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Weekly Work Routine | Wit & Delight

As we approach the reset that tends to arrive every September, I wanted to share a peek into my weekly work routine. My work routine never looks the exact same from week to week, although it tends to be structured around a general set of work hours (~9:15 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., although I sometimes catch up on work at night too), core meetings, weekly tasks, and a few larger projects. Throughout my days, there’s always coffee, deep work, content creation, and conversations with the team and with our audience online. 

I function best when I have touchpoints and goals peppered throughout the week, along with the flexibility to move things around if needed. That kind of flexibility is something I ingrained into the design of our Wit & Delight planner. Having the ability to see my week at a glance and move things around as needed, without feeling shame about it, is a really important thing for me.

Here’s a peek into my weekly work routine, structured by the key focus items each day.

P.S. If you like this kind of content, you can read all the details about my 6 a.m. – 9 a.m. morning routine here!


Daily focus: Planning for the entire week + meeting with our new business team.


I’ll typically ease into Monday by catching up on a few newsletters to get a sense of the current news climate (Tangle and 1440 are two of my favorites). Then I’ll clean up any unread texts or emails and look over the calendar and tasks for the week ahead. Every member of our team puts together weekly tasks they need me to complete, from social content creation to writing to reviewing sponsored content and more. If I have time, I’ll get a start on some of these tasks on Monday morning.


My main meeting on Monday is a check-in with our new business team. We’ll check base on all of our current and potential partnerships. This gives our new business director the opportunity to hit the ground running with outreach first thing in the week. This day is also about diving back into social media and connecting with our audience there, especially if I was relatively quiet on our various platforms over the weekend.


Realistically, most of my Mondays aren’t about diving into deep work. Sometimes a couple of household tasks will also fall on this day, whether I need to clean up the house a bit from the weekend or grocery shop, since I don’t typically prioritize these things when my kids are home. I tend to be pretty tired on Monday evenings so our dinner is usually a pretty easy meal.


Daily focus: Getting in the flow with weekly tasks + meeting with our sponsored and social production team.


On Tuesday mornings I meet with our sponsored and social production team to go over upcoming content that needs to be produced. There’s often an additional meeting with an outside party on Tuesdays. I’ll typically also find myself either prepping for a photo shoot or starting to film social content. 


If time allows, I try to get in the flow with work and knock out tasks on my list as available. However, things are a bit different this summer. My kids come home at 12:30 p.m., so Tuesday afternoons are spent with them. If I still have priority work that needs to get done during the afternoon, I’ll get them set up with something that keeps them occupied and try to get work done nearby. I find that design tasks are relatively easy to complete when my kids are around, while writing and social content creation are more difficult.


Daily focus: Team meetings + content creation.


Wednesday mornings are dedicated to team meetings. This is typically the one opportunity each week I have to meet with our entire team at once. We’ll review analytics, talk through upcoming content, and go over any issues or brainstorming we want to cover together. 


Wednesday afternoons are typically open for creating content, whether it’s filming social content, producing sponsored content, or writing a blog post. I’ll also post some stories on Instagram and reply to messages.


Daily focus: Editorial meeting + content creation or house projects.


Thursday mornings are for focusing on editorial content. I meet with our editorial director to talk through outlines for upcoming blog posts, review the monthly content calendar, and knock out any editorial tasks I didn’t have time for earlier in the week.


Thursday afternoons are typically an open time for me to focus on completing tasks on my list. It could relate to social content, sponsored content, or editorial content, or it might be working on a design project around the house. As always, I’ll try to spend some time posting and engaging on Instagram as well.


Daily focus: Dedicated work time + prepping for the weekend.


Fridays are a day to complete whatever work tasks didn’t get done earlier in the week. There are typically no meetings on this day. I’m usually catching up on writing, reviewing content, making progress on house projects, and posting on Instagram. Sometimes I’ll also run a few personal errands. If I’m hosting over the weekend, I might be prepping for that a bit too.

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BY Kate Arends - August 8, 2022

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Vanessa Buttino
August 10, 2022 9:08 am

To be completely honest, I’ve always wondered what online content creators do Mon-Fri, so thank you for posting this and for being truthful about how your workdays pan out. Compared to my 9-5 office job, your work schedule seems like a real breeze and I’m endlessly jealous of all the free time you have.

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