April 2022 Horoscopes: Embrace the Unexpected


April is a powerful month for all zodiac signs, as the sky will be brimming with incredible activity. Instead of one new moon, April brings a total of two with the arrival of eclipse season. Eclipses are the tools the universe uses to bring change into our lives. Expect surprises, twists, and turns—as the overall astrological tide will be instigating us to move toward our most cherished dreams. Life will be moving fast, so when doors open and close, don’t look back. Take this opportunity to liberate yourself from the past.

While April’s new and full moons (new moon on April 1, full moon on April 16, and new moon on April 30) will be felt intensely, the most fortunate planets, Venus and Jupiter, will be helping us out like never before. Over the month ahead, when we focus on healing and transformation, we will feel the wind at our backs. Raw ambition will also play its part, so if there was ever a time to take risks, that time is now! 

Mark April 5, April 7, April 12, April 26, and April 30 as your best days to assert yourself. Major downloads of inspiration will be available, and our intuition will reach a climax, so move through the world with the confidence that all the answers you seek are already inside of you! 

Find out what the month ahead has in store for your zodiac sign in the April 2022 horoscopes below!


April 2022 Horoscopes: Aries

Happy birthday, Aries! As the month begins, there are a total of five planetary bodies in your sign. You have the gift of strategy, plus the gift of gab, so use them wisely by setting ambitious intentions around the April 1 new moon. Long-term success is feasible when you follow through on April 7 and April 8. 

Expect your energy to shift starting April 14, when your ruler Mars enters the deep, healing waters of Pisces. You love action, but during the second part of the month, you might opt for a calmer, chiller vibe. This will be especially true as the full moon arrives, when the outside world might feel a bit invasive. Luckily, the energy shifts as the Sun leaves your sign on April 19, starting a four-week period in which you may make headway on your finances. 


April 2022 Horoscope: Taurus

Welcome to one of the best months in your 2022 storybook, Taurus! Lover Venus, your planetary ruler, enters its absolute favorite place in the sky, where it will reside from April 4 until May 1. This means that your powers of manifestation could reach new heights! Regardless of the nature of what you most desire in life, you can make it happen. 

The bright Sun illuminates your sign starting April 19, kicking off your birthday month. From now until the April 30 new moon solar eclipse in your sign, life will likely be full of synchronicities, messages, and fortunate events! You’ve been through a lot of change, and now is when all the pieces that have been up in the air will begin to make much more sense. Just remember, the more you embrace the unexpected, the more magic is available to you, this year and especially now. 


April 2022 Horoscope: Gemini

You’re likely to have a fabulous month in store, Gemini! This year has been about career growth, and as Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune illuminate this part of your life, a new job or a fantastic opportunity to grow your name could knock at your door. This is astonishing cosmic power at your disposal. Between April 14 and April 30, plant the seed of something big, as this opportunity will not repeat again in your lifetime… no pressure!

On a more mystical note, the April 30 new moon solar eclipse activates a sensitive part of your chart. When you think about the past, what subconscious beliefs prevent you from moving forward? During this powerful time, you will be releasing old hang-ups and preconceived notions about yourself, so allow yourself to let go of what no longer fits your “new you.”


April 2022 Horoscope: Cancer

For you, Cancer, Aries season is all about career power moves. You’re a very tenacious sign and the April 1 new moon could see you setting some ambitious goals. This month’s astrology assists you in doing so with a very strategic mind, while also keeping you open to new and exciting possibilities. The April 16 full moon might make you doubt yourself—in which case, make the necessary adjustments, but don’t give up! 

The rare April 26 meetup of Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune in your ninth house of faraway horizons is a golden opportunity to travel to a place you have never been before. If you can’t travel, find other ways to expand your mind, as this influence has some precious gifts that you can only absorb when you explore the world around you. 


April 2022 Horoscope: Leo

You’re feeling fired up as April begins with the Sun, your planetary ruler, parked in fire sign pal Aries. Eat the world, Leo, and have fun while you’re at it! If you’ve been waiting for a payout, a settlement, or a contract to be finalized, this sweet moment could arrive between April 12 and April 26. During these days, your stars look amazing for money, honey! 

This month’s ultra-powerful new moon solar eclipse marks a new beginning in your career and reputation. While the news might feel shocking at first, trust that your stars have your back. This lunation comes with some of the most positive astrological conjurations for quite some time, so you could very well be in for a blessing in disguise. If a new door opens, walk right through it—exciting things are on the other side. 


