing your bags to journey to nearby towns and get a change of scenery. You may even be motivated to visit with friends, neighbors, or siblings.

The full moon on September 20 has more distant implications, possibly helping you to soar on a vacation, either for business or pleasure. If you are unable to book that jet just yet, you may instead consider where you’d like to journey in 2022.

Last to mention is that there will a growing trend in the final weeks of the month spotlighting home and domestic matters. Travel early on if you can, because you’ll likely be feeling the need to nest later on at home.


Prosperity could be yours this month, Leo. As a new moon in your financial sector arrives on September 6, you may have the opportunity to increase your rates, take on a raise, find a new job, or start working with a new client. While there’s likely to be an uptick in your moneymaking potential, fiery Mars appears to be causing your expenses to erupt most of the month too. No matter what, assess your budget, income, and expenses.

The full moon in your sector of assets will arrive this month, too, rising within the night on September 20. A bonus, check, settlement, or royalty payment could hit your accounts or get approved. If you’d like to apply for a scholarship, loan, or line of credit, the stars would also be in your favor.


September 2021 Horoscopes: Focus on the Details | Wit & Delight

The most important month of the year has arrived for you, Virgo! With the awakening of the new moon in your zodiac sign on September 6, the doors are opening for you to take action and begin to create the life of your dreams. In the week that follows this lunation, step center stage and show the world what you’re after! With mighty Mars igniting your zodiac sign until the 14th, you have more magnetism, dominance, and vitality than any other sign on Earth! Seize the day and show them your power.

The full moon this month rises by nightfall on September 20, shifting your attention to important partnership matters. This dazzling lunation could help you to grow closer with someone whether by moving in, getting engaged, or making long-term promises. However, if you’re unhappy, you may clear the air and scatter like leaves in a gale.


While the onset of September may feel especially slow for you, Libra, you’re being given an opportunity to reflect, rest, and brainstorm how you’d like to structure the coming year. You may even be hard at work on some significant projects that you’re developing behind the scenes.

Happily, as soon as mighty Mars turns a corner to ignite your zodiac sign on September 14, you will feel a massive surge of energy for the first time in nearly two years! With the red planet in your zodiac sign, you’ll likely have more magnetism, passion, dominance, and energy! Seize the day!

With the sun entering your zodiac sign on the 22nd, birthday season arrives. This is an auspicious period in time to put your goals, hopes, and dreams front and center. However, tie up all matters as early as you can because a Mercury retrograde phase begins in your zodiac sign on the 27th, casting a major cloud over the weeks ahead. Go with the flow.


The universe is showing you that you’re the town royalty, Scorpio! With so much planetary activity in your social sector of friendships and communities, you’re likely hearing from many people who love and support you. The new moon on September 6 could help you to circulate and meet new people too. Single Scorpios will have plenty of luck meeting new options through their network or online dating too.

Speaking of romance, the most important full moon of the year for passion will trumpet in the night on September 20. This could help you fall especially in love or bring the spice back into your relationship. If you’ve been trying for a child or already have one, this lunation could bring happy news as you make sweet memories. 


Professional advancements are going to dominate the majority of September for you, Sagittarius. As the new moon in your achievements sector arrives on September 6, you may hear news of a promotion, job offer, praise, or recognition. Mars continues to give you massive firepower here until midmonth, too, so it’s up to you to capture the momentum and create an avalanche of success.

However, the full moon will ricochet your attention away from work to ground you at home near September 20. Some Sagittarians may move, renovate, or fix up their living space. You may also be required to handle an important family situation, so if something pops up, step up and do so.


September 2021 Horoscopes: Focus on the Details | Wit & Delight

September could be giving you the travel bug, Capricorn! With so much planetary energy in your sectors of short-distance and long-distance travel this month, you may literally be packing your bags and setting your sights on new horizons—or at least creating an itinerary of plans that you’d like to tackle on vacations in the year ahead.

The new moon on September 6 and full moon on September 20 flow so beautifully with your earth sign element, so whatever you set your sights upon should bring you joy, a fresh perspective, and growth.

Another major theme that begins for you this month will be a surge of momentum around professional matters that continues to creep in the further you get toward October. Huge new career heights could be right around the corner, so buckle down and get to work.


Financial matters could see growth this month for you, Aquarius. At the onset of September, a new moon in your sector of investments and assets arrives on September 6, potentially bringing news of a check, bonus, or settlement. If you’re in need of a loan, line of credit, scholarship, or even need to renegotiate your employer’s benefits package, this would be an auspicious period to do so. Just make sure you’ve gotten everything squared away prior to Mercury retrograde, which begins on September 27!

Last to note this month will be the arrival of the full moon in your prosperity sector on September 20, potentially causing showers of gold to rain down. A new job, raise, or new client may present itself, so keep your antennae up.


September 2021 Horoscopes: Focus on the Details | Wit & Delight

Relationship matters will be extremely important to you all month, Pisces, as many planets are stirring the pot in your sectors of partnership and intimacy. At the onset of the month, a new moon in your union zone arrives on September 6. Single Pisceans could have luck finding someone with staying potential. Committed Pisceans may decide it’s time to make long-term plans, move in, or become engaged. On the professional side, negotiations and agreements should go quite well too.

However, the most important full moon of the year arrives for you on September 20, as it shimmers within your zodiac sign. You will be standing before the world in all your glory, as you may now achieve a dearly important personal goal. Celebrate you, Pisces.

BY Kyle Thomas - September 2, 2021


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