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Patterned Wallpaper I'm Loving Right Now
Photo by Kane Hulse via @cotedefolk, Wallpaper by Ottoline

I’ve been collecting lots of patterned wallpaper samples this month, both for my own home and for design projects I’m working on for a few clients. Today I’m sharing my favorite wallpaper patterns right now.

Consider this post a reference point for when you’re ready to buy wallpaper for your home. And keep in mind that many of these wallpapers are available in a variety of colors, so there are multiple options to choose from.

Here are seventeen patterned wallpaper options I’m loving at the moment.

For more patterned wallpaper ideas—including ways to add wallpaper to a rental—read this post: “7 Unexpected Wallpaper Ideas That Make a Big Difference in Any Home.”

1. Sanderson Oxbow

Sanderson Oxbow Patterned Wallpaper

$222 per roll

I love a squiggle pattern. This one has the boldness of a stripe but with a little bit more movement and playfulness. I’m itching to use it somewhere!

2. Sanderson Sycamore & Oak Mural

Sanderson Sycamore & Oak Mural

$920 for a full mural

This mural reminds me of a children’s book. It’s romantic and beautiful. Sometimes murals can make a room feel very serious, but the bright tones of these green colors make this mural feel cheerful.

3. Sandberg Lykke

Sandberg Lykke

$124+ per roll

This is a classic, soft gingham pattern in a beautiful dusty, muted pink color. Sandberg always does pastel wallpapers really well.

4. Sandberg Brita

Sandberg Brita

$105+ per roll

This is a pretty blue stripe pattern that includes three colors. The pattern is subtle and has a hand-painted quality. I think it would look great in a hallway.

5. Sandberg Maskrosen

Sandberg Maskrosen Patterned Wallpaper

$145+ per roll

This reminds me of a really pretty block print fabric you often see in traditional homes. This pattern feels traditional but not at all stuffy. 

6. Cole & Son Hampton Roses

Cole & Son Hampton Roses

$217+ per roll

I love the scale and depth of this pattern. The colors are really beautiful in person. This would add the perfect amount of drama to a small entryway, powder room, or stairway. 

7. A-Street Prints Ann Green Floral Vines

A-Street Prints Ann Green Floral Vines

$144+ per roll

I think wallpapers that highlight elements from nature are popular because we feel so good when we’re outside. This wallpaper pattern feels like a representation of the wildness and unruliness of nature, done in very fun colors.

8. Ottoline Bloomsbury Stripes

Ottoline Bloomsbury Stripes

£168+ per roll

There’s so much I love about this pattern—the scale, the variety of colors, and that it reads like a stripe. It’s dynamic but isn’t overwhelming. It plays well with other patterns while still being really bold.

9. Ottoline French Stripes

Ottoline French Stripes

£168+ per roll

This wallpaper makes such a statement. The mix of colors is one of my favorites!

10. Ottoline Chintz Constance

Ottoline Chintz Constance Patterned Wallpaper

£168 per roll

This is one of the first wallpaper patterns I really loved. I’ve wanted to use it in our house forever. There’s something about clovers that are near and dear to my heart, and I love the purple and green color combination. 

11. Ottoline Madame Ziggle

Ottoline Madame Ziggle Patterned Wallpaper

£172 per roll

This pattern is wild. It doesn’t really fit into a specific pattern category, and I think that’s what I like about it. It would be really fun to install in a bathroom. 

12. Helene Blanche Drop

Helene Blanche Drop Patterned Wallpaper

$239 per roll

Helene Blanche is the queen of very simple patterns done really well. This drop pattern is everything you love about a Swiss dot fabric, translated into wallpaper.

13. Helene Blanche Needlepoint Stripe

Helene Blanche Needlepoint Stripe

$239 per roll

This is a compact stripe pattern that reads very differently up close than far away. I love the detail and depth of this pattern. 

14. Helene Blanche Townhouse

Helene Blanche Townhouse Wallpaper

$256 per roll

I love that this is a bold geometric pattern done in very subtle, muddy colors. It’s a subtle pattern that still holds its weight thanks to its graphic nature.

15. Helene Blanche Painted Stripe

Helene Blanche Painted Stripe Wallpaper

$239 per roll

This is very similar to the Sandberg Brita pattern but in much bolder colors. If you want a stripe that dominates and has a nearly full-bleed appearance, this is a great pattern to consider.

16. Helene Blanche Marquise

Helene Blanche Marquise Wallpaper

This diamond pattern is so subtle it almost reads as a texture. This would be a fun way to achieve the look of a grasscloth-textured wallpaper without using grasscloth. I couldn’t find this pattern available to shop online right now, but I still wanted to share it as inspiration.

17. Sister Parish Brio

Sister Parish Brio Wallpaper

$478 per roll

I love that this is a stripe pattern that also brings in the movement of a subtle floral design. This wallpaper is out of my budget at the moment, but it’s something I like to keep in mind as inspiration.

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BY Kate Arends - May 17, 2023


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