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This Ninja 2-in-1 Blender and Food Processor Is Worth the Money | Wit & Delight

We’re doing a series of product reviews here on Wit & Delight where I offer more in-depth information on tried and true products I’ve been using for months (or years) that have changed my daily routine for the better. These reviews are intended to provide detailed information on products that may be of interest to you, so if and when you’re in the market for such an item, you have all the info you need to decide whether or not to make a purchase.

Next up on the list is the Ninja Foodi Power Blender Ultimate System I purchased in 2021.

I do not like to add unnecessary gadgets to my house, so when I do, the bar is quite high and I’ll know quickly whether or not it was worth it. This is a product I researched and thought about for a while before purchasing, which is why I’m especially excited to share it here today!

What is the Ninja Foodi Power Blender Ultimate System and when did you first get yours?

I purchased this in December as a Christmas gift to myself. I was looking for a food processor for a while and, after doing some research, found that one of the highest-rated brands was Ninja. One of the main highlights of this product in particular is that it’s a 2-in-1 blender and food processor.

How does it fit into your cooking routine?

I consider this product a bit of an at-home sous chef. There are certain prepping tasks in the kitchen that take a long time and this helps save quite a bit of time with some of those processes. There were even certain recipes I used to avoid because the bulk of the chopping felt overwhelming, and I don’t feel compelled to avoid them now that I have this appliance.

I use the Ninja Foodi Power Blender Ultimate System most often to chop and shred produce for things like cole slaw, salads, and other recipes that call for lots of chopped ingredients. It’s also a really efficient way to blend or mix ingredients evenly. It even mixes heavier things like pie dough really well. I still haven’t used it as much as I’d like for the doughs but I plan to in the future, and I’m sure I’ll use it quite a bit as I start prepping for the holidays.

Joe and I use this appliance for very different purposes, and its versatility is part of why I think it’s well worth the spend. In particular, Joe uses the smaller blending cups quite often for smoothies.

Image via the product page

What are your favorite elements of this 2-in-1 blender and food processor?

There are so many things I like about this appliance. Here are some of my favorite elements:

  • Its light weight makes it easy to move around in the kitchen.
  • It’s super easy to clean and can even be thrown in the dishwasher.
  • It has plenty of different settings and attachments for all our cooking needs. The slicing attachment is probably my favorite. I really love my mandolin, unless I need a large quantity of a sliced ingredient. I’m less worried about the potential of cutting myself when using this appliance to do it.
  • It has suction cups on the bottom to keep it in place on the counter.
  • I’m able to control the size of the pieces when chopping and shredding, and I can do it all in a fraction of the time.

Is there anything you would change?

I wish all of the food processor blades had a little case to store them in, for safety reasons.

Who should buy this product?

The Ninja Foodi Power Blender Ultimate System is for people who like to cook at home. It’s also for anyone who likes appliances that can do more than one thing. Food processors can often be bulky and the fact that this is a 2-in-1 blender and food processor is great.

When I do make a purchase like this, I like to buy as high quality as I can manage. I generally want to buy something that’s built well and will likely last a long time. The $240 price point (although it’s currently on sale for $200 at most online retailers!) is higher than some other options but the product is well worth it, in my opinion. The way this appliance has performed so far, it seems like it will last quite a long time in our household. If you’re not someone who would use a high-powered blender and processor very regularly, it might be worth purchasing something like this at a lower price point.

Ultimately, if you want to save space by combining two helpful kitchen appliances in one, this is a great purchase.

This Ninja 2-in-1 Blender and Food Processor Is Worth the Money | Wit & Delight
One of Joe’s smoothie creations

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BY Kate Arends - July 19, 2022


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