My 8 Favorite Things From 2022, From Decor to Skin Care to Cookbooks


My Favorite Things From 2022 | Wit & Delight

It was hard to narrow down this list from every item I tried in 2022! This is especially true because I was much more intentional with my purchasing habits and ended up finding things that really worked for me.

The products below are my favorite things from the entire year…

1. One: Pot, Pan, Planet by Anna Jones


I got a handful of new cookbooks at the beginning of this year and this one was by far my favorite. The format is so practical and it’s full of not only recipes but also very actionable tips for being more resourceful in the kitchen. The author included a section for different ways to cook with common ingredients (e.g., 10 Ways to Cook Potatoes, 10 Ways to Cook Peas) and I’ve found it so helpful for cooking things on the fly. For someone who already loves cooking, this book has helped me become more creative in the kitchen and even more excited to cook. I want everyone to have it.

2. Saie Sun Melt Natural Cream Bronzer

My Favorite Things From 2022 | Wit & Delight


This bronzer purchase was influenced by the lovely Sarah of Whoorl fame. I look more alive and awake when I wear it. I love how it glides on and blends seamlessly into the skin—it’s really hard to mess up the application process. If you’re not a pro at applying makeup and want to do a bit of contouring, this is a great place to start. 

3. West Elm Fluted Acrylic Drinking Glasses

$28 – $64 for a set

I initially bought these glasses for use outdoors, as an option that wouldn’t break if dropped on the patio. Yet I surprised even myself by using them all the time, both outdoors and indoors. I love the style, durability, and that there are four color options available. I love when practical items look great, too!

4. Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment

My Favorite Things From 2022 | Wit & Delight

$20 – $52

I’ve been using this cream in the morning lately and it’s made a massive difference. My skin has a tendency to get really red, particularly after a workout and a shower. This cream reduces the amount of visible redness immensely. I call it my miracle cream!

5. Molly J. CBD Gumdrops (gifted)

My Favorite Things From 2022 | Wit & Delight

$45 – $65

I always approach trying a new CBD product with skepticism because I find the quality to be broad, the taste and texture to not always be appealing, and the brand experience to often be lacking. Molly J., however, BLEW MY MIND. Their gummies taste good and bring a noticeable calming effect. Beyond the products themselves, I love the thoughtfulness of their educational tools and the gorgeous presentation of their packaging (which makes them great for gifting!). 10/10 would recommend.

6. Toshiba Rice Cooker


I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to get this! While I can and have made rice in my Instant Pot, it never cooked exactly to my liking (too sticky, too soggy, stuck to the bottom of the pot, etc). I’ve used this rice cooker more times than I can count now and have never had a bad batch of rice come out of it. It also keeps the rice warm after cooking (for hours) without any sticking or drying, which makes for super easy cleanup. If you’re looking for an easier way to cook rice (and other grains!) at home, I highly recommend this!

7. Foodheim by Eric Wareheim


I’ve been loving this cookbook! It’s one I keep reaching for whenever I want to cook something simple that’s still really well done. His technique for pizza dough is the best I’ve used and it’s relatively easy. His writing is really funny too! It’s like having a friend in the kitchen with you, helping you along the way. I feel like I’m becoming a better home cook when I cook from Eric’s recipes.

8. Lulu and Georgia x Sarah Sherman Samuel Checkerboard Rug (gifted)

My Favorite Things From 2022 | Wit & Delight


Not only is the quality and design of this rug top-notch, but the ENTIRE collection is also stunning. We added this rug to our peach room and I love the way the checkerboard pattern in a beautiful ochre color ties the space together. 10/10!

Editor’s Note: This article contains affiliate links. Wit & Delight uses affiliate links as a source of revenue to fund operations of the business and to be less dependent on branded content. Wit & Delight stands behind all product recommendations. Still have questions about these links or our process? Feel free to email us.

BY Kate Arends - December 23, 2022

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December 27, 2022 3:41 pm

Ooh, I love the look of those glasses (the colour is gorgeous) and the sound of the gummies (I think they would help me find some much needed calm). I will have to check these products out!

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