January 2023 Horoscopes: Set Your Intentions for a New Year


January Horoscope 2023 | Wit & Delight

Welcome to 2023—a brand-new year full of energetic shifts! As you enter January, sink into the slow vibe around you. Due to the current retrogrades of Mercury and Mars, two of the closest planets to Earth, we are beginning the year in deep reflection and introspection. Self-study trumps ambition now, as we will still be figuring out our motives and desires until mid to late January, which is when all planets in the sky will be direct.  

On January 2, Goddess Venus enters Aquarius, the zodiac sign of the future, assisting us in figuring out what should go and what should stay. If by January 6 you’ve been able to pinpoint what no longer fits in your life, make the point of letting it go as the first full moon of the year rises in the sky. 

Pay attention to what comes up for you between January 12 and January 18, which is when Mars and Mercury go direct, respectively. Big events are scheduled to happen now, carrying messages and epiphanies that will shift our mindset. 

Equipped with this new knowledge, set your intentions between January 21 and January 24. Aquarius season begins now—and energetically speaking, this is the real beginning of 2023, when the soil will be fertile for new seeds. The projects launched now will receive help from the universe and are likely to succeed. 

From January 23 until April 20, there will be no retrograde planets in the sky! We end the month on a positive note—and nothing can stop us now! 

Find out what this month has in store for your zodiac sign in your January horoscope below!

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You’re not immobilized, Aries—you’re just deeply transforming, so be patient with yourself. January 4 is a lucky day, when the help you’ve been waiting for arrives in the form of a friend or acquaintance. The January 6 full moon activates your home sector, bringing the need to declutter and deep clean your spaces, especially if you work from home. 

Your planetary ruler, Mars, goes direct on January 12, slowly bringing your mojo back—and by the time Mercury follows on January 18, you’ll have a better idea of how you would like to move forward. The January 21 new moon brims with possibility, bringing the perfect moment to write a list of your biggest hopes and dreams. Be careful with what you wish for, as the current astrological configuration could make it happen for you within the next six months!


January Horoscope 2023 | Wit & Delight

For you, Taurus, January is a month full of epiphanies, so keep your antenna and mind open. The first week of January, in particular, could bring either a lucky break or major aha moments. January’s big news is Black Moon Lilith—the dark cosmic goddess of feminine energy and rebellion—now transiting your fourth house of home. From now until October, you could feel a deeper pull to all things witchy and mystical, as well as a newfound need to rebel against family traditions.

Between January 23 and January 24, while lunar energy is waxing, make sure to sit down to write a list of intentions. This time, focus on what you would like to see in your career trajectory, as this is the best time of the entire year to rethink your role in society.  


Congratulations, Gemini—you’ve made it to the finish line! Things will begin lining up for you again between January 12 and January 18—when Mercury and Mars go direct. Pay attention now, as major news and changes will redirect you toward the path you need to be on. Mark January 8 and January 9 on your calendar, when cosmic lovers Venus and Mars team up to bring the perfect vibe for a candlelit dinner at home with your other half.  

Starting January 20, the Sun now traveling in the skies of Aquarius might put travel or study on your mind. If you’ve been wanting to make plans, this is the time to act. You end the month with Mercury, your planetary ruler, in ambitious Capricorn, setting your mind on your career goals for the future. 


The beginning of the month might be a bit intense, leading up to the January 6 full moon, which happens in your sign. Aside from the intensity, this is the perfect opportunity to declutter your home and your mind, removing any unwanted vibes from last year. 

For those Cancer natives experiencing relationship drama, Mercury going direct on January 18 should begin bringing things back to normal. If you’re in a committed relationship, grab your darling, and together, set new goals for the future. 2023 will be a year of career growth for you, and it will be key to know you will have support when you need it the most. You will be focusing a lot of your energy on making your dreams come true, which will require them to step up with errands and projects when the time calls for it. 


You will require more rest as you enter the month, as the January 6 full moon occurs in a sensitive part of your astrological chart. Repeating positive mantras can be useful now, as this lunation is about ending any negative self-talk that might be lurking in the back of your mind. 

Black Moon Lilith—the archetype of witchy feminine energy—is now in your sign, where it will stay until October! Being a force of nature, Lilith will have you rebel against the norm, which could have you acting with your environment in a more rebellious manner in 2023. Relationships of all kinds are highlighted for you, as Aquarius season and the January 21 new moon ask you to set intentions in this area of your life. Whether it’s romantic, business, or other collaborative relations, you’re being invited to see connections in a new light. 


Drama could arrive within a friend group around the January 6 full moon. This is not the time to try and fix it, Virgo, as people will be feeling on edge. If a secret gets spilled, avoid taking sides. With your planetary ruler in retrograde almost all month, you’ve been lying low—which only begins to shift once Mercury goes direct on January 18. 

