2022 Horoscopes Forecast: You Were Born to Shine


2022 Horoscopes Forecast: You Were Born to Shine | Wit & Delight

2022 is your year. It is the year where you will heal and find your power. You will remember everything that brought you here now and you will be given a choice: Do you stay as that previous version of yourself or, instead, be reborn like a phoenix and recreate yourself? You will find that life is iridescent and you will unlock your magic—more deeply, more authentically, than ever before. You will look in the mirror and see that you are beautiful. The ability to be everything that you want to be, live your life like you always hoped you could, and love and create like the muse on Earth that you are—it all comes back to the belief that you can.

Yes, sometimes we stumble, doubt, or fall upon the journey—but that only lasts for a moment in time. You will learn that life is not always about sacrifice for others—life is a wheel. It turns and moves, ever on. 2022 is like stepping into a portal that can very quickly turn your dreams into reality, but just as easily lead you down a path of memory. Don’t be imprisoned by your past and, most of all, do not be chained by your fears. They have no power over you. You, my friend, are just becoming. Becoming something more authentically you. The stars are dancing effortlessly in most of 2022—and so can you. Choose love. Choose happiness. Choose adventure. But above all, I pray that you choose yourself and what sings within your heart. Always. Don’t ever dim your light. You were born from a star. Be one.

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing my departure as the horoscopes writer for Wit & Delight. The last years working alongside the goddess Kate, the absolutely brilliant Jackie, and the rest of the savants at Wit & Delight have been so emotionally and creatively freeing. You are all immaculate stars and I treasured every single day writing alongside you. Please follow my next television, media, and publishing adventures at my website or on Instagram at @MrKyleThomas. (Editor’s Note: While we’re sad to see Kyle leaving, we are also so grateful for his contributions to W&D over the years and are excited to follow along with his new ventures! Stay tuned for February horoscopes next month from a new voice to W&D who we’re so excited to have on our writing team.)

Find out what 2022 has in store for your zodiac sign in your personal horoscope below! 


2022 Horoscopes Forecast: You Were Born to Shine | Wit & Delight

2022 will ignite your spirit and help you to find your true sense of peace, Aries. The past will be coming to face you throughout most of the year ahead—helping you to reflect, learn, and grow from it. On one hand, the year to come will encourage you to pick up the pieces of your heart that have not healed and to dust off the stories you’d like to rekindle. The past decade has shown you every high and low. But the best part is that your new chapter is just about to begin.

In the summer of 2022, you will awaken like you are rising from a beautiful sleep—and you will be ready to embark on an entirely new adventure to pursue your heart’s desires. You will remember who you are and then open your wings to fly in a vastly new direction. Remember: The journey is the most important part of the story, so don’t ever be afraid.


2022 Horoscopes Forecast: You Were Born to Shine | Wit & Delight

2022 will smile on you so deeply, Taurus, as you will likely feel especially supported by the universe. You will feel as if your heart is blooming after a long period of hard work. You are stepping into your power and this new version of yourself more confidently than ever before. You are writing the story of your life, and this time the universe is telling you that you can dream big.

Even when you will be asked to make some very big decisions that may change the course of your life forever, you will know that you are being divinely guided by a loving and kind greater power. Believe that you bring something special to the world and you’ll trust your evolution even more.


2022 Horoscopes Forecast: You Were Born to Shine | Wit & Delight

2022 will bring you the crown, Gemini. The hard work you’ve been putting into your personal and professional development is now likely to pay off. In many ways, you will find that the hurdles in recent years actually helped you to grow and become more resilient than ever before—and the wisdom inherent in each of those lessons has given you the strength to persevere where you never once thought you could go.

You will likely enjoy greater perception this year, more accolades for previously completed work, and the choice of how you’d like to now build your legacy in the years to come. Do not doubt yourself any longer, Gemini: Know that you have a very special story and light to bring to your corner of the universe and the world will believe it now, too.


2022 Horoscopes Forecast: You Were Born to Shine | Wit & Delight

2022 will set your spirit on a path to fulfillment, Cancer. The year to come shows that you are ready to soar in vast new directions and explore more of what life has to offer you. While there will also be a great deal of focus on reviewing the karma of the past, you will be given a chance to dance and reunite with the parts of your history that make you love the very essence of life.

In the summer of 2022, prepare to step into the spotlight and receive the glory you’ve so long wished for. You worked so hard in recent years to get here and now are tasting some of the nectar of your blood, sweat, and tears. Know that the pathway to the life you want exists before you. All you have to do is not be afraid to dance in the rain.


2022 Horoscopes Forecast: You Were Born to Shine | Wit & Delight

You have been steel forged through fire, Leo. Last year began to show you that you are stronger than you ever thought you were. In 2022, you will likely finally feel a reprieve from the storms that sought to darken your previous skies. The planets will dance in a beautiful alignment that favors more support from the world when you decide to ask for it.

