Regulate the Temperature in Your Home With This Easy-To-Install Thermostat


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We recently installed Honeywell Home’s T10 Pro Smart Thermostat with Redlink® Room Sensor in our home. Why? Because it’s smart. Not just a smart, as in wise, decision but because this thermostat can connect to just about any smart device.

We are wrapping up year two (!!) in this home, and we are getting better about recognizing our needs vs. wants specifically for the house. In a state where temperature can swing 100 degrees, being more efficient with our temperature control system is vital.

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We’ve tried just about everything to be as efficient as possible with the temp control in this house, from regular furnace tune-ups/maintenance to utilizing our fireplaces as alt heat sources. After the last few astronomical heating bills and realizing that we can’t afford to replace both of our furnaces (yup, two… eek!), we decided to look into additional ways to make our home more energy and temperature efficient. 

The big challenge with this house is not getting it to our preferred temp of 71 in the winter and 69 in the summer but maintaining it. Our home’s layout is such that either the rooms get all or none of the sunlight, meaning they are either too hot or too cold, no matter the time of year; we needed a solution to even out either extreme. 

After talking with the team at Resideo about our concerns, they recommended the Honeywell Home T10 Pro Smart Thermostat with Redlink® Room Sensor thermostat. 

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The team sent a Resideo professional to install the new thermostat in about an hour. While there are some things that I can do, this installation is not one of them. The Resideo tech was amazing and walked me through the initial setup of the thermostat. It was super helpful to have the tech there during the initial installation. I was able to ask questions, and he guided me through setting up the app on my phone and connecting it to our Alexa. After an initial walk-through of all the features, I was up and running. (DIY-ers, I do recommend having a professional install this product.) 

So far, my hands-down favorite part of the system is the ability to control everything on my phone. 

Woman sitting on a couch using an app on her phone.

Here’s what I can do on the app: 

  1. Adjust the temperature for the whole house (obviously, it’s a thermostat).
  2. Get alerts if the temp goes above/below a set temperature. I can then immediately adjust and maybe save a little money. 
  3. Adjust the temperature in individual rooms. Finally, I can cool down the sunny rooms and heat the rooms on the opposite side of the house!

I’ll be following up on exactly how the system works after I’ve lived with it a bit longer. And I’ll share more about what I’ve learned.

Close up image of a "smart" thermostat on the wall. In the background is a view of a kitchen.

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BY Kate Arends - July 6, 2022


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