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Kitchen with sun streaming in through the windows and a dog lying on the floor. The cabinets are muted pink, the flooring and countertops are marble, and the walls are covered with wood paneling.
Photo by Suruchi Avasthi

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved the process of designing rooms and making them feel a certain way. Part of this draw has been about aesthetics, but more so, it’s been about creating spaces where I feel safe—where I can truly let go and unwind. Designing our homes can provide this feeling of security for us. 

Home design has always been a topic I’ve explored on Wit & Delight. As my passion for interior design has grown over the years, I’ve felt called to write about it more and more on the site.

Today I’m sharing a selection of the most-read interior design articles I’ve written.

Some of these interior design articles highlight design projects in our current and previous homes; others include tips and ideas for designing a home you love. I hope you enjoy browsing through them.

14 of Kate’s Best Interior Design Articles

7 Simple Ways to Add More Character and Charm to Your Home

Mix and Match Patterns: DIY Stair Runner Made With Vintage Rugs

Wood staircase covered with a vintage stair runner, with a plant on the landing.
DIY Vintage Stair Runner

5 Ways to Embrace Your Home as It Is Right Now (No Big Updates Required)

We’re Moving: A Goodbye to the House That Built Our Family of 5

7 Steps to Hone Your Personal Interior Design Style in Any Space, at Any Budget

Family room with green walls, a green velvet sofa, modern lamps, a red and white striped screen, and a coffee table with books atop it.
Our Current Family Room

One Year Later, It’s Finally Here! The Design Reveal of Our Family Room

9 Simple Tips to Help You Furnish Your Home on a Budget

It Takes a Village: A Nursery Reveal Story for Birdie

Nursery with green walls, a white bench with pink cushions, and lots of stuffed animals on shelves.
Birdie’s Nursery

9 Home Design Projects You Can Complete in an Afternoon

8 Frequently Asked Questions About Our Kitchen, Answered

How I Mixed Colors in the Kids’ Room to Create a Bold, Cheerful Space

Kitchen dining area with marble flooring, an island with a butcher block countertop and a white felt pendant light over it, blue cabinets, and wood-paneled walls.
Our Kitchen Dining Area

3 Rules That Help Me Keep Our Kitchen Organized Day After Day

4 Ways to Embrace Your Bold Bathroom Tile

A Color Skeptic’s Guide to Color Theory in Interior Design

BY Kate Arends - June 26, 2023


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