Your career is likely turning in a more fulfilling direction, finally, after many years of spinning between obligation and passion. The chance to recreate this may come from hard decisions that seem to be thrust upon you, but you must always remember that most challenges are actually a blessing in disguise.

There may be some destined shifts around home or family this year, too—and while it may bring you a moment of confusion, it will do so to help you remember your roots and the way back to the center of your soul. The summer of 2022 will be filled with magic, as you find that the cosmos are ready to lift your wings higher and propel you toward your newfound goals and dreams.


2022 will allow you to open your heart more deeply than ever before, Virgo. You have had many years of trials when it has come to passion, romance, or creativity. Life felt like it was a place of constant rigidity and gray clouds. Let the sun break through that stormy sky because, finally, you will truly feel that you are being beckoned forth to step into a place of happiness rather than just questioning how long the lucky streak will last.

The best news is that the path forward is likely much sweeter, as you can find or grow closer with many soul mates now and in the years to come. Destiny will also favor the Virgos who are ready to soar into new territory and explore more about the world and culture. Open your mind just as you will inevitably open your heart.


2022 will expand your professional horizons greatly, Libra, giving you more opportunities for success and prosperity. The stars shift to propel you into more fulfilling work and a better routine that also gives you a chance to enjoy time with friends, family, and your true love.

The summer will surely be your favorite time, as you may find yourself enchanted in a karmic dance with a fated partner in business, collaboration, or love. You are entering a rare period where you can grow closer than ever before while also learning more about yourself. You will share so much synergy with another soul at that time and it will help you to once again believe in your heart’s deepest desires, hopes, and passions. Listen to the whispers of the universe, as you are being guided by stars that believe in you.


Lightning will strike your spirit and heart in 2022, Scorpio. You are being called to step into your power but also open up your soul to others—something that is not always the easiest for you to do, especially in recent years. You have faced your insecurities and fears in the past and for the first time in quite some time, you’ll feel ready to move forward into new horizons rather than clinging to patterns that only limit you.

Throughout most of 2022, you will feel like you are creating freely again without planning every step that is to come. Sometimes art is meant to happen as you are in the moment, and this is the way you will find the path to your greatest happiness. True love—whether with a new soul mate or the one at your side—may light your heart on fire like a rocket and shoot into the sky. 


2022 will be the year that you sink your roots into the world and reach to the sky with hope and optimism, Sagittarius. You’ve experienced so much change in recent years—particularly around partnerships, as well as the change that comes from stepping into your power and understanding that you don’t have to be what you once thought. There will likely be plenty of opportunities to advance your career as well as create an ideal routine that allows time for enjoyment, recreation, and activity.

It will also be especially important to focus on improving your physical and mental health this year, whether that be by joining a gym, shifting your diet, or implementing more spiritually focused rituals in your daily affairs. These little decisions could ultimately bring you a happier scope of life and you will once again find that the world is one of harmony and bright, sunny skies.


2022 will bring you the opportunity to face your past, your relationships, and the lessons that you’ve learned, Capricorn. While there is plenty of opportunity to break into new territory, you’ll also be spending a lot of time dealing with the decisions you’ve made personally and professionally to get where you are now. The beauty of this is that you are being given a destined chance to open up the book of your life and pull out the pieces, people, and stories you’d like to revisit—for closure, for healing, or to give them another chance in the present.

So often in life, we charge forward without looking back, feeling that we should live some societal expectation that tells us to keep productive and moving without favoring rest. In truth, it is best for us to understand the nuances of our triumphs, mistakes, and actions so that we can live the very best life we were born to lead. You will likely have beautiful and brilliant mental breakthroughs that give you the chance to make the right decisions and pursue the life of your dreams.


2022 will likely be a year of tremendous growth and fortune for you, Aquarius. Not only will you finally see more prosperity come from your skills and efforts, but you will also be given so many opportunities to advance toward personal and professional success. In recent years, you’ve been taught to sacrifice for what you want—but now you are being reminded that none of that was in vain. The universe is always listening to the little song you sing in your heart, the one where you hope that someday you will be seen for the beautiful authentic version inside of you. The stars have heard those whispers and are embracing you and beckoning you forward.

There will certainly be shifts around your home and family that come this year, too, but they are helping you find more stable ground. Remember: You have weathered every storm that has come before, and you will not even flinch if you remember you are the ruler of your mind and your emotions. You are indestructible because you are a titan.


2022 will feel like an awakening for you, Pisces. The universe is telling you that you deserve to live a life that makes you truly happy. While there will be a major focus on the past throughout much of the year—encouraging you to revisit old relationships, ambitions, and projects—this is because you are being reminded that you have been a dreamer for so very long.

Sometimes making a dream come true is all about timing—and knowing when to take that seed of hope and go forth to make it happen. Well, that time to manifest is here and, very quickly, you will likely start to see that your efforts bring very tangible and real results. Vision board your life and dust off your wishes, because the universe is listening to them now. Magic happens when we believe in the power that lives within us. Use yours now.

BY Kyle Thomas - January 4, 2022


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