5 of My Favorite Face Masks for Hydration and Exfoliation


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When it comes to skin care, a big part of my routine this winter has been using face masks. Given how integral they’ve become to my routine, I wanted to share my favorites on the blog with all of you! 

I use different masks to treat different issues I’m noticing with my skin. I try to let my skin’s current state inform what product(s) I want to use on any given night. My skin type tends to be quite dry and can be somewhat sensitive. I don’t experience too many issues with acne or excess oil although the pores on my nose and chin can appear congested at times. My primary focuses are hydration, exfoliation, and reducing the appearance of fine lines. The bulk of my skin care comes from at-home product applications and treatments. 

For context around what other products I use, my current winter skin-care routine looks like this:

Today I’m sharing five of my favorite face masks and what I use each one to treat.

Disclosure: Each of these face masks was gifted to me from Follain, one of my favorite beauty brands. Over time, I’ve tried out a number of face masks I didn’t like, and these represent the crème de la crème of masks I’ve used.


Follain Ultra Hydrating Mask

Face Masks: Follain Ultra Hydrating Mask
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This hydrating mask is my go-to when my skin needs extra TLC. It’s the mask I use most often, especially in the dry winter months. It instantly makes my skin feel cooler and softer. I also love the smell and the consistency. This kind of cream-based mask tends to work best for my skin when it comes to hydrating (rather than a gel mask). I love how you can clearly see when it’s finished too—it starts as a white cream then absorbs into my skin and dries clear.


Follain Dual Detox Mask

Face Masks: Follain Dual Detox Mask


This is a nice, gentle detox mask with a clay consistency. This mask noticeably firms my skin when I use it and minimizes some of the congestion I get on my nose and chin. Sometimes I’ll double mask with this and the Follain Ultra Hydrating Mask.


Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

Face Masks: Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask


This resurfacing mask is a pillar of my skin-care routine. I use this when I want an exfoliating peel that’s gentler than its chemical counterpart. It really helps refine the texture on the surface of my skin and gives it a smooth appearance. I use this when I know I need to exfoliate my outer layer of skin, usually a few times a week, and I apply plenty of moisturizer afterward.


Tata Harper Clarifying Mask

Face Masks: Tata Harper Clarifying Mask


This clarifying mask is the one I use when my skin is really congested (the pores on my nose and chin look grayish) and has a noticeably dull, uneven texture. It’s bright green and it feels like a tingly, intense clean. The formula includes AHAs and BHAs, which can make my skin more sensitive afterward. The morning after I use this mask, I’ll use a gentle cleanser with a couple of hydrating products and will avoid products that have vitamin C or vitamin A. I use this product occasionally in the winter months but I know it (along with the Follain Dual Detox Mask) will get more use in the summer.


Tammy Fender Epi Peel

Face Masks: Tammy Fender Epi Peel


This peel is one I use when I want a really good exfoliation, and when I’m looking to improve my skin tone and texture. I don’t use it when my skin is feeling particularly sensitive or tight. I tend to use it a couple of times a month, and a little goes a long way. It doesn’t leave my skin red or irritated afterward, although some people could be more sensitive to it.

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BY Kate Arends - March 9, 2022


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