Do You Spend 8 Hours Behind a Screen Every Day? Felix Gray Has Your Solution

Recently, a couple members of our creative team have been sporting some pretty cute glasses around the studio. These new stylish frames caught my eye and I had to ask in anticipation, “Where did you get those?!” It turns out both pairs were from Felix Gray, and after further questioning, I found out that they weren’t glasses after all, or not like you might think. They were screen time glasses without a prescription meant for wearing while gazing at your computer screen for an extended period of time. Which was great news for me because I don’t need glasses yet and have always felt overwhelmingly left out of the sexy/smart glasses club. I considered myself the perfect candidate because I’m also subjected to 8+ hours of screen time a day. I did a little more research on their site and felt like I just had to test drive a pair. I reached out to the gracious team at Felix Gray and asked if they would like to partake in our experiment, and thankfully they did. So, with much excitement, I ordered a pair for Kate, Bridgette and myself and as of last month, we were officially off to the races in trying out these new screen time wonders. I was curious if they really help minimize blue light, headaches, dry eyes and blurred vision which are often common symptoms of extended screen time exposure. Read on to find out the W&D team’s experiences after wearing Felix Gray spectacles for a month and catch our interview with the Felix Gray team below to find out if their new screentime glasses are the right fit for you!

Tell us a little more about the inspiration behind how Felix Gray got started?

It was organic as it could be. We both worked in roles that required long hours in front of digital screens with maintaining a high degree of accuracy in the work we were doing. That’s hard when you have a headache come on during hour 8 of a 12 hour day. We knew there were ways to mitigate the negative effects of screens, but none of the options out there were both effective and exciting. Eye doctors told us computer glasses would help mitigate the negative effects of extended screen time, but we were unhappy with options available. Enter Felix Gray.

What are some of the existing concerns that plague heavy screen time users?

Aside from the fact that heavy screen time often leads to symptoms of Digital Eye Strain like headaches, blurry vision, or eye strain, it also impacts the integrity of work. It’s hard to be correct when you can’t clearly see the data on the screen.

What screen time symptoms have been most alleviated by using Felix Gray eyewear?

For both of us combined, it’s been eye strain, blurry vision and that 5 pm headache. But a lot of customers also thank us for relieving their blurry vision, migraines, or dry eyes.

As people begin to spend an increasing amount of time behind screens, how do you see this affecting society?

Technology has created vast societal improvements in work and our everyday lives. However, staring at a screen takes its toll on our bodies – mostly our eyes. Considering we now spend our leisure time also staring at a screen or computer, it’s important to give our eyes a defense against the negative side effects of digital eye strain.

What type of eyewear options do you offer for people that already have glasses (due to poor vision) but would also like to try out a pair of Felix Grays?

Currently, our non-Rx offerings work seamlessly with prescription contacts. We also have a full line of reading eyewear for those who need the help of magnification when reading. We plan to move into full prescription by 2018.

Too Much Screentime? W&D Test Drives Felix Gray Glasses – Wit & Delight

How would you describe the Felix Gray aesthetic?

Modern from a functional technology perspective, timeless from an aesthetic standpoint. We’re really into the idea of nostalgia meets modernity. We have cutting-edge lens technology, but we want the frame to be classic with a modern twist.

How often do you come out with new frame styles?

That’s all based on user feedback. We want our designs to derive from customer sentiment and desires, not vice versa.

Which Felix Gray frame is your top seller?

Nash, Faraday, and Roebling.

What is Felix Gray’s target demographic?

It started with developers, bankers, and analysts whose jobs are to literally stare at the screen for extended amounts of time. We’ve seen this grow over the last year to anyone whose life revolves around digital screens (bloggers, designers, IT professionals, photographers, filmmakers, etc.), it’s crazy but it really has expanded to everyone.

Are all your frames unisex? Or do you offer different lines for men and women?

Currently, all frames are unisex.

What is the most valuable piece of business advice you’ve learned since starting Felix Gray?

Strive for sustainable growth that benefits all customers and stakeholders. You want to build a company that cares for your customers (and employees!).

Too Much Screentime? W&D Test Drives Felix Gray Glasses – Wit & Delight

What is your company working on at the moment?

We’re always improving our customer and brand experiences, but specifically at the moment, our prescription eyewear and our updated website.

Do you have any doctors or scientists on your team that keep you up-to-date with the latest breakthroughs or innovations in the industry?

Yes! Our ophthalmologist, Nirupa Cutler.

What is the main component that sets Felix Gray apart from its competitors?

The community that we’re building and the all-around quality of our product, from lens to frame.

What are your goals and dreams for Felix Gray in the future?

To create an inclusive brand with a product that helps everyone using digital screens to work on awesome things and make their eyes happy in the process.

Is there anything else you feel is important for us to know about Felix Gray?

Felix Gray, its employees, and customers are just like everyone else in this day in age. We’re not a big corporation, but instead a group of tech-savvy individuals from various backgrounds working together to help make our friends and colleagues feel comfortable during their workday and confident in the way they look. We like to say that we want Felix Gray to always be a brand you could grab a beer with.

Overall, after a month of using our new Felix Gray glasses, all 5 team members reported positive results! Kate said her eyes just feel better now, and she is wearing her glasses more frequently because her eyes feel calmer and less irritated. Judith, who previously had migraines from overexposure to screens experienced the most relief, she reported that her migraines had completely dissipated after wearing Felix Gray glasses for only a couple of months. Colleen, Bridgette, and I have also found that our eyes feel a little better every day. And my theory is that even if they help a little bit I am game to wear them because they are just SO damn cute!

Images via Felix Gray’s Instagram

Stefani Ellenbecker is the Editorial Director at Wit & Delight. When she’s not feverishly editing or writing about style and interiors, she runs her bohemian shop  Arden Trading Co. where she sells artisan-made home goods. She lives in Minneapolis with her fiancé Muhamed.