Kate’s Picks: 6 Things I Tried in September and Loved


Things I Loved in September 2022 | Wit & Delight

When we mostly stopped spending on big home projects this year, it became clear to me that there are a lot of little things and pain points around the house I wanted to improve (many of which have nothing to do with decor at all). Some of my favorite purchases this month were of the home maintenance variety. Also on the list below are a movie I loved, the most recent pick for my friend group’s book club, a very helpful recipe manager app, and a beautiful pair of velvet ballet flats.

These are the six things I loved most in September…


Things I Loved in September 2022 | Wit & Delight
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Antonio Melani x Courtney Grow James Bow Ballet Flats


Courtney Grow has a hold on me! I love following her on Instagram and was really excited when she came out with a collection at Dillard’s. I scooped up these ballet flats in the ember/black color and really love the shape and style. The quality is great and they fit TTS in my experience. 


Things I Loved in September 2022 | Wit & Delight

Vladimir by Julia May Jonas


Don’t be put off by the wild cover of this book. It was such a thrill to read. It’s written almost from the main character’s stream of consciousness, which I really enjoyed. The high-level synopsis is this: “A beloved English professor is facing a slew of accusations against her professor husband by former students—a situation that becomes more complicated when she herself develops an obsession of her own…” I read it as a part of my friend group’s book club and I can’t wait to discuss it.


Paprika Recipe Manager App

$5 – $30

It’s so easy to save a bunch of recipes and never actually make them. I needed a way to save recipes and ideas—and then put them into action. For someone who likes to cook off the cuff, this app is exactly what I needed in my life.

With this app, you can import recipes, rate them, add photos, categorize them (so you can easily search for them), and add them to your calendar. You can even add recipe ingredients to a grocery list, which can also be connected to an inventory of what you already have on hand at home. It makes the entire cooking process that much simpler.


20-Foot High Reach Duster Kit


This duster kit has made such a difference in the upkeep of our home. We live in a wooded area and there are lots of spiders outside. I needed a way to regularly combat the webs and remove debris. The height of this duster even allows me to reach the top of the roof. I’ve primarily been using it on the exterior of our house but there are tons of ways it could be used for hard-to-reach places inside too.


Irma Vep

Included with an HBO Max Subscription

I watched the 1996 film Irma Vep recently and loved it. I’ve been really into watching older films lately and this was one I kept hearing about. It’s a French comedy-drama that’s beautifully made, smart, and interesting.


 Shop-Vac Wet/Dry Vacuum


We bought this vacuum to help keep our garage and cars clean. It’s been so nice to easily vacuum out my car at home. We decided to go with this particular model because it has good reviews and comes with a variety of inserts for various cleaning tasks. If you’re looking for a similar kind of utility vacuum, I’d highly recommend this one!

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BY Kate Arends - October 5, 2022

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