13 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas, Handpicked by Kate and Joe


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It took me almost nine years to realize this, but the secret to getting what you want for Valentine’s Day is to ask for it. That’s it.

I want to start normalizing asking what you want for your birthday, for Christmas, for Valentine’s Day. Goodness knows I’m not a mind reader—why do I expect my husband to read my mind? So, no more subtle mentions or casual conversation hints. This year, I’m sending him an email with links to a few of the things I really want for Valentine’s Day (and sending a link to this post for good measure).

Here are a few things that Joe and I are asking each other for this Valentine’s Day.


1. Juniper Ridge Desert Cedar Body Wash

Desert Cedar Body Wash | Valentine’s Day Gift Idea
All product images via Huckberry


We love to visit the desert together but it has been years. This would be a nice nostalgic scent to have in the shower.

2. Farmhouse Pottery Artisan Forged Cheese Knives

Artisan Forged Cheese Knives | Valentine’s Day Gift Idea


An upgrade from our thrifted ones!

3. j.bee Diamond Locket Necklace

Diamond Locket Necklace | Valentine’s Day Gift Idea


I lost a locket in college and always regretted that. This would be a beautiful replacement.

4. Vermicular Musui-Kamado

Musui-Kamado | Valentine’s Day Gift Idea


It’s an extravagant ask, but you’d be repaid in bread?

5. Wills Women’s Retro Quarter Zip

Quarter Zip Sweater | Valentine’s Day Gift Idea


I would live in this.

6. Herbal Goods Co. Signature Herbal Goods Box


Color me intrigued!

7. Milk Bar Chocolate Confetti Cookies

Chocolate Confetti Cookies | Valentine’s Day Gift Idea


Just don’t let the kids know where you hid them!

8. Alex Mill Sherpa Jacket

Alex Mill Sherpa Jacket


This jacket made me say “Ohhhhhhhh.”


1. Rab Expedition Kitbag 80


We’ve officially got the itch to travel. We haven’t traveled in far too long, and when we get back into it, I don’t plan on checking roller bags. I’m trying to simplify my wardrobe, which should give me the opportunity to fit all of my things into this 80L bag that looks like it can take just about anything the wild new world can throw at it.  

2. Wills Classic Cashmere Quarter Zip

Cashmere Quarter Zip Sweater | Valentine’s Day Gift Idea


Hear me out: I’ve been dressing like an unemployed drifter for most of the pandemic, complete with a vagabond (lack of) haircut until recently. After cutting my locks off I decided that I needed to find a bit of that lost professionalism, even while on Zoom calls, so I’ve been dipping back into—*ready for this?*—collared shirts. This quarter zip is brilliant in the fact that said collared shirt doesn’t need to be perfectly pressed, as the only exposed portion of it is the collar. IT’S SCIENCE. 

3. Huckberry Waxed Canvas 6-Panel Cap

Waxed Canvas 6-Panel Cap | Valentine’s Day Gift Idea


Logan and Kendall Roy of Succession showed me that caps without logos on them simply scream that you mean business—both literally and figuratively. With this insight gleaned, I at the very least want people to think I mean business nearly all of the time, which is why this cap without any branding whatsoever is a huge flex. 

4. Leatherman Signal

Signal Multi-Tool | Valentine’s Day Gift Idea


Over the last nearly two years I’ve attempted to do more around the house and have even started learning elementary elements of fixing things (as instructed by our handiest of guys who comes in and does 95% of the fixing and installing himself). With this said, having this Signal would be a serious step up with just about anything I could need in a multi-tool. In fact, it may have even more than I could need—what is a ¼” hex bit driver? 

5. Onsen Hooded Waffle Robe

Hooded Waffle Robe | Valentine’s Day Gift Idea


My wife wears them religiously, and recently I took the plunge on this robe. Long story short, I love it. I wear PJs underneath, but it totally makes me feel like Tony Soprano. 

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BY Kate Arends - February 4, 2022


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