It’s good you’re getting some rest—because when Aquarius season begins on January 20, you could be very busy at work for the next four weeks. The January 21 new moon is all about setting goals in this area of your life. If you work from home, try rearranging your office space during the last week of the month. This will reinvigorate the energy and will bring new life to your daily routine


You’re almost there, Libra! Mercury retrograde in your home sector probably meant broken appliances or having to fix an area of your home. Additionally, people will continue feeling “on edge,” so keep that in mind when it comes to handling communication. Luckily, Mercury goes direct on January 18!     

The good news is that January also brings the opportunity to have fun and play, as Venus will be in your sector of dating and romance. If you’re single, you may no longer be by February. If you are already dating someone, serious talks about “what’s next” could arrive around January 23. Should you decide to commit, know that you might not be able to take it back. Venus will be conjunct with Saturn, which means that everything that begins now will be long-term. 


For you, Scorpio, retrograde season has meant realizing your words have power. Keep watching your words this month, especially between January 12 and January 18, when Mercury and Mars form an unbalanced aspect. January 18 seems special, when the universe will be sending you messages about your future, so pay attention. The Sun meets with Pluto, your planetary ruler, illuminating your deepest desires. 

Once the Sun enters Aquarius, home is where the heart is. For the next four weeks, you will want to spend more time at home with the ones you love. You might even decide to redecorate a room or corner that’s been forgotten. The last week of the month is ideal for shopping for items, fabrics, or anything that will make your space cozier or more comfortable for the winter season


January Horoscope 2023 | Wit & Delight

If relationships have been difficult due to the retrograde of Mars, hang in there, Sagittarius. Mars goes direct on January 12, bringing back the peace you so much love. However, keep an eye on your wallet, as the unbalanced aspect Mars will form with retrograde Mercury between now and January 18 could drive you to make a purchase you regret later. This is especially true if buying it will affect a romantic or business partner. If by the end of January you still want it, then go for it! 

The last ten days of the month are about communication as the Aquarius Sun begins illuminating your sector of speech and thought process. If you’ve been wanting to commit to launching a blog or writing a book, take your first step on January 24, your luckiest day of the entire month. 


January Horoscope 2023 | Wit & Delight

Hang in there, Capricorn! The January 6 full moon activates your partnership and home sectors. Thought conversations could arise around this time. Dare to get to the bottom of things, and listen to what a partner or your family members have to say. Chances are, they are feeling a bit left out. 

The truth is, you’re being spread too thin. With Mercury retrograde in your sign since December 29, you seem to be going through a period of transformation. And Mars retrograde delaying or intensifying things at work isn’t helping either. While you might still have to keep it together, between January 12 and January 18, you will also receive very valuable insight on how to move forward with all the recent changes. Make those changes on January 23, as anything you begin now will have a positive and long-term effect.  


January Horoscope 2023 | Wit & Delight

January is a month to go within, Aquarius. Mercury retrograde in your subconscious sector might have you glued to your couch, resting and ruminating about puzzling questions in your life. Allow yourself to go deep, as you could receive some major epiphanies, especially during the first week of January and on January 18, when Mercury goes direct.  

The time to put your learnings into action arrives quite soon. You will likely feel ready to come out of your shell and be with your favorite people when the Sun enters Aquarius on January 20. The three days after the beautiful January 21 new moon brim with opportunity, bringing your absolute best time of the year to set intentions and launch important projects. Whatever you decide to begin now has staying power and might even bring you extra cash!    


January Horoscope 2023 | Wit & Delight

If you started dating someone recently, drama in paradise could arrive at the intense January 6 full moon. If what occurs this week hits a nerve, go deep and try finding the reason why, as it could become a future theme. The truth is, with Black Moon Lilith now transiting your dating sector, a “feisty new you” could be emerging and active until October! 

If the energy at home has been less than ideal due to the retrograde of Mars, rejoice as this intense planet goes direct around January 12. In fact, the following days could be ideal to perform an energetic cleanse with a smudge or at least rearrange the art or furniture to set a different tone. This will prepare you for Aquarius season, which begins on January 20, kicking off a four-week period in which you will need more time to rest and recharge.

BY Narayana Montúfar - January 4, 2023

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January 4, 2023 7:58 pm

Truth be told, I was worried monthly horoscopes would go away with the changes happening at W&D. This isn’t to say I’m not happy for you (Kate) to be figuring out the best way to move forward with your business, but I’m delighted that this particular content is sticking around! I’m not typically into astrology, but I look forward to these posts and find them to be eerily relevant to what’s going on in my life. Narayana, if you’re reading this—thank you for your work!

January 11, 2023 1:02 pm
Reply to  Elizabeth

Thank you for sharing! I’m glad to hear you’ve loved Horoscopes each month.

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