6 Entryway Design Elements I Love That Create a Welcoming, Functional Space

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6 Entryway Design Elements I Love That Create a Welcoming, Functional Space | Wit & Delight

Just as the eyes are the window to the soul, the entryway is the window to the home—other than, you know, a home’s actual windows. (I’m glad we could start off on this really strong note, folks. Thanks for being here.)

I think the entryway is often undervalued when it comes to design, even though it’s the first thing people see when they come inside. It’s one of the hardest-working areas of any home—the spot where dirt and grime are collected from outside, where shoes and coats are corralled, and where various guests are shuffled in and out. It’s where form meets function and today, I’m sharing some classic-for-a-reason ways to marry the two.

These are my favorite ways to design an entryway of any shape or size.

6 Entryway Design Elements That Create a Welcoming, Functional Space

1. A Rug

Ah, the rug: the centerpiece of any given entryway. This is the spot where folks can wipe their feet and set their shoes. And if design is front of mind for you, the rug can often be the star of the show. I have this one from Ruggable and love both the style and how easy it is to clean. (It can even be thrown in the washing machine!)

2. A Mirror

A mirror is an essential piece for one last look before you head out the door—because we all need a quick lipstick applying, hat straightening, checking for food in our teeth moment from time to time.

3. A Chair or Bench

If space allows, it’s oh so nice to include a chair or small bench in your entryway. Most often, it serves as a comfy little spot to sit while you put on your shoes. Or, sometimes, as is my current reality, it’s a convenient perch for empty boxes before they’re broken down for recycling (which I’m doing today, I swear).

4. A Table or Dresser

A flat surface of some variety is a necessary element for collecting any odds and ends that come through the door. Bonus points if you add a few small baskets or bowls to keep like items together! I have one to hold our keys and another for our beloved pup’s poop bags. Extra bonus points if you add a few decor elements like a vase with flowers, a lamp, or an artfully stacked collection of books.

5. A Few Wall Hooks

To hang your most-used bags, coats, or dog leashes. After a year of living in our apartment, I finally ordered a few for our entryway! I went with five of these in the honey yellow color. I love the classic J shape, the variety of color options, and that the screws match the color of the hooks (it’s the little things).

6. A Diffuser or Candle

This is a bit of a superfluous element if you’re only focused on function. But I find that a pleasant hint of scent upon entering a home really does make a difference. I have and love this diffuser in the Teakwood and Tobacco scent

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BY Jackie Saffert - August 19, 2022


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