Over the years, Wit & Delight has become a resource for others to feel less alone in the ups and downs of their journey through life. It's a place where readers can find design advice, hosting tips, simple recipes, product recommendations, and more. Here, I share my musings on how to build a home you love, plus bits and pieces of my personal life and the things that delight me every day. 

In addition to publishing content on Wit & Delight, I write House Call. In this weekly newsletter, I explore why our homes—and the lives we lead inside their walls—matter so much. I also design a line of stationery products which you can shop at Target or through our production partner, Design Loop

I’m always exploring, experimenting, and testing the boundaries of my creative muscle. My next project may be just around the corner. Whatever it is, I’m excited to share it with you all.

Hi, I'm Kate
Arends Peters.

I first started Wit & Delight in 2009 as a personal project to share my love for design, food, fashion, and travel. It was a creative outlet and a way for me to get to know myself better.

Scorpio Sun, Sagittarius Rising

Astrological sign

INFJ + Enneagram 8, Wing 7


Irish Dancing

hidden talent

Sing and Dance Like Beyoncé

talent i wish i had

Seeking Truth and Helping Others

What's my passion?

Fried Egg and Black Coffee

Breakfast of choice

Seeing Potential in Failure


Cheese.... Any and All Kinds


Second-Guessing Myself


We’ve taught over 24,000 students how to craft their message and social media presence. A clear brand strategy goes miles deeper than graphics and copy. These courses cover the foundation of everything I’ve put into Wit & Delight, and I myself continue to use these strategies on a quarterly basis.

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We purchased a 1950s Cape Cod rambler in St. Paul in 2020, full of wild colors and “dated” bathrooms. We’ve been slowly remodeling it room by room and documenting the process along the way. 

MY better half

Always keeping it real, Joe’s true talent is bringing comic relief to almost any situation. You’ll find him as a regular guest on the W&D Instagram account. Fun fact: Joe’s shoe collection is far more extensive than mine. 


Winnie Bear is our unofficial team mascot/therapist. She is the most cuddly English Labrador you can imagine (and, yes, her hair is everywhere). 

Our Human Babies 

August Joseph and Bennett Katharine are our two children, born sixteen months apart. While they don’t show up in the W&D feed every day, they run the show and provide endless entertainment in our lives.