W&D Products Return to Target

Making things has always been my favorite thing about having a “creative” career. When I went to school for graphic design (forever ago), product development was a path I had hoped I’d somehow find along the way! Just about two years ago, I partnered with Target on a home product launch, which was totally awesome and pretty surreal. Two years later, I’m still in a bit of awe that it actually happened!

Over the course of the last few years, Wit & Delight has grown and changed, just as we do as people. What started out as “my little hobby”, writing during lunch hours and downtime at work, has grown to a full-time job with a little staff helping me keep it on the rails. Over the last few years, I’ve also expanded our capabilities, to include brand and design consultation, online classes and products.

And here we are. Just about two years later, we’re starting to launch product again!

Target iPhone Cases — Wit & Delight

Last fall, Cities Market Studios reached out to me to ask if I’d be interested in designing a line of iPhone cases with slim and modern power banks. While I had always hoped to have the opportunity to have a line of goods, admittedly, I never imagined it would be related to tech. Always open to the right opportunity to make cool things, I thought we would give it a shot and see if the product would get picked up.

Target iPhone Cases — Wit & Delight Target iPhone Cases — Wit & Delight Target iPhone Cases — Wit & Delight

What no one tells you about developing product, is there are no guarantees a retailer will be interested. Basically, it amounts to spending time (and money) developing designs and making samples for free, keeping your fingers (and toes) crossed that the final product would resonate with a brand.

There is pretty decent amount of uncertainty with a healthy dose of denial (is there such a thing?) when it comes to this process. I immersed myself in the design process, with a fervor I hadn’t felt in quite some time. Slowly but surely my “why bother, this isn’t going to go anywhere” attitude, shifted to “these don’t look too bad” to “I’d buy these” and finally settling on “what do you mean I have to stop working on these, I’m having fun”. Ah, the creative process!

Target iPhone Cases — Wit & Delight Target iPhone Cases — Wit & Delight

The excitement I had reserved for the final product (trust me, there is still plenty of excitement) had transferred to the process. Because Wit & Delight has diversified and expanded, I had little time to practice something I truly enjoyed doing: graphic design. I’m hoping to make more time for projects like these and expand into new categories. (In fact, if we had our own online shop, what would you want to find in it?? Let me know!)

Target iPhone Cases — Wit & Delight Target iPhone Cases — Wit & Delight Target iPhone Cases — Wit & DelightTarget iPhone Cases — Wit & Delight

Target iPhone Cases — Wit & Delight

There are days when my alarm buzzes and I just DO NOT want to get out of bed. There are days when I curse my job and wish I was doing something else.

Yesterday was one of those days, but today is not. I am reminded that I have an amazing job and that I am incredibly fortunate to continue to have opportunities such as this presented to me. Today I am thankful!

Wit & Delight product is now available in Target Stores nationwide and on target.com.

  • I’d definitely be interested in an online store! What are you passionate about designing? Inevitably, your love for doing what you do would most likely shine through and translate into something that others enjoy as well.

    As a fellow graphic designer, I second the “‘why bother, this isn’t going to go anywhere’ attitude, shifted to ‘these don’t look too bad’ to ‘I’d buy these’ and finally settling on ‘what do you mean I have to stop working on these, I’m having fun’,” on a daily basis 😉 part of the nature of the beast I suppose!

  • Congratulation! These look great 🙂 I’m in the UK (no Target here, boo) otherwise I would definitely be purchasing the grid case.

    You should definitely look into an online store. Cool phone cases, notebooks (I am a stationery fiend), maybe some cute enamel pin badges that are EVERYWHERE right now? I’m sure whatever you do will be great though.

    I also wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your blog, I only stumbled across it a few months ago and have been loving it ever since x

  • Hi K-A-T-E! These are all so unique and fun! Congratulations. Once I finally upgrade to an iPhone 6, I will love to have either the “la la la…” or “delightful” case. If you were to procure an online store, I would be interested in planners, journals, gift bags, and “thank you” notes designed by you. I’m sure just about anything you design will be amazing though!

  • Congrats, Kate, on the second venture with Target! Always love seeing your work on products.

    If you were to have an online shop, I’m sure we’d all buy no matter the focus. What matters is the heart and quality! Plus, you’ve got an awesome eye with design. 🙂

  • Well these are just delightful. The power banks are chic and subtle, and your designs have made me want to carry one around (which I’ve studiously avoided doing until now). I would love to see you bring your design eye to an online store. There’s a whole range of accessories (both personal and home) that I would love to see how you style/elevate.

    xx Jean // Skyline Blossoms

  • They are beautiful! I’m in love with the black paint strokes one. I don’t like purchasing directly from Target website (unless I’m ordering furniture) but if I see one of these bad boys in the store I will definitely purchase one for myself!

  • Just saw the black and white paint strokes in the store and am in love! Had to quickly run so I didn’t get it, but I was wondering if the case goes around and covers the front edges as well or if it is flat with the front. Thank you!

  • These are so gorgeous!! As a design student myself I can really appreciate the process and hard work that has gone into these products. I love your choice of colours and patterns, simple but really effective and I think it appeals to many different people. I hope its really successful for you and I wish you all the best x