11 Instagram Accounts I’m Loving Right Now for Design and Food Inspiration


Instagram has become something entirely different from what it was a decade ago. With algorithms and suggested accounts dictating our experiences on our feeds, I thought it would be nice to highlight some of my favorite content creators. Some of them are names you may recognize, and others are probably new to you! While I’ve shared similar posts in previous years, this is my current selection of Instagram accounts I most enjoy seeing on my feed day after day—particularly in the design space, with a couple of food accounts in the mix too. I think you’ll like them as well!

Here are 11 of my current favorite Instagram accounts…


Gladys Tay | @thegladystay

Image via @thegladystay

Gladys is a local designer and vintage dealer. I’m always interested in what she’s doing and talking about. Her style is so different from mine and I find her really refreshing.


Courtney Tate | @_mayfairhouse_

Instagram Accounts I Love Right Now | Wit & Delight
Image via @_mayfairhouse_

Following along with the restoration of this incredible 1920s Atlanta, GA home is one of my favorite things to watch!


Bri Emery | @designlovefest

Instagram Accounts I Love Right Now | Wit & Delight
Image via @designlovefest

Bri left Los Angeles with her husband and bought the coolest retro home in Upstate New York! I love watching her stories and the design progress on her home so much.


Jordan Ferney | @jordanferney

Image via @jordanferney | Photo by @paulferney

Jordan is another person in the process of creating a haven in Upstate New York. All of her design decisions have me nodding my head and saying a resounding “YES!”


Sophia Roe | @sophia_roe

Image via @sophie_roe

I’ve long enjoyed following Sophia on Instagram. Her videos are beautiful and she creates recipes that are thoughtful and unique but still attainable.


Heidi Caillier | @heidicaillierdesign

Instagram Accounts I Love Right Now | Wit & Delight
Image via @heidicaillierdesign | Photo by @haris.kenjar

Heidi is one of my favorite designers right now. Browse the interiors on her page and you’ll see why…


Gwen | @themakerista

Instagram Accounts I Love Right Now | Wit & Delight
Image via @themakerista | Photo by @justinsalemmeyer

Gwen is so detailed in how she shares her design process. I’m always learning something from her. Right now she is building her dream home and it’s fascinating to follow along.


Kipling House Interiors | @kiplinghouseinteriors

Image via @kiplinghouseinteriors | Photo by @b2photographymn

This account is another local favorite. If you love classic, traditional homes with a bit of a southern twist, follow these ladies. You’ll find their work in design magazines, too!


Carolina Gelen | @carolinagelen

Image via @carolinagelen | Photo by @omi_co

This is an amazing food account to follow. I find myself saving so many of Carolina’s recipes.


Elena | @thishouse5000

Image via @thishouse5000

I love following Elena for her charming personality and delightful, ever-evolving home decor.


Meta Coleman | @metacoleman_

Instagram Accounts I Love Right Now | Wit & Delight
Image via @metacoleman_

I love how unique Meta’s creative lens is! Watching her projects unfold has taught me so much about the value of following your personal design style.

BY Kate Arends - July 13, 2022


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