October 2021 Theme: Why Creativity Matters


October 2021 Theme: Why Creativity Matters | Wit & Delight

After the busyness of the summer and the start of the school year for many, October is a time when the pace tends to slow down. It’s a month when we can enjoy the changing of the seasons and, hopefully, invite some much-needed headspace into our lives.

This month on Wit & Delight, we’re exploring the theme of creativity. I’ve started to look inward to get a sense of what my body and mind feel like when I’m being creative. I’ve noticed there’s a different sensation I experience when I’m in this kind of space. It’s akin to a younger part of myself; there’s an ease to it. I’ve tried to cultivate pockets of my day where it’s possible to dive into these creative practices, even if only for a few minutes at a time. 

One small way I’ve practiced creativity of late is with my son, August. On a blank piece of paper, he’ll draw a simple line or abstract shape—whatever he feels like putting on paper—and I’ll turn it into an object or scene. He enjoys the process (I do too) and it’s teaching him that any abstract thing can turn into something more meaningful if you simply experiment a bit. These kinds of practices can help us look at our surroundings a little differently; they can help us begin to see possibilities where there were none before. 

Everyone is creative in their own unique way. A sense of creativity is something that’s developed through gentle practice; it’s not something that needs to feel rigid or forced.

Sometimes people think being considered creative is contingent on having a creative career, but that’s not true. Whether you find a sense of creativity through drawing, rearranging furniture in your home, styling flowers in a vase, or throwing together a meal on a Monday night, everyone is creative in their own unique way. A sense of creativity is something that’s developed through gentle practice; it’s not something that needs to feel rigid or forced.

This month, I invite you to tune into moments when you experience that feeling of imagination and possibility for yourself. What are you doing in those times? What’s going on around you? How can you cultivate those creative experiences for yourself a bit more often?

This October, our contributors will be writing about finding self-acceptance through creativity, and how to decide on artwork that complements your home. I’ll be sharing my favorite creativity prompts, plus a peek at our design plans for the foyer (formerly the music room). Stay tuned for this and plenty more throughout the month ahead!

When life gets overwhelming, seeking creativity can feel like a bit of comfort, a little slice of freedom all your own. This is what I’m realizing the practice has done for me. At its best, creativity helps you engage with what you’re doing in the moment and find a bit of delight in the everyday. What a sweet thing it is to instill in our lives.

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BY Kate Arends - October 1, 2021


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