April 2022 Horoscope: Virgo

Keep the love letters coming, Virgo. You’ve been receiving cosmic invitations to merge with others—either romantically or personally. This call deepens as lover Venus illuminates your sector of partnerships, starting April 4. Since Venus also rules money, this influence also extends to your business or career, so either way, your stars are looking fab this month. How will you make use of them? Mercury in Aries until April 10 will be injecting you with energy, so use it! 

The April 30 new moon solar eclipse activates your ninth house of travel, learning, and faraway horizons. This is a fabulous time for a trip, enrolling in a MasterClass, or doing anything that inspires you. It’s time to see the world with new eyes, and lucky connections and sweet synchronicities show up when you dare to embrace a spirit of adventure. 


April 2022 Horoscopes: Libra

An interesting month is in store for you. The beginning of April could feel a little intense as the planets activate Chiron in your sector of partnerships. It’s time to heal, but in order to do that, you must first face the ugly. Don’t shy away from it, Libra. 

The vibe gets so much better as Venus, your planetary ruler, enters Pisces—and so, the magic begins. With the goddess of love and pleasure positioned so well in the sky for the rest of the month, what dreams will you be manifesting? A friendly reminder that the gorgeous astrology of this month is a one-off, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to chase your dreams while the stars are shining over you. If you’ve been expecting a settlement, loan, or check to arrive, the April 30 powerful solar eclipse could make it appear. 


April 2022 Horoscopes: Scorpio

For you, Scorpio, April brings two of your favorite things: creativity and connection. The gorgeous lineup of planets in Pisces is bringing big downloads and ideas your way. And this month is more than ideal to act on them and put them in place. Alternatively, this energy could be manifesting in the romance department, bringing some of your steamier nights of the year. Enjoy! 

As the Sun enters Taurus, the focus turns to your partnerships, either in romance or business, so make use of this month’s energy by establishing one-on-one connections that can help you get to your desired destination. The April 30 new moon solar eclipse opens and closes doors for you; you shouldn’t be afraid of letting the old go so you can begin to welcome the new you. 


April Horoscopes: Sagittarius

You tend to love the Aries energy, so you could welcome the month by having an absolute blast! However, April has some other goodies for you—like, for example… a brand new vision! This is the gift Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune have for you, so take advantage by capturing all the ideas and insights that get transmitted to you. The outcome could be life-changing, especially toward the end of the month. 

Asteroid Juno, which represents commitment, enters your home sector on April 20. If you’re in a serious relationship, this could mean a marriage proposal, or maybe the beginning of a new phase in an important relationship. You’re a lover of freedom, but with such a loving aura surrounding you this month, why not take a leap of faith, Sagittarius? Hear the call to honor this important moment within a special bond. 


April Horoscope: Capricorn

For Capricorns, Aries season is about focusing energy on home and family—and under this month’s first new moon, there’s some healing to do around this area of your life. Set an intention, act on it, and by the time the April 16 full moon arrives, you will notice how far you’ve come. The great news is that communication will be flowing, helping the healing take place. 

Talking about communication… this month’s fortunate triage of planets lights up your third house of messages, announcements, and social media. If you’ve been working on a project, or have a new idea for one, the last days of April are golden to share your masterpiece with the world. Alternatively, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to begin writing that novel or script that’s been lurking in the back of your mind.  


April Horoscope: Aquarius

You’ve been working hard, Aquarius, and the rewards that you began seeing last month spill into this one. Expect a lot of activity in your finances, with more income potentially coming your way. At a deeper level, this is a major boost to your confidence! Life has been real lately, but now more than ever, you could be feeling more aligned with your purpose. Embrace this beautiful feeling. 

Once Taurus season begins on April 19, the focus turns to your sector of home, family, and ancestry. You might suddenly need to turn your attention here, as this is the same area that gets activated by the April 30 super potent new moon solar eclipse. If a door opens or closes, trust that you will know how to respond. This eclipse brings in the energy of Uranus, your planetary ruler, which in the end is here to liberate you from what no longer is in your path. Trust it! 


April Horoscope: Pisces

If a zodiac sign was to claim this year, that would be you, Pisces! March was a good month to sow the seeds of intention, and April builds the perfect terrain for you to follow through on them. This astrology is rare, so don’t miss out on acting on your deepest desires. With so much planetary activity in your zodiac sign, you have charm, luck, and drive at your disposal—so how will you make use of it? What you are being called on is to create a new vision, one that can either help you reinvent yourself or manifest abundance in any area of your life. 

When you picture your future, what would you like to see? Get very specific, and think big—because, under this astrological weather, there are no boundaries to the manifestation of your wishes. Over the month ahead, try recording your dreams, as they hold special guidance. It’s time to begin living the life of your dreams! 

BY Narayana Montúfar - April 4, 2